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Quick Note i can wirte one just personal just for beĀ  TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator List of emerging technologies Agriculture[edit] Biomedical[edit] Displays[edit] Electronics[edit] Energy[edit] IT and communications[edit] Manufacturing[edit] Materials science[edit] Military[edit] Neuroscience[edit] Robotics[edit] Transport[edit] Other[edit] See also[edit] General Disruptive innovation, Industrial Ecology, List of inventors, List of inventions, Sustainable development, Technology readiness level Nano- Molecular manufacturing, Neurotechnology Bioscience Human Connectome Project Ethics Casuistry, Computer ethics, Engineering ethics, Nanoethics, Bioethics, Neuroethics, Roboethics Other Anthropogenics, Machine guidance, Radio frequency identification, National Science Foundation, Virtual reality Transport List of proposed future transport Further reading[edit] IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, & Fuertes, J. References[edit] External links[edit]

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This app is amazing. Just as the name says, it is a quick way to take notes. It is very reliable. This app is also very simple. There is no sign up or log in or anything like that. A lot of other apps have this. This app has helped me in many ways. Several times, I forget what i researched or read, but with this app that is no longer a problem. This app will also help me in the future in college because its hard for to keep with papers, but I wont need them anymore with this app. by cm016395 Jun 3

Quick Note does what its name says, it allows you to take notes quickly. But what the name doesn't tell you is that it also keeps them organized and keeps them. But unlike other apps, its not available on iPhone yet. I think this app will be useful for taking notes in class. And you wont have to worry about them getting lost. This app is free and you can take notes on pieces of text and edit them later as well. I think this app will come in handy for many students who cant keep up with papers very well. by yc015499 Jun 3

This app is very reliable and useful.the only thing that bugs me about this app is that it won't let me organize my notes into its own tabs,but ever since i have been using this it lets me memorize so many things now.Some other things is that i can add things and also edit stuff really quickly.I can even use it anywhere i go,its just that easy. that's what i really love about Quick note because I can sync it to any of my technology like my laptop etc. another thing that i really enjoy is that its easy to use like there are many note taking apps that are always very difficult to use and are complicated with there different tabs but this all i have to do is just click on the app and i'm already in the app.Thank you so much its been a life saver. by jc025289 Jun 3

This app is amazing! I love the way that this app keeps my notes organized! During class i may encounter an amazing fact that i may want to write down, but hey this app is handy! Even though this is a great app, there are some negatives things about it. The only thing im very upset about it is that this is not available for my iphone. I can't carry my computer eveywhere! This app would be one hundred percent better if it was in the app store. That way i'll be able to type my notes faster during class and get my work done. This app can help me in my future! This could help me later on in my future job. I may want this app because their may be a lot of paper work i'll need to do. Or probably i'll have so many meetings that i may want to take a note of. This app is definantly going to help me with some notes. by nm001333 Jun 2