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Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel

Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel
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What Makes a Great Life and Career Mentor? In the midst of preparing a plan for my life and career journey, I knew I needed a mentor. Someone who held high-level positions in the PR industry, to advise me on higher education, skill-development and to assist me in properly planning my career. But what should one look for in a mentor? The best mentor is someone who provides professional knowledge and expertise about the career field, and answers questions about a job and/or education. A mentor can go as far as helping the mentee see past a specific problem or job issue and forms a clear vision to help achieve their career goals. The first step in finding the right mentor is realizing who you are and what you aspire to become. From my experience, an outstanding mentor possesses 10 highly desirable qualities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. One of the many lessons I’ve learned, the hard way, is the people you surround yourself with work to shape the person you are and become. Do yourself favor: Choose wisely.

Beautiful bits Kyle Lacy's Thoughts on Social Media Productivity, Innovation, and Marketing Google+ TemplateSociallyStacked Posted by Dana Kilroy on 08 Nov 2013 / 0 Comment 11/13/13 UPDATE: Google+ header and profile photo dimensions have changed since we posted this. We’ve updated the template; download the PDF below. While Twitter has been all over the news this week, we’ve been studying up on Google+. A few weeks ago we asked our users which platform they wanted to learn more about and Google+ was a top request….So for our next Small Biz Social Friday series we’ll be looking at how brands can use this important and fast-growing (but not super intuitive) social network. To help you get started, we created a handy template guide with size requirements for cover and profile photos. Here are some posting tips: And here’s the cover image guide: Download the PDF version of this guide here. How have you been using Google+? Comments comments

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All Work and No Play Makes Jack an Unbalanced, Burned Out, Workaholic “Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.” – Mark Twain Outside of Churchill, Mantitoba almost ten years ago a polar bear became a viral sensation after he was photographed by renowned nature photographer Norbert Rosing. In the lens, Rosing captured two Canadian Eskimo sled dogs chained to a post as a polar bear approached. The other dogs in the kennel witnessing this 1000 lb predator approach went wild, barking and doing their best to scare off the threat. But instead of fleeing, raising its hair, or growling back, the tethered sled dog, “calmly stood his ground and began wagging his tail.“ It then preceeded to bow its body as a show of play, as the bear made its approach. What happened next shocked Rosing…and the world. The bear collapsed to the ground, mirroring the dog’s play behavior. The two animals put aside century’s of instinct and continued to play, “like two roughhousing kids.” What Happened to Us? Yet both children look equally pleased.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value in 15 Seconds If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you know that we’re big believers in measuring customer lifetime value. Knowing your CLV is the key to effective marketing. If you know your customer lifetime value and your cost to acquire a customer, you know whether you have a profitable, scalable business or not. Segment these same numbers by customer acquisition source, channel, and ad placement, and you have a recipe for optimizing your marketing. We’ve found that calculating customer lifetime value is one of the single biggest challenges digital marketers face. So, we are releasing a free customer lifetime value calculator. This tool certainly isn’t a substitute for doing a full analysis of your customer lifetime value based on your customer data. Of course, if you want to have an always up-to-date, infinitely segmented view of your customer lifetime value you know where to go.

BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers Social Recruiting Resources | Facebook & Branding Whitepapers | Work4 What’s new in the world of social recruiting? Optimize your Facebook recruitment and learn best practices for social and mobile hiring with Work4’s branding and recruitment whitepapers. The ABCs of Effective Facebook Recruiting Strategies Download this whitepaper to discover how to: Find your target audience faster than Prince Charming found CinderellaBuild an employer brand with brains, heart, and courageTurn your employees into the golden ticket for social referralsDiscover your “just right” talent without angering the three bears The Case of The Perfect Candidate: Social Recruiting with Facebook Ads Make ‘em pay (and maximize your recruiting dollars)Give candidates a motive to click and applyID your target audience of active and passive talentDemystify the different types of Facebook Ads The Joy of Facebook Recruiting: Sourcing the Best Candidates with Graph Search Download this whitepaper to discover: The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy

10 Power Tips for Connecting with Powerful People Image source: Pat Buntrock Nothing trumps great work but abilities aren’t enough. Ignorance and insensitivity destroy opportunities. You embarrass yourself and short circuit your career by expecting everyone to adapt to you. Talent gets you in the door; sensitivity to corporate culture and personalities propels you up stairs. Embarrassment: John Bernard shared, “I remember a young top-tier MBA asked the CEO to go out after work for a beer. Well-worn path: Great ideas irritate when they aren’t presented “properly.” Use established protocols and procedures. Jesse Lyn Stoner’s 10 power tips for connecting with powerful people: Connect now. Bonus: You owe it to your company to get your idea heard. During our interview, Jesse mentioned restroom conversations. Where’s the balance between fitting into corporate culture and standing out? More on connecting with the C-Suite, Monday. Doug ConantJohn BellSteve FarberJohn SpenceMike MyattFacebook contributorsJohn Bernard Dr. Like this: Like Loading...

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