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50 Amazing Brochure Design Examples to Get Your Inspiration Out

50 Amazing Brochure Design Examples to Get Your Inspiration Out
I’d like to come back to the basics of web design, I mean printing products. Do you know that printed brochures is an old and classic way to represent different information about a company and its products in order to attract more people. A business brochure is a key component of a marketing pack of any company. It looks like a small booklet that contains product info or promotional materials. A well-designed brochure can present a positive image of your company and provide useful facts about your business products and services at the same time. Unique design and perfect conception also increase your customers overall impression of your company. You may say that printed brochures are outmoded and Internet or TV ads work better. Flash Photo Gallery Templates Downloads: 1 Downloads: 0 About the author Nancy Young Nancy Young is an ambitious and extraordinary writer.

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Comical Toilet Paper Stands Mr.T This toilet paper stand uses two rolls of bathroom rolls to complete its toy-like figure. Using a toilet paper roll’s shape, product and furniture design firm sooda-e have transformed them into barbells held up by the stout mr. T. Taking into consideration the shape and size of a mundane household item, the designer created something that could cleverly prop up bathroom rolls. Clever and Funny Business Cards That Will Crack You Up Handing out a business card to a prospective customer is the subtlest promotional approach. Unlike other marketing methods, people accept business cards without any inhibitions. Therefore, it is only essential to have a card that will create valuable first impressions.

50 Cool Text Logo Designs Advertisement A Logo is a very important graphical element that helps a trademark or commercial brand to be easily recognizable. Logos in the similar markets are mostly quite different from each other — they are different in their shapes, colors, fonts, and images. This makes them unique and stand out from the rest. Logos can also be useful for identifying organizations and other non-commercial entities. Fantastic Typography Inspiration Leonardo Prause Drew Rios Jeff Osborne Islam Zayed Linux29 100 Artworks From the Top Digital Artists in the USA & Canada Last time we scoured South America (and, strangely, Mexico!) for the best Photoshop talent going around. This week we're turning to the USA and Canada to uncover 20 of the top digital artists on the continent. Is your country or city represented?

Logo & Branding: Five & Dime « BP&O Logo, Branding, Packaging & Opinion by Richard Baird Five & Dime is a new restaurant and cafe located on River Valley Road, Singapore. Their identity, designed by Bravo Company takes the theme of American 5 or 10 cent stores and crafts a diverse portfolio of brand assets and an affordable product line. The circular coin form plays a key role across this identity. Set at the heart of the logo-type and reflected across the printed collaterals it suitably reinforces the name in communicating an affordable proposition while also functioning well as a plate, a literal idea that neatly resolves the simplicity of the dinning experience. The typography is clear and well executed with a nice sense of depth and an underlying 60′s diner sensibility without being saturated in nostalgia or overly trend based. The alignment of the horizontal lock-up feels a touch awkward as the circle makes it clear the Five and Dime are not equally balanced, this could have been left out as the coin/plate concept is more appropriately communicated elsewhere.

Ninjawards – Print Design Trends 2014 Print Design Trends 2014 – Rad, Bad, and The Next Fad Past Ninjawards: Branding | Web | App Behold the power of print, and all the good it has done for the world. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you handed out a business card with confidence, or even picked out an awesome book because of its cover. The Awesome Tom Bagshaw Based in the Georgian city of Bath, England, Tom Bagshaw works as a commercial illustrator under the moniker Mostlywanted and is represented by The Central Illustration Agency. His talents are sought after by clients in fashion, advertising, editorial and publishing, and include Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony, the BBC, Kraft and GQ. He has done front cover illustrations for a group of select publishing houses – Future Publishing, Scholastic and Random House to name a few. –

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Floating Dream Worlds: Utopian and Haunting Fresh Visual Daily Floating Dream Worlds: Utopian and Haunting Saturday 01.15.2011 , Posted by Paul Caridad Share: The Ultimate Logo Mock Up and Design Kit - only $24! If you're looking for a little logo inspiration, this Mighty Deal has your name on it! The ultimate Logo Mockup & Design Kit includes 70 retro logo templates, as well as 50+ photo-realistic logo mockups. These high-quality vector files, from Cruizine Design, are fully customizable and a snap to use. In no time at all, you can change up the color, size, shape or details and have yourself a professional logo, banner, sign or promotional piece for your latest project! And speaking of promotions, act now and you can save more than 75% off the regular price! Ultimate Logo Mockup & Design Kit Highlights: