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Project: Literature Circles Students work in small groups reading a novel and assuming various roles in the Literature Circle in order to demonstrate their understanding of the novel and share... Project: Email Exchange Students will engage in an ePals email exchange, practicing the skills of collaboration and communication while building friendships and learning about the daily lives and cultures of others around the world. Collaborative Detective Story Students will compose a collaborative narrative short story while creating international friendships and a great story to share. 21st Century Learning Tools Project When students are a part of an online collaborative learning community, powerful learning takes place. Monster Writing Project Students attempt to recreate the monsters based on the description they received from other ePals. Project: Theme Detectives Is it just a funny talking spider or do his antics serve a deeper cultural purpose? Project: Biographies: Explorer Expedition Related:  SPEAKING

Classroom 2.0 Common Core Support Tools Below you will find unpacking standards documents to support teachers in their understanding of the common core and essential standards. The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade. Important Note: The current Standard Course of Study will continue to be taught and tested during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. New standards and assessments are to be implemented for the first time beginning with the 2012-13 school year. English Language Arts Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 276kb) 1st Grade (pdf, 161kb) 2nd Grade (pdf, 170kb) 3rd Grade (pdf, 165kb) 4th Grade (pdf, 282kb) 5th Grade (pdf, 298kb) 6th Grade (pdf, 315kb) 7th Grade (pdf, 300kb) 8th Grade (pdf, 340kb) English I & II (pdf, 303kb) English III & IV (pdf, 302kb) Math Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 6.8mb) 1st Grade (pdf, 11.3mb) 2nd Grade (pdf, 1.1mb) 3rd Grade (pdf, 5.4mb) 4th Grade (pdf, 8.5mb) 5th Grade Math (pdf, 4.4mb)

P21 Common Core Toolkit A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills For the first time in U.S. education history, a majority of states (44 to date) have agreed to a common baseline for academic knowledge and college readiness skills. The release of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010 has been an important turning point in the standards movement. Over the past decade, many organizations such as P21 have advocated for standards that adequately address both the core academic knowledge and the complex thinking skills that are required for success in college, life and career in the 21st century. Guiding Implementation of CCSSHow does the P21 Common Core Toolkit help states, districts and schools implement Common Core State Standards and support ongoing 21st century skills initiatives? A Comprehensive Guide Offering a variety of tools and timely resources, the P21 Common Core Toolkit provides:

10 Fun Activities for Business English classes | TEFL in Spain Summer is on its way here in Southern Spain but the 10 teachers on the TEFL in Spain Introduction to Teaching Business English course managed to stay focused and upbeat last Saturday in Malaga. For the final seminar, or workshop as we will call it next time, they had to present a game or activity that they might use with a group of Business English students. For information about the course: They came up with some great ideas: 1. Answerphone Dictation- Put the students in pairs and ask them to sit back-to-back. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Buying a lemon 7. 8. 9. Mrs Smith, your husband is the worst boss I’ve ever had! 10. Hope you get the chance to try some of these activities with your General English or Business English students. My ebook A Short Guide to TEFL is available from Amazon for the price of a cup of coffee! Like this: Like Loading...

Common Core State Standards Initiative | PTA (select any of the links below) The Common Core State Standards (CCSSI) is a joint effort led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop a common core of K-12 standards in English language arts and Mathematics. Read more about National PTA's position on Education Standards. The goal initiative is to develop internationally-benchmarked standards that ensure all students are held to consistent expectations that will prepare them for college and career. More than 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoan Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Anchorage, AK School District have adopted the standards. CCSSI Toolkit Articles of Interest National PTA Position on Education Standards National PTA volunteers have adopted several position statements and resolutions, beginning in 1981, in support of voluntary, clearer, higher academic standards for all students.

AASL Crosswalk Skip to main content ALA User Menu Search form A Division of the American Library Association You are at: » AASL » Learning Standards & Program Guidelines » Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards Crosswalk Share this page: Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest Print Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards Crosswalk The following pages include tables that help school librarians learn how the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and the Common Core State Standards align. English Language Arts Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects Mathematics Lessons submitted as part of the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Lesson Plan Database contain an automatic crosswalk between AASL learning standards and the Common Core State Standards. © 1996–2015 American Library Association

tips for the oral test Use a variety of structures. It might be helpful to write some structures you definitely want to use and practise them a lot before the exam. If you don't practise them , they won't come naturally and you'll probably get stuck Don't enumerate, use modals, use different expressions to use opinion. The examiner really gets tired of listening to students saying I think, I think, ... all the time they want to give their opinion. Remember the examiner is looking for a range of vocabulary and structures. If you can’t remember how to say a word in English, paraphrase it and explain the word: “It’s a kind of …, it is like...”or " I can't remember the word but it is something you use when..."

Standards of Learning Information Center :: Practice Items Your browser does not support JavaScript! This site uses JavaScript but is fully functional without it. Standards of Learning (SOL) & Testing These practice items provide examples of the new content and increased rigor represented by the revised Standards of Learning (SOL) and illustrate the new Technology-Enhanced Item types for the mathematics, reading, science, and writing SOL tests. Technology-Enhanced Items (TEI) require students to indicate their responses in ways other than a multiple-choice format. Please note that the practice items are not intended to be a complete test and are not intended to cover all content for the grade level or course. Audio versions of the practice items are available for those students whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or Limited English Proficient Student Assessment Participation Plan includes an audio accommodation on a Standards of Learning test. For technical assistance, see Technical Suggestions for Opening the Practice Items (PDF)

CORE CONNECT How Much Is It: A Shopping Lesson Plan by Chris Gunn Time: Up to 4 hours depending on how much the teacher wishes to use. Materials: To give to the students. Introductory Vocabulary Exercises. Information Gap Conversation and Class Survey Comparative Grammar Practice and Shopping Role-play 5 Pages of Vocabulary and Expressions Worksheets Materials: For the teacher. Product Information Sheets Part 1: Introduction to the Unit Vocabulary If time permits, write the unit vocabulary expressions on the board before the class begins. Look at the groupings of words and ask students to come up with a heading for each group. Next, go over the part of the bill talking about discounts, tax, and tips. Finally, go over cheap, expensive, and reasonable. Part 2: Information Gap This part is pretty much self-explanatory. Note: the 'Conversation Strategy' for this unit is confirming. Part 3: Class Survey and Social Strategy In this section, students can practice complimenting each other. Complimenting properly is a form of pragmatic competence.

Common Core Resources: DarkeNet Resources for the Common Core English Language Arts Standards We are in a very transitional time with revised standards in the state of Ohio. We (the State of Ohio) have adopted the common core standards as our English Language Arts Standards. This page is intended to provide resources and links to other pages where you will find information about the common core standards for English Language Arts. I have created some of these resources, others have been created by various other entities. If you have questions about information provided on this site, please email me. The Standards and Appendices (A-C) can be found on the Core Standards Website.Learning Targets - you will find a PDF document for each grade level.

C&I : Next Generation Science Standards P-12 Next Generation Science Standards Thank You for Your Feedback The survey comparing current NYS science learning standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) against a set of specific criteria is now closed. More than 4,300 respondents started the survey. Of those individuals and groups that began the survey, more than 1,500 respondents hit the submit button to complete their comparison of both sets of standards to a set of research-based standards evaluation criteria. The New York State Education Department thanks all those individuals and groups who started the survey and submitted feedback as their schedules allowed. Survey Posted - Comparing Current NYS Science Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards to Certain Criteria The BoR is seeking feedback regarding how NYS should move forward with respect to P-12 science teaching and learning. The survey may be accessed at . Archived Webinars - April 2012 .

Lesson Plan: Pre-Intermediate I’m still teaching reported speech. Here are some ideas to get my students love???? (well, maybe I’m getting a bit carried away) reported speech. Hopefully , some of them will do the trick. ♥Video: How to tell if your boyfriend is a slob from the British Council Taking into account the fact that my audience will be students from 2nd Bachillerato I trust they will be able to watch the video and, without any additional help , report as much as they have understood.Great to practise statements, questions ,orders and suggestions! ♥ Song : My name is Luka by Suzzane Vega. The idea is the same as above. Now, if you want to go over the lyrics of the song , click here ♥ Gossiping about the teacher ( from Begem Tonyali -original post here) Students think about 10 things they want to know about their teacher and ask the questions, which are written on the board.The class is divided into 2 groups. ♥ A funny idea from A Journey in TEFL. When they finish, they are asked to make balls from the papers.