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9 Free Pomodoro Timers — Online Collaboration

9 Free Pomodoro Timers — Online Collaboration
The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity methodology that helps you to stay focused on a task by breaking up your day into 25-minute work stints (called “pomodoros”) followed by five-minute breaks. It’s named for the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that its inventor Francesco Cirillo used for timing pomodoros, but in reality, any countdown timer can be used. Here are a selection of free apps that can be used to time pomodoros on your computer: Cross-platform/web-based timers Focus Booster. A free, slickly designed timer app that’s available on the web, as well as on the desktop via an AIR application, so it works on both Windows and Mac. Pomodairo. Mac timers Pomodori. TimeBoxed. Menubar Countdown. Windows timers Keep Focused. MaToMaTo. Pomodoro Windows 7 gadget. Finally, if you have an iPhone, you could also use Navel Labs’ Pomodoro Timer, a neat app that looks and works just like the real-life kitchen timer; it’s not in my list above, though, as it’s not free.

» (Increase your productivity with) Pomodoro time tracking on Ubuntu/Windows In 1978, 5% of the population admitted to being chronic procrastinators compared to to roughly 26% of the population today (Steele, 2007). Surveys of student populations suggest that procrastination is pervasive with some surveys suggesting that 85-95% of students have problems associated with procrastination. - Quoted from here Pomodoro? I’ve been a fan of the Pomodoro style technique for quite a while now. It all started with productivity guru Merlin Mann’s very interesting post . He’s outlined the ‘(10+2)*5′ technique where you work in ten minute bursts, have a two minute break, repeat.

Keep Focused - an enhanced tool for Time Management using Pomodoro Technique The Productivity Myth - Tony Schwartz by Tony Schwartz | 6:53 AM May 5, 2010 So here’s the paradox: Americans are working 10 percent fewer total hours than they did before the recession, due to layoffs and shortened workdays, but we’re producing nearly as many goods and services as we did back in the full employment days of 2007. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke called these gains in productivity “extraordinary” and unforeseen at a recent Senate hearing. There’s a simple, visceral reason for the gains, Mr. Chairman, and it’s called fear. If colleagues around us are being laid off and cut back, we can’t help worrying that our jobs may be next.

Free Google Services - Hey, It's Free! Everybody seems to love Google when it comes to finding stuff on the Internet, but did you know they offer a ton of free services? From the ever popular ones like video sharing (YouTube) and e-mail (Gmail) to the more unknown ones of free voicemail and free calendars; chances are if there’s a program or service out there that most people would be interested in, Google provides an easy and free version of it! So I’ve decided to try and compile a massive list of them here on HIF, in alphabetical order and broken into two categories. The first list contains all of the services and products that Google offers directly from their site. The next list contains all the websites and companies Google owns and operates.

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Terms of Service; Didn't Read What Do You Want to Say You've Done? - Art Markman by Art Markman | 2:56 PM August 24, 2011 Several years ago, I was talking with one of my colleagues about a project he was thinking about taking on. We were both solidly in the middle of our careers, but his evaluation of the possible project surprised me. Start Fresh In comic books, there’s this trend to “take things back to the beginning.” I’ve been reading comics for over 36 years, and ever since I’ve read interviews with comic writers and artists, that’s one of those cliche lines that come up over and over again. And yet, it’s necessary. Storylines get cluttered.

If You’re Not Making Enemies, You’re Doing It Wrong Chris Brogan recently shared a post titled no enemies. And that’s a nice thought. It makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside.