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Play virtual musical instruments online at!

Play virtual musical instruments online at!
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Virtual Flute The Virtual Flute Well for the real flute addicts here's the virtual flute page. I will put several of my flutes on this page so you can play them and listen to them without having to buy them. This flute is a Low D made by my good friend Raymond Redfeather. Move over playing holes to hear flute Detail of the decoration This real Buffalo horn flute is made by Keith Glowka and belongs to the Ocarina family. Move over playing holes to hear flute (there is also sound when you move between the 2nd and 3rd hole so you can hear al the 6 basic notes played) If you want to hear this flute in action pres Here to listen to a song played by Keith. Back to the Home page of the Dutch & Belgium Native American Flute Circle

Virtual Guitar Beatles - Here comes the sun [#U@c]Un$U$nU[bvcPE]U[bn]U[bv!x]#b#U[n#] [U@c]$Un$Un$U[bvcPE]$nU[#v!x] [U@c]$n$U$Un$[bvcPE]$n$[U*cP0] [U@c]$nU @LUn@UnvUn@UnU#b@ [#U@c]Un$U$nU[bvcPE]U[bn]U[bv!x]#b#U[n#] [U@c]$Un$Un$U[bvcPE]$nU[#v! Plain White Ts - Hey there Deliliah - up to the end of the first chorus - c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@] c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@] P[UL]P[UL]P[UL]xE[UL]E[UL]x[#@]x[#@]P[UL]P[UL]P[UL]P[UL]x[#@]x[#@]x[F@]x[F@] c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@] K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K[#@] c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@] K[#@]K[#@]K[#@]K P[UL]P[UL]P[UL]xE[UL] E[UL]x[#@]x[#@] P[UL]P[UL]P[UL]P[UL] x[#@]x[#@]x[F@]x[F@] c[U@]c[U@]c[U@]xP[UL]P[UL] P[UL]J[UL]c[U@]c[U@]c[U@] xP[UL]P[UL]P[UL]J[UL] xP[UL]P[UL]P[UL]J[UL] Blink 182 - Dammit RRcc! GnR Sweet Child o'Mine &QY*WYIY&QY*WYIYTQY*WYIYTQY*WYIY*QY*WYIY*QY*WYIY&QY*WYIY&QY*WYIY&QY*WYIY&QY*WYIYTQY*WYIYTQY*WYIY*QY*WYIY*QY*WYIY Blink 182 Damnit - RR cc !

FREE METRONOME ONLINE - Best Music games: piano, guitar, notes, rhithm, pitch, drums online ear trainings 0 - chromatic - 48 tines Tracks on a Map Free Clef 16 mar. 2010 Free Clef est un éditeur de notation musicale léger au sens propre et figuré. Il permet d'écrire et d'imprimer une ligne mélodique et de l'exporter au format standard MusicXML. Free Clef est écrit en C++ et utilise l'API wxWidgets. Pour l'instant ce programme né en terre brésilienne me semble utile que si vous êtes en manque de papier à musique et que la mélodie du siècle vous trotte subitement dans la tête. Free Clef est un logiciel libre sous licence GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. Si vous n'êtes pas un programmeur et que vous utilisez cet outil, vous pouvez aider son développement en faisant un don à l'aide de Paypal.

The Wheels Of Steel: Turntables in your browser (a web-based DJ prototype)