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The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary

The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary
32-bit vs. 64-bit. Chrome tells me that's why it can't run Java 7 and I don't know why. Bluetooth could be included and maybe how it differs from wireless (802.11). You included NAS, might as well include SAN and explain the difference. You mention Cloud Storage, what about Cloud Computing? MHz/GHz Bits, Bytes, and so on 32-bit, 64-bit Cache (Web, CPU, etc...) Ethernet 10/100 vs. 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Cat 5, 5e, 6 Crossfire Northbridge Southbridge Web Hosting Compiler Runtime Java, .NET, Python, C#, VB .NET, ASP .NET, MVC, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (Other programming and scripting languages besides just PHP) Browser Exchange (You mention POP and IMAP, you should mention Exchange) Progressive Scan Interlaced Component Composite Hash (MD5 and SHA-1) Operating System Linux Windows Windows RT Bluetooth Latency DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW (And Blu-Ray too) This is the stuff I could just think of off the top of my head. Different kinds of cables/connectors? Related:  Newer TechnologyTech Loading Bay

Clarity on the true cost of electricity | EWEA Blog The question of electricity cost is tricky. Most of us know oil prices go up and down – and are currently at record highs – which in turn affects the power price. And we know that not only to the costs of importing such fuels change constantly, they also – unlike renewables – produce carbon, which has to be paid for. But while more and more people are saying onshore wind energy is at “competitive” price levels, others still insist that renewables are expensive and impractical. In order to clear up the issue , EWEA has developed an online tool that instantly calculates electricity costs, including any fuel and carbon risks, for five different technologies – gas, coal, nuclear, onshore and offshore wind. “Using the tool, you can calculate levelised costs – that means, the average cost of the electricity over the lifetime of the plant – for the main technologies,” explains EWEA’s Athanasia Arapogianni, who helped develop the tool.

8 shocking things we learned from Stephen Hawking's book From the idea that our universe is one among many, to the revelation that mathematician Pythagoras didn't actually invent the Pythagorean theorem, here are eight shocking things we learned from reading physicist Stephen Hawking's new book, "The Grand Design," written with fellow physicist Leonard Mlodinow of Caltech. The book, covering major questions about the nature and origin of the universe, was released Sept. 7 by its publisher, Bantam. 1. The past is possibility According to Hawking and Mlodinow, one consequence of the theory of quantum mechanics is that events in the past that were not directly observed did not happen in a definite way. Instead they happened in all possible ways. This is related to the probabilistic nature of matter and energy revealed by quantum mechanics: Unless forced to choose a particular state by direct interference from an outside observation, things will hover in a state of uncertainty. Yeah, we're still trying to wrap our brains around this. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Hacker Fundamentals: The Everyman's Guide to How Network Packets Are Routed Across the Web Hacker Fundamentals: The Everyman's Guide to How Network Packets Are Routed Across the Web In general, hacking and information security is not just one discipline, but a number of them, and today we will look into some of the networking concepts. In the last Hacker Fundamentals, we talked about the OSI model as well as a little on TCP/IP and the protocols that make up the suite. Now, we're going to expand on that now and take a look at the various parts of a network that you might have heard about, but might not understand. We already covered how your data travels the OSI model, layer by layer, and talks with other machines on your local network. Much of the 'talking' on a local network are broadcasts. No routers were hurt in the writing of this article. A Tale of Two Packets: Internal If you remember correctly, an IP address has two components, the network section and the host section. Let's say you wanted to send data to another computer on your local network at home. Route Me Baby!

This Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 9th to 16th This week we learned how to be spies, upgraded and repaired our smartphones, changed our lives with $2.75 a day, and ran through the best earbuds on the market. Here's a look back. Learn How to Break Down a Door (Without Hurting Yourself) Perhaps you're saving a child from a burning building, or perhaps you're breaking into the stronghold of an enemy spy-but one way or another, you have to break down a door. SExpand An Incredibly Simple Way to Escape from Wrist-Binding Zip Ties Handcuffs are expensive, so zip ties are often used as a cheaper and fairly effective way of binding someone's wrists. Top 10 DIY Repairs and Upgrades to Make Your Smartphone Last Forever You can never save your phone from every drop, spill, scratch, and crash you encounter during its life. How Saving $2.75 a Day Can Change Your Life The recent presidential election demonstrated how small changes can have a big impact. Follow Paths, Waves, and Patterns with These Lined Wallpapers Five Best Earbuds

Do I Really Need to Learn a Productivity Method? Rather than simply following a ToDo list, try Kanban method (tools: KanbanFlow, Trello). If you still want just a ToDo list, Any.DO is really good for simple tasks management. However, keep in mind that the tools doesn't matter. Pomodoro and Seinfeld are must follow methods to keep distractions away. Kanban is a very good method but I'd like to have just the pen and paper rather than something on a web browser, which is the #1 distraction in the world. I've hidden shortcuts to the web browser and just did putting an app shortcut (Chrome) to Focus Booster App.

Facts about Hemp Plastic The mention of hemp brings with it a lot of history. Denim king Levi Strauss was known to use hemp fabric in the early products and the legendary plastic car made by Henry Ford was believed to be made up of hemp as well. Hemp can be used to make paper, the seeds of this plant can be used as bird feed, it is also a clean source of fuel; to be frank, the utility list extends to infinity. 'Hemp' comes from the plant Cannabis sativa, and this is where the controversy begins. Hemp Plastic Facts You Should Know Traditionally, plastics have been derived from petrochemicals, which are mainly toxic. The Features Hemp plastic is biodegradable and recyclable. The Utility It is a pity that with so many useful qualities, we don't see hemp plastic being used in our everyday life, the way it ought to be. The Specialty Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers known to us. Plastics keep reminding us of the damage that we have done to our planet, all under the guise of convenience.

7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics The universe is full of weird substances like liquid metal and whatever preservative keeps Larry King alive. But mankind isn't happy to accept the weirdness of nature when we can create our own abominations of science that, due to the miracle of technology, spit in nature's face and call it retarded. That's why we came up with... #7. What do you get when you suspend nanoparticles of iron compounds in a colloidal solution of water, oil and a surfactant? A ferrofluid is a liquid that reacts to magnetic fields in trippy ways that make you think that science is both magical and potentially evil. Tell us that didn't look like the birth of the most sinister dildo ever. What happens is that when a magnetic field is applied to the fluid, the particles of iron compound inside align to it. What the Hell is it Used For? Ferrofluids have a lot of pretty mundane uses, from lubricating and protecting hard drives to providing heat conduction in speakers, but their primary use is in looking cool. #6. #5.

8 Wireshark Filters Every Wiretapper Uses to Spy on Web Conversations and Surfing Habits 8 Wireshark Filters Every Wiretapper Uses to Spy on Web Conversations and Surfing Habits In my Wireshark article, we talked a little bit about packet sniffing, but we focused more on the underlying protocols and models. Now, I'd like to dive right back into Wireshark and start stealing packets. The filtering capabilities here are very comprehensive. You can filter on just about any field of any protocol, even down to the hex values in a data stream. Sometimes, the hardest part about setting a filter in Wireshark is remembering the syntax, so below are the top display filters that I use. What Is a Filter? When you first fire up Wireshark, it can be daunting. Moving into larger wireless networks, the sheer amount of broadcast traffic alone will slow you down and get in your way. Wait! The most visible and easy to use spot is right in front of you! Whoop there it is. Also, as you type, notice the color of the text field changes from red to green, signaling when you have a valid filter. !

How Can I Make Deadlines Less Stressful? I had a brilliant psychotherapy brain hacking session recently. The session was to help me feel less stressed about a driving test (I'd failed twice years ago and stopped trying because I couldn't deal with the nerves), but she cured me of IBS and deadline stress at the same time. It was truly amazing - and all done in one session. I used to get stressed at having to get to a meeting on time. I can't really explain it all in this comment, but if you're feeling stressed about a deadline, already KNOW all the advice given above but STILL can't bring yourself to follow it, chances are a stress management session would help. How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Windows PC Or buy a better laptop next time. Descent laptop usually have easy access to the fan. Best example, is the Dell Latitude E series. 1 screw, and the entire bottom plate can be slide out like a remove cover. And you have full internal access. You can clean the fans easily, and if you want to change any hardware.. well in a few screws you can remove the entire motherboard. But of course, what you suggested, is very good. Actually, I've always wondered about the action of blowing air over the fans: Does the fan motor generate electricity when the fan is forced to spin at high speed?

Japanese 'Blest Machine' recycles plastic into oil at home Plastics are generally recycled back into oil in massive facilities, but a Japanese inventor has built a tabletop machine that can accomplish the same task safely and cleanly. It's called the Blest Machine and was put together by Akinori Ito, after he began to see the places he played in as a child disappearing. He wanted to make the process of plastic recycling more accessible, so that less landfill would be required -- an increasing problem in densely-populated Japan. To operate, you put your plastic trash in a large bucket, then screw on a lid. There are a few questions that haven't been answered. Ito plans to take the machine to developing countries, where it can be used as both a way to lessen the problem of landfill and provide a useful fuel. Ito's current tabletop model can be purchased from Blest's website for a shade over £6,000.

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