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Nature detectives

Nature detectives

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Origami Calendars 2015 Origami calendars are now available! Shown here are the templates or printouts for various origami calendars. We would like to thank the original creators for allowing us to convert the calendars into various languages and sizes. These include, Carmen Sprung, Nick Robinson, Paolo Bascetta, Ralph Jones, Paul Jackson, and more. Future Astronauts - Virgin Galactic For centuries, humans all around the world have dreamed of flying to space. For decades, people have been able to watch as others actually made those journeys, heroically opening a new frontier. Now, at last, space travel is open to all of us.

How to Use the Robin (Sojourner) Wood T-shirt Template tutorial - © Robin Wood 2009 <p class="noScript">I notice you have Javascript turned off. Unless you did that to print, the page is more fun if you turn it on. Thanks! </p> Willow Tree Preschool Enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year begins in January 2014. To meet the teachers and tour the warm inviting environment, please contact our director, Kim Palmer, for a tour schedule. Willow Tree Preschool welcomes three to five year-old children of all race, religion, ethnic origin, and family composition. Admission is accepted pending space available once it has been established that Willow Tree is the best match for your child and family. If you are interested in sending your child to Willow Tree, please contact Kim Palmer to discuss availability. School visits can also be arranged by appointment.

KS1 and KS2 art: be inspired by nature When I was a schoolboy, way back in the last century, one of the things I loved doing seems, well, a little old-fashioned. Nature study, we used to call it, in those innocent years BNC (Before the National Curriculum). At the first signs of the changing seasons, my classmates and I would be sent to explore the distant corners of the playing field, to pounce victoriously on unsuspecting daisies before plucking them out of the soil and sellotaping them into our exercise books. Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Introduction This page contains a collection of small computer programs which implement one-player puzzle games. All of them run natively on Unix (GTK), on Windows, and on Mac OS X. CREativity in Science and Technology - CREST — The Learner's Way Grant Wiggins writing for te@chthough deals with this problem in an article titled 'Experiential Learning: Just Because It’s Hands-On Doesn’t Mean It’s Minds-On’. Grant asks students three questions that reveal the level to which they are cognitively engaged with the task at hand; What are you doing? Why are you doing it?

Avatar UV Texture "Templates" for use in Linden Lab's Second Life - Tutorial © Robin Wood 2009 <p class="noScript">I notice you have Javascript turned off. Unless you did that to print, the page is more fun if you turn it on. Thanks! </p> Linden Lab has provided us with Templates and Models to help us make Skins and Clothing for our Avatars. However, I've found that the "templates" leave several things to be desired. picture books Many newcomers believe it's simple to write picture books, but it actually requires a lot of skill to pack a story into a few words. If your dreams include writing a picture book, here are some tips to consider before you begin: * Keep it simple. You should be able to sum up the plot of your picture book in three sentences.

The Environment Below, you will find a wide range of ideas and resources to help you when you are teaching children about the environment and recycling. If you have any relevant resources to share, please email them and I will add them to this page. Thank you! Greener Schools - Some videos which have useful ideas for making your schools greener. Our Carbon Footprint - A factsheet which explains what it meant by the term 'Carbon Footprint'. The triangular binary clock Jörg Pretz, Bonn University Abstract A new idea for a binary clock is presented. It displays the time using a triangular array of 15 lamps each representing a certain amount of time. It is shown that such a geometric, triangular arrangement is only possible because our system of time divisions is based on a sexagesimal system in which the number of minutes in 12 hours equals the factorial of a natural number (720=6!). An interactive applet allows to "play" with the clock.

Science Games Guide the beam to create a gorgeous spectrum of light. Your goal in the game is to spend as little money as possible while maintaining a balanced diet in the whole week. The monsters are ready for their dentist appointment! Click the monster you'd like to treat and then use the tools to clean their teeth!