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President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2
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Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena MUFON CMS - Since October 4, 2010 - Texas Gulf: 4 October – On a fishing trip with my younger brother, we drive to Port Aransas, Texas at 9PM Monday night from San Antonio, Texas. On the drive via Interstate 37 south, I did noticed a blue/white/red light up at about 30 degrees from the highway flying ahead of us at about 20,000 feet. Having just finished a previous UFO investigation the week prior, I took this light as an aircraft flying to Corpus Christi so I ignore it. 5 October – Approximately at 1:30AM we finish setting up camp and go to bed. 2:30AM – At an angle up from the horizon about 60 degrees facing northeast, I see what looked like a fast (grey in color) shadow move just above the clouds over my left shoulders into another cloud. 2:45AM – After finishing my smoke, I make my way around to the passenger side of the SUV and I am now facing southwest parallel with the nose of the SUV. Unknown if any other event happens that night. Click for video

Executive Order 11110 Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963. Background[edit] On November 28, 1961, President Kennedy halted sales of silver by the Treasury Department. Kennedy repeated his calls for Congress to act on several occasions, including his 1963 Economic Report, where he wrote:[3] I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Public Law 88-36[edit] The House of Representatives took up the president's request early in 1963,[4] and passed HR 5389 on April 10, 1963, by a vote of 251 to 122.[5][6] The Senate passed the bill on May 23, by a vote of 68 to 10.[7][8] Text of Executive Order[edit] President Kennedy's Executive Order (E.O.) 11110 modified the pre-existing Executive Order 10289 issued by U.S. The order then lists tasks (a) through (h) which the Secretary may now do without instruction from the President. SECTION 1. Revocation[edit] Conspiracy theory[edit]

Exclusive: ‘The Fourth Estate is dead,’ former CIA analyst declares | Raw Story By Friday, December 10, 2010 12:53 EDT ‘The Empire’ is ‘being threatened by a slingshot in the form of a computer’ Traditional lines of communication between the people and the press have fallen into such disrepair in America that a whole new approach is necessary to challenge the military-industrial-governmental complex, according to a former CIA analyst sympathetic to WikiLeaks. “The Fourth Estate is dead,” Ray McGovern, of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, told Raw Story in an exclusive interview. ”The Fourth Estate in his country has been captured by government and corporations, the military-industrial complex, the intelligence apparatus. McGovern explained that the term the “Fourth Estate,” known today as the news media in the US, was first coined by 18th century British statesman Edmund Burke. “That was very powerful back then,” McGovern said. McGovern said that modern people can now become informed through what he termed “The Fifth Estate.”

Blood History and our Extra Terrestrial Origins In late 2007, I was introduced to the Sumerian Enuma Elish, the story of creation which influenced the Torah and the later Old Testament Bible. All through history and shrouded in mystery, lies the undeniable fact that Earth was not only visited by extra terrestrials in the past, but assisted in our evolution as we are today. I will summarize histories and accounts as documented in various ancient and modern day texts which reveal compelling information regarding our genetic make up and our true origins. It is said, that millions of years ago, Earth was barren and violent. If we consider the words of the old testament that we came from both the dust of earth and the breath of life, then we can understand to an extent that our DNA is composed of both organic, Earth-bound structures and exo-genetic material. Gene-Isis: The Missing Link Enlil's brother, Enki was known also by many names. Qa-yin married Luluwa, who was the daughter of Enlil with his wife Lilith.

Wikileaks During the 2016 US presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks released emails and other documents from the Democratic National Committee and from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta.[14] These releases caused significant harm to the Clinton campaign,[citation needed] and have been attributed as potential contributing factors to her loss.[15] The U.S. intelligence community expressed "high confidence" that the leaked emails had been hacked by Russia and supplied to WikiLeaks, while WikiLeaks denied their source was Russia or any other state.[16] During the campaign, WikiLeaks promoted conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.[17][18][19] In private conversations from November 2015 that were later leaked, Julian Assange expressed a preference for a GOP victory in the 2016 election, explaining that "Dems+Media+liberals woudl [sic] then form a block to reign [sic] in their worst qualities. History Staff, name and founding Purpose Administration Financing

Three Books To Quell Your Quarter-Life Crisis iStockphoto It's 7:50 a.m., and you've indulged the snooze button for longer than you'd planned. You're not terribly excited about work, but feel better once you've thrown on your crisp, collared shirt and dress pants; donning your professional uniform still evokes a feeling of purpose, even now, two years out of college. So what if your work get-up is the only part of the job that makes you feel important? It pays the bills, it's better than living with Mom and Dad, and while you have inklings of what you might want to do — write, go to grad school, make movies, start a business — none of that feels overwhelmingly right or certain, so until it does, why rock the boat? So you stick with it. We are today's recent college graduates; we have virtually limitless opportunities, but that freedom can breed indecision — and complacency. All In The Timing: Fourteen Plays By David Ives, paperback 336 pages, Vintage, list price: $15.95 I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Sometimes A Great Notion

Ancient Anomalies and Aliens - Part 1: Art Ancient Anomalies and Aliens - Part 1: Art Even though I wanted to do this whole thing in one massive thread, I just don't have the time to put something like that together. So I'm going to do it in parts. Now that we have a better grip on science, and we understand this Universe a bit better, it's possible to look back at what our ancestors have left for us, and re-analyze things, to question what mainstream history would have us believe. People don't want to admit they could be wrong. Sculptures/Engravings Figure of a God with a helmet, located at the Anthropological Museum of Mexico City, photo taken by Tatjana Ingold. source Whilst living in Cuenca Ecuador, a man known as Father Carlo Crespi received many gifts from the locals. These clay figures found in Equador also have a remarkable resemblance to space suites. This highly odd figure which seems to be wearing a suit was found in Kiev and is apparently dated at around 4,000 BC. source The "lizard man" engravings. source The End

Buergerinitiative bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen Berlin Romance for rent For young, single city professionals, the Spring Festival holidays present many reasons to be fearful: standing in line for hours to get a train ticket, exhausting long journeys, stuffing red envelopes with cash. Arguably the No 1 reason is the prospect of turning up at home alone. Not only does it give parents the opportunity to nag - "Your classmates and cousins are married and have children. What's wrong with you?" - but it is also likely to result in a holiday spent on blind dates. To ease the pressure, Chinese singletons are simply paying people to pose as partners for their holiday homecoming. On Dec 14, Tang Yongxue stood on a street in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, and waved a placard that read: "Fake boyfriend needed for Spring Festival - 10,000 yuan ($1,500) for five days' work." Although dismissed as a publicity stunt by many people, the incident highlights the huge pressure on China's growing population of single urbanites to marry.

The Big Study 1/21 Prof. Bernd Senf - Tiefere Ursachen der Weltfinanzkrise Teil II Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results. This item has been hidden In the future you will only see uploads from Diabl0x9 In the future you will see all activity from Diabl0x9 You have been unsubscribed from Diabl0x9 In the future you will only see uploads from CodJordan23 In the future you will see all activity from CodJordan23 In the future you will only see uploads from MrLEV12 In the future you will see all activity from MrLEV12 You have been unsubscribed from MrLEV12 In the future you will only see uploads from MrDiabl0x9 In the future you will only see uploads from GoTaG4

UFOs Over New York, Seattle, Puerto Rico, The Golden Gate Bridge, And Malaysia – TODAY! NOW! : Welcome the Light admin | Oct 14, 2010 | 8 comments [I think I will be constantly updating this page so look for the red UPDATE: information! Keep checking back to this page! T] October 13, 2010 UFO’s have been seen over five separate cities in three different countries TODAY! If you have footage of the Puerto Rico UFO, post the link in the comment section. For New York, check out my post HERE or check out this recent news broadcast: New York UPDATE: Report from RT News in Russia about the New York UFO sightings: Seattle Space Needle The Golden Gate Bridge Malaysia Did you like what you read here? Filed Under: Featured • First Contact • Headlines • Videos Tags: And Malaysia - NOW!

Kabul War Diary Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena (Please excuse the translation) - - (Xinhua Ji Nan) 10 13, one on "the end of the Qinling Mountains to a village to disappear overnight," the post pass crazy on the network, especially in the micro-Bo was crazy reserved. After many journalists confirmed that the network confirmed rumors of the news department. "I have heard, yesterday 4:00, the end of a village in the Qinling Mountains, all disappeared overnight! ... ... Baidu Post Bar in the Qinling reporter saw a lot of friends concerned about the so-called "foot of the Qinling Mountains next village disappeared." Reporters today (13), respectively, to Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Military District, and the Qinling Mountains surrounding Hanzhong, Ankang, Baoji, Xi'an, Shangluo confirmation, the parties did not receive any relevant reports have indicated that Network attached network belongs to the rumors. Click for video UPDATE: this report is from Chinese radio: