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Has Your Class Flipped?

Has Your Class Flipped?

Harvard-Launching Peer Instruction Network Cambridge, Mass. - February 8, 2012 - Researchers at Harvard University have launched the Peer Instruction (PI) Network (, a new global social network for users of interactive teaching methods. PI, developed by Eric Mazur, Area Dean for Applied Physics and Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), is an innovative evidence-based pedagogy designed to improve student engagement and success. Mazur, famous for his talk titled "Confessions of a Converted Lecturer," developed the method after realizing in the 1990s that his physics lectures at Harvard, while popular, were not helping students to master the basic concepts. The PI technique relies on the power of the "flipped classroom." Information transfer (i.e., a teacher transferring knowledge to students) takes place in advance, typically through online lectures. In short, students study before rather than after class.

The Next Big Thing While Facebook prepares to go public, Apple Pings into the void, LinkedIn focuses on resumes & recruiters, Myspace circles the drain, Twitter becomes more complex, Pinterest distracts, Google+ goes around in circles, and Instagram loses focus, the next big Interests & Passions network is being built... under the radar. Amazon, with their public/private highlights/notes from Kindle readers is creating a knowledge & interests ecosystem that will aggregate what the world is interested in, and what the world finds important... and what the world wants to buy more of. And, of course, they are making it social, by connecting to many of those they will eventually replace (mentioned above). It is not just the also-bought data that matters (which books bought by same customer), it is what we specifically find interesting and useful in those books that reveals deep similarities between people -- the hi-lites, bookmarks and the notes will be the connectors.

Saint Paul's School for Girls hosts flipped classroom open house Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 4:39AM EDT expiring April 16 at 9:00AM EDT in effect for: Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester… Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 3:40AM EDT expiring April 16 at 9:00AM EDT in effect for: Cecil, Kent… Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 3:40AM EDT expiring April 16 at 9:00AM EDT in effect for: Caroline, Queen Annes, Talbot… Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 3:08AM EDT expiring April 16 at 9:00AM EDT in effect for: Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery… Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 3:08AM EDT expiring April 16 at 9:00AM EDT in effect for: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Charles, Prince Georges, Baltimore City… Freeze Warning issued April 15 at 2:47AM EDT expiring April 16 at 8:00AM EDT in effect for: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, York…

The Flipped Classroom: Answering Obama’s Call For Creativity In Education As a sophomore and junior at Clintondale High School in suburban Detroit, Dominique Moody was barely squeaking by, getting Ds in geometry and algebra. He was not alone: two years ago, the average failure rate was 61% at the financially disadvantaged school, where three quarters of its 570 students qualify for free lunches. But last fall, everything changed. The school inversed its teaching model, assigning students short, instructional videos to watch before class and then, at school, helping them practice problems that ordinarily would have been assigned as homework.

Uni of Norther Col Helping Flip UNC's Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute is at the forefront of a growing trend in secondary education that's changing how many middle and high school students are learning. Three years ago, Jerry Overmyer, MAST's outreach coordinator, did a simple Google search for the latest ideas in education and technology. You could say the rest of the story is history, but actually it's a new teaching model that literally flips the standard classroom setting and may be the way of the future. Using the "flipped classroom" model, teachers create and post vodcasts - online video lectures - that students watch outside of class, and then questions are answered and homework is completed in class.

Flipped classrooms give every student a chance to succeed by Greg Green, Special to CNN Editor’s note: Greg Green is the principal at Clintondale High School in Clinton Township, Michigan. I’m a principal at Clintondale High, a financially challenged school near Detroit. I’m in charge of doing my best to make sure that Clintondale students get the best education possible when they walk through our doors. There are constant hurdles to making this happen. rejecting the "flip" (1) ending required sameness (3) re-thinking rigor (4) its not about 1:1 (5) start to dream again (6) learning to be a society (again) (7) re-thinking what "literature" means (8) maths are creative, maths are not arithmetic (9) changing rooms (10) undoing academic time (11) social networks beyond Zuckerbergism (12) knowing less about students, seeing more (13) why we fight Maybe I'm highly sensitive to this. I grew up in a 420 square foot home with two parents and four kids. This was not a place for the calm production of homework. Now, yes, I had two university educated parents, smart, dedicated parents who did whatever they could, but both worked or went to school or both, and if my older siblings were struggling to help the "dumb little brother" with his homework, obviously, they weren't doing their own. Anyway, this is not to be confused with an Oprah-style faux memoir, that's not the point. So in changing gears for this new year, step two is "rejecting the flipped classroom."

Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom With The New York Times Jim Wilson/The New York TimesSalman Khan in the offices of his company, Khan Academy, in Mountain View, Calif. His math lessons are popular on YouTube.Go to related article » What is a “flipped classroom”? It’s an “inverted” teaching structure in which instructional content is delivered outside class, and engagement with the content – skill development and practice, projects and the like – is done in class, under teacher guidance and in collaboration with peers.

15 Schools Using Flipped Classrooms Right Now Classroom time is then used for answering student questions, helping with homework, and other activities that help students apply what they’ve learned. While there are some obvious drawbacks to this method, more and more teachers are trying it out. Many have found it to be quite successful in improving student grades and comprehension, though many caution it’s not right for every teacher or every classroom. Whether you love the idea or think it’s crazy, it’s definitely worth learning more about. Check out these stories of schools, from elementary to college , who have given flipped classrooms a go, often with amazing results.

12 Resources_Michael Gorman Welcome to another post rich in resources. If you have come here looking for links that will guide you to videos and multimedia to use in a Flipped Classroom that is coming in a future post. Perhaps you have tried a little Flip of your own and want to learn more. Marketing - Western Michigan Personal narrative plays an important role in Mike Garver’s teaching style. Garver, a professor of marketing at Central Michigan University, often uses anecdotes from his own life in his lectures, according to one of his students. “It’s a good way to, in his words, ‘Put a movie in your mind,’ ” says Mike Hoover, a senior at Central Michigan, who is currently taking Garver’s course in market research. So when I ask Garver about his efforts to excise the lecture from the classroom and blow it to smithereens, he naturally begins telling me a story. In this one, it’s 1998, and Garver is fresh out of grad school and into his first teaching job, at Western Carolina University. He’s giving a lecture on “the principles of marketing” to 100 students.

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