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3 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

3 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing
Are you looking for powerful tools to manage your social media efforts? How do you keep up with blog post comments, responses to LinkedIn status updates and Twitter interactions? Social relationship management is about managing these relationships. And you need the right tools to help. In this article, I’ll show you 3 new social media tools to help manage your online relationships and grow your presence on social media platforms. #1: Engagio—Manage All of Your Online Conversations in One Place Engagio is an inbox for conversations on the web. With Engagio, you have the functionality to manage, support and encourage conversations. Features It’s very easy to set up and free to use. Because your conversations happen in many places, you need a tool to support many platforms. Search for conversations that you may want to engage in.The Engagio mobile app (currently in beta) allows you to continue these conversations while on the move. Setup It’s very straightforward to set up your Engagio account.

Pinterest Business Accounts: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started Pinterest has given businesses the ability to create business-specific accounts. Now is the time to stop thinking about Pinterest as a personal playground for cooks and fashion lovers. Pinterest should be an important part of your B2B or B2C social media marketing strategy. This article will show you what you need to know to set up a Pinterest Business account. Differences Between Personal and Business Accounts Although the outward appearance of a business account is the same as a personal account, there are some key differences between personal and business accounts on Pinterest that you should be aware of. New Terms of Service Agreement The first major change since the big reveal of business accounts is the newly formatted terms of service (TOS) agreements for both personal and business account holders. The Ability to Specify Your Business Name Instead of having to sign up as first name “Whole,” last name “Foods,” businesses can set up their account with their business name as is.

Topsy archivia tutti i tweet: 8 esempi di ricerca avanzata [#TwitterTools] è uno strumento che permette di fare ricerche e analisi in tempo reale sulle conversazioni e sulle informazioni che viaggiano attraverso le piattaforme social e il web. Per chi lavora con i social media, non si tratta di un tool nuovo: spesso viene citato come un ottimo mezzo per rintracciare tweet, contenuti e persone influenti per un determinato argomento o settore. Utilizzando Topsy si possono infatti ottenere dati molto interessanti sui contenuti e sui trend, sulla popolarità degli account coinvolti e sulle interazioni, così da scoprire e analizzare tendenze e pianificare strategie, orientando le proprie azioni verso target precisi. Se non è dunque una novità Topsy, lo è l’annuncio che [tweetable]da oggi è possibile cercare tutti i tweet dal 2006 ad oggi[/tweetable]. Una cifra enorme che rende questo tool il più grande motore di ricerca esterno di Twitter. Eppure Topsy ha una marcia in più e in quest’articolo vedremo 10 esempi di ricerca avanzata che si possono effettuare.

Visual Social Media: Evaluating Pinterest vs. Instagram Visual Social Media: Evaluating Pinterest vs. Instagram Earlier this month, Instagram and Pinterest each made important announcements. Since the announcements, bloggers everywhere have proclaimed these changes as not unexpected, but strong next steps for both Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest Updates If you analyze the announcement from Pinterest, you'll see that not much is really changing about the platform as they integrate business accounts. Instagram Updates The changes at Instagram are a different ball game. Pinterest vs. That last point is the key factor that will continue to distinguish Pinterest and Instagram as time goes on. Of course, Instagram is only in its first step of web integration. Helpful Tips For Both Platforms To begin formulating your strategy, here are three tips for making Pinterest and Instagram work to your advantage: Use Instagram to demonstrate your business' creativity, lifestyle, and social flair.

