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23 DIY Natural Beauty Tips

23 DIY Natural Beauty Tips

Home Spa Recipe Treatments - Natural Beauty Recipes at WomansDay Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature’s best ingredients? Some of the finest all-natural beauty remedies can be whipped up at home using basic items you probably already have in your kitchen. To give you some ideas, we got beauty experts to share their favorite “recipes” for curing common skin and hair gripes using equally common pantry staples. So go whip open the cabinet doors, tally up what you’ve got in there and get cookin’—in a matter of minutes, you’ll look good enough to eat. 1. PotatoesFrench fries may not be great for your thighs, but raw potatoes make for an excellent skin-brightening scrub, says Shobha Tummala, owner of the Shobha salons in New York City.

diy domino clock - the homesteady did you guys know my mom is the coolest? because she is. she found a domino set + immediately figured out a way to make it into a beautiful clock. i love how avant garde it is, but still funtional + useful. here's how you can make one, too! you'll need:- a domino set (like this one; my mom found hers at marshall's on sale) - clock movements + hands (like these) - a hammer + nail- double-sided removable adhesives (like these) lay out the dominos the way you want them to look as a clock. decide how you want them oriented. we used a plate as a guide.

Natural Beauty Remedies - DIY Beauty Want to banish undereye circles in the blink of an eye? Pass the parsley. It's rich in vitamin K, a nutrient that, when applied topically, reduces blood flow to the eye area—a key factor in the formation of circles, says Kansas City, Missouri—based dermatologist Audrey Kunin, MD, founder of DERMAdoctor. "Over time, the fatty layer of skin under your eyes thins out, which, in turn, makes underlying blood vessels more visible," she explains. "Their slightly bluish color is what creates the illusion of circles underneath the eyes." To fight back, try this recipe from Wohrle once a week: DIY: Coconut Oil Hair Masks After listening to VS model Miranda Kerr preach about how awesome coconut oil is for thicker, stronger hair, I decided to try it out for myself! I’ve found that applying a coconut oil hair mask 1-2 times a week has made my hair noticeably softer and shinier — and it’s only been about three weeks! Oil The first and most important thing is the type of oil.

THE SUN WAS HIGH: DIY While browsing for DIY ideas, I came across a few collar projects, but they all involved sewing doilies to your shirt/dress, cutting the collar from old shirts or crocheting your own neck candy. Therefore, I decided to make my own DIY tutorial on how to make a detachable collar out of old doilies I found at a thrift store for 1$ apiece. Since it's detachable, this kind of collar doesn't involve commitment: you can wear it with any of your dresses or tops. Plus, you don't need mad sewing skills (unless you're particularly rough with your lace/crochet accessories! In this case, I would recommend sewing the edges so they won't fray!).

11 One-Ingredient DIY Face Masks So here, we’re making healthy skin even easier for you–with one-ingredient, all-natural, DIY facials with common supplies you can easily find right out of your refrigerator shelf or kitchen cabinet. If you want pretty and healthy skin, don’t skimp on the bare-bone basics. Be sure to always drink lots of water and wear sunscreen moisturizer. a daily something: DIY So I've been on a concrete kick lately...there's no hiding this fact! Thanks to my lovely readers, I now know the difference between concrete and cement. Cement is the powdery substance that turns into concrete when mixed with water and it hardens. Wahoo!! Concrete is a fantastic material, and I always feel like a craftsman when I'm working with it...

8 Tips for a Lifetime of Beautiful Skin Beautiful skin is something we all want, right? But how to get it, and how to keep it? There is so much advice, some of it conflicting, some of it confusing… and there are so many products! But never fear. I can help! After years of my own research and several dermatologist visits, I’ve got an insider scoop and loads of pro-tips to share with you. 10 Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Skin Beyond Summer - Beauty Schools Directory Blog Although fall brings beautiful weather, vibrant colors and a sense of coziness, it also brings the winter cold and dryness which can stimulate destruction to your beautiful summer skin. Luckily, there are ways to combat the cold and rid your skin of the seemingly inevitable dryness. Here is a list of 10 tips for maintaining beautiful skin beyond summer and long into the harsh winter.#10 – Don’t let your sunscreen go into hibernation. It might be below freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean that the sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t hard at work on your skin.