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3D Modeling Software for Urban Environments - (Fenster-Sitzung: Tools-2014-03-11)

3D Modeling Software for Urban Environments - (Fenster-Sitzung: Tools-2014-03-11)
Menu Products Esri CityEngine Transform 2D GIS data into smart 3D city models. 30-Day Free Trial → Main Features Getting Started Industries Pricing Try It Free Design a Smarter City Esri CityEngine improves urban planning, architecture, and design. Watch the Video: Build Smart 3D Cities “Turning Zoning laws with CityEngine into vivid three dimensional visualizations, is drastically changing the way we understand and plan our sustainable future environments.” Niels Lehmann, Urban Synergy Group Build Flexible Scenarios Faster Compare and analyze building proposals from every angle. Create Realistic Context See where a proposed building blocks the view, casts shadows, and reflects heat. Share Your Urban Plan Publish your 3D model online. Sign up for a free trial. Esri Home » Products Follow Us Contact Us | Privacy | Legal | Site Map

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Enwaii photogrammetry for VFX : Making of Smurfs 2 Plug Effects' photogrammetry masterpiece for Smurfs 2 We are delighted to present this masterpiece of photogrammetry achieved by the artists at Plug Effects. The French studio was in charge of the flying ride sequence around Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris for the movie Smurfs 2. During the ride, the Smurfette and the Naughties are flying towards Notre-Dame and keep slaloming amongst the arches of the cathedral. The ride was impossible to shoot live for two reasons:

Enwaii photogrammetry for VFX Enwashot converts raw photos from DSLR, removes distortion and generates HDR images from bracketed photos. Automatic sorting of bracketed photos Select the images to convert Distortion removal and HDR generation via OpenEXR Multi directories conversion, select and forget Convert hundred of raw photos at once It automatically sorts bracketed photos and can generate HDR from them in OpenEXR format. It creates at once two images with the same distortion parameters : one OpenEXR in linear color space and one JPEG in sRGB color space. Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender Update: 13. Jun. 2013 Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender 2.6 Posts Tagged ‘review’ With the H610, K58, and W58, Huion’s industrial design leapfrogs Monoprice’s tablets and begs for comparison to Wacom’s offerings. While the Monoprice tablets I reviewed previously were the best bang for your drawing buck at the time, these new Huion tablets offer a significant bump in specifications and fit and finish without a huge leap in price. Huion’s line of tablets use the same UC-Logic pen digitizer technology as Monoprice’s tablets. Monoprice’s hotkeys felt flimsy and the stylus was serviceable and utilitarian. No one would call the Monoprice tablets things of beauty, but it was easy to overlook these shortcomings given their price. At around ten percent of the cost of comparable Wacom tablets, with equal or better performance in many regards, the Monoprice line of tablets was my punk-rock drawing tool of choice when not using tablet monitors on my desktops.

Photogrammetry in Archaeology Photogrammetry is definitely the “new” thing in archaeology, slowly clawing its way into how we treat and record archaeological sites. As far as its potentials go though, there is still a lot of research to be done, in order to assess the uses that this technology has, but also the limits that we will have to deal with on a day to day basis. One of the aspects that has always interested me is a question of scale. We’ve seen before that Photogrammetry deals well with anything ranging from an arrowhead to a small trench (4×6 is the maximum I have managed before, but there is much larger stuff out there).

Review: 3D Mice with Blender 2.59 Traditionally, most 3D artists use a keyboard and mouse for all their work; many also use a tablet. However, more and more people are beginning to add 3D mice to their arsenal. 3D mice offer a very natural and easy way to navigate 3D space; giving more precise control than a mouse or keyboard ever can. Today I am reviewing three models of 3D mice offered by 3D Connexion; the Space Navigator, Space Explorer and Space Pilot Pro. Modeling with Quads or Triangles - What Should I Use? - Digital-Tutors Blog November 18, 2013 5:10 pm Should I use quads or triangles on this model? The truth is, while it can come down to preference, there are some key advantages to using quads to create your models. It’s also not the end of the world – or your model – if you use both, but it is recommended to use as few triangles as possible to save you some major headaches down the line.

Introduction Next: 3D from images Up: Visual 3D Modeling from Previous: Contents Contents In recent years computer graphics has made tremendous progress in visualizing 3D models. Many techniques have reached maturity and are being ported to hardware. This explains that in the area of 3D visualization performance is increasing even faster than Moore's lawA1. What required a million dollar computer a few years ago can now be achieved by a game computer costing a few hundred dollars. It is now possible to visualize complex 3D scenes in real time.

2 Nikon D90 cameras, 3D portraits Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo will have a 3D photography exhibition "Stereo Portrait Project" in Sydney Australia on 27th May (scroll down for the full press release). Here is the technical background: For the Stereo Portrait Project, we used off the shelf hardware and software, from the cameras, lighting, triggering, post production to the printing of the book.