4 Reasons Pinterest is Perfect for Inbound Marketing 4 Reasons Pinterest is Perfect for Inbound Marketing Posted by Pat Owings on Fri, Jun 08, 2012 @ 09:05 AM By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest.It’s one of th e fastest growing websites ever, and it’s the newest shiny object taking the attention of marketers everywhere. It’s also a great place to get lost for a few hours. But is it really worth it? Natural link building. Pinterest is one tool in a collection of marketing opportunities. 5 Great Pinterest Boards for Math After posting about 10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher Must Know about I got a couple of emails from some of you here asking about Pinterest boards for Math. I have done some research and got you the five ones below. I have actually found several other boards but they were not really worth sharing here. I am hoping that the boards mentioned below will do the job. 1- Math Centers and Ideas This is a board curated by Allison Drake.It has all the Math resources you might be looking for including lesson plans, free Math sheets, engaging games, and several other activities. 2- Math Teacher This is also another Math resource page that has more than 10 boards most of which are about Math including : Geometry, Statistics, Algebra. 3- Classroom Ideas Math In this board Jill Messer curates and shares some awesome math resources and ideas for Math teachers. 4- Math Board 5-Math G 1-2 This is a great Math board where teachers can find a plethora of resources on teaching Math to first and second graders

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share Do you want to get more from your Pinterest marketing? Are you looking to get more traffic, pins and repins? If you want to make the most of Pinterest, you need to create images. A great image can increase traffic, get you more pins and repins and improve your presence on Pinterest. Below are 5 tips to help you create a Pinterest-friendly image. #1: Use Relevant Labels on Your Images Great Pinterest marketing starts with the images you publish on your blog or website. When someone pins an image from your website or blog post, the label that automatically appears in the description is the name you give your image. If someone pins your image without changing the image description, your image will still be effective. Instead of labeling your image as Image 1 or Image 2 (or any other random name), label your image with a relevant name, specific to your image. It’s worth taking the time to do this, at least for the most prominent images on your site. Always label your cover/first image. Try it.

In The Pinterest Of Education In a matter of months, Pinterest has carved out a unique social space among the networks of status updates and limited characters. Now the fastest growing new medium, Pinterest began two years ago but only recently saw its visitors increase from 418,000 in May 2011 to 7.5 million by December. Pinterest combines the best of social sharing and individual creativity. Here is our collection of Pinterest boards, if you want to take a look: Many analysts have tried to “pin” down the reasons for this bloom, even dwelling on an irrelevant gender-typing of Pinterest as “shopping for women.” The number of educational pages, however, still lags the Pinterest mainstream. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here is a good list from The Teacher's Lane of teachers currently featured on Pinterest.

The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources inspiration and innovation when it comes to cooking, design, and education. That’s right, education is a prominent fixture on Pinterest now and that, of course, means that education technology plays a starring role. In an effort to help curate the massive amount of Pinterest boards about education technology, you can use the following list as a jumping off point to start your Pinterest journey. The following boards are curated by teachers, admins, and other education enthusiasts. Don’t forget to check out the Edudemic Pinterest board where you can keep track of all the stuff we’re up to. Patricia Brown : Patricia showcases a myriad of videos, articles, tutorials, and lots of other resources all about education technology. We want to see what YOU are pinning!

Using Pinterest in the Classroom #edtech If you have been thinking about how to use images and Pinterest in your classroom in an engaging and innovative way, and wondered about how ‘pinned’ images, videos, etc. can be used to group, collaborate, and crowdsource resources, then this infographic has some useful tips and links for you (click to view the full version): Infographic: A Straightforward Guide To Using Pinterest In Education Here are a few interesting points to get you started: Install the ‘pin it’ button to your browser so you can pin quickly and easily from any website you browse.Use boards to collect pins from topics or areas of interest, and structure them well.Like all social networks find and follow people and/or their boards.Point Park University’s School of Communication has a board where students post and other students comment.Northwest College Photographic students are using Pinterest to showcase and collaborate on projects, portfolios, and resources.

Teachers Manual on The Use of Pinterest in Education Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has become the most popular virtual Pinboard online. It has tremendously grown in popularity that it reached 10 million active users in a very short period of time. Pinterest , just like all the other popular social networking websites, has its own potential in education . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously posted a detailed guide on how teachers can use Pinterest in education and here are some of the ideas we have included in that guide : Pinterest is a great content curation tool for teachers. The ability to pin together images, links, and videos into visually appealing boards makes information sharing way exciting. We are also adding this great infograhic to the above mentioned guide. Courtesy of: