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Crochet Geek - Free Instructions and Patterns

Crochet Geek - Free Instructions and Patterns
Crochet PeepHow to make a crochet peep. We will be working with four ply worsted weight yarn and a size H/5 millimeter crochet hook. Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Crochet Peep Video Tutorial: Crochet Peep Left Hand Version Skill Level - Easy AbbreviationsSC - Single Crochet HDC - Half Double Crochet CH - Chain SL ST - Slip Stitch

Crochet e-Patterns Crocheting is a fun and addictive hobby. There's nothing like taking a beautiful skein of yarn and turning it into a soft crochet baby blanket or a stylish scarf. If you're looking for online crochet patterns, you've come to the right place. has downloadable designs for all kinds of crochet projects. Crocheted items can make a house a home. You will find lots of crochet patterns for afghans to keep you warm, projects to make your holiday special, table toppers to brighten up your kitchen and more. Crochet Flower - How to Add Rounds Video Tutorial: Crochet Flower - How to Add Rounds Written by Teresa Richardson Abbreviations FPSC - Front Post Single Crochet SC - Single Crochet SL ST - Slip Stitch DC - Double Crochet TC - Triple Crochet Chain 5, Join Round 1: 10 SC through the loop, join in the beginning single crochet. Round 2: CH 1, *SC in the same stitch, CH 3, SK 1 SC, SC in the next, complete 5 times total from *, the last chain 3 will be a slip stitch to join. (5 chain 3 loops total)

Bright and Bold and Happy and Finished. I call this my happy ghan. This was made out of 7 scarf size (54"x5") strips. Crocheted Flowers Pattern « I made this Sorry Angie. I had planned to take some pics to go with this before posting. But it would be ages before that happens, being the protracted procrastinator that I am. So here goes. Easy Peasy! Chain (17,35,53) (S,M,L)

beancrochets: Blue Boyfriend Blankie Do you know someone who needs a blankie? I do. For our first anniversery, I designed this blanket to give to David. I made it with a real open weave because he's always so warm, but even so, it traps heat really well. You won't believe it until you make it. Designer Crochet: Tory Burch Tory Burch is an American sportswear designer who adds unique touches to her classic clothing by incorporate handmade elements including crochet. A quick look: Tory Burch Crochet Clothing The Bee Tunic by Tory Burch has crochet at the neckline and sleeves and combines merino wool with mohair and leather for unique textural effects. Shell Stitch Beanie I said I would post a free patttern, so here it is. This is a pattern for the shell stitch beanie in my previous post. I LOVE this beanie because it stitches up quickly and adds a great texture to the average beanie.

Circles of Hope Welcome to Heart Made Blessings Making afghans for Operation Purple Heart & other persons needing comfort. Please vist their web site at for more information To date, Circles of Hope has sent fourteen afghans to Heartmade Blessings all thanks to those who have donated granny's daughters and/or yarn. Beginner Crochet Afghan Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email More free afghan patterns: Afghan Patterns, Knitted Afghan Patterns Everyone can explore the fun of making crochet afghan patterns! You can make baby blankets, throws, lapghans or full size afghans - whatever your heart desires and your imagination can dream up.

Small Crochet Flower 1 Showing how to make a small crochet flower. What are way you like to use crochet flowers?Share pictures to Crochet Geek's Community of your crochet work, get ideas and participate in discussion. Small Crochet Flower 1 Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Small Crochet Flower 1 Video Tutorial: Left Hand Small Crochet Flower 1 Cup Cozy There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions