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Empty Your Inbox with the Trusted Trio

Empty Your Inbox with the Trusted Trio
SExpand Managing the steady stream of email that gathers in your inbox every day can feel like an impossible task. Not long ago, I kept a lengthening list of folders in my email software to track messages by topic, sender, project, urgency and any other context that seemed relevant that hour. I'd spend lots of time carefully dragging and dropping every message from my inbox into the folder it seemed to belong in that day. After awhile I had so many folders the system was completely useless. Some of the folders - even after the work of creating and populating them - I barely ever opened again.

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Flowchart For Figuring Out Which CC License To Use Creative Commons is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 that, over the years, has released a set of licenses that enable creative types to share their work with others. The content creator allows others to use their work, just as long as the users follow the guidelines set forth in that particular license. It’s a “some rights reserved” system rather than an “all rights reserved system.” A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. I can’t claim that my home is completely minimalist, but it surely isn’t cluttered, and most people I know would call it a pretty minimalist home. One recent visitor saw my kitchen and remarked, “I’ve never seen a kitchen that looked so clean, so clear of stuff!” Well, I do my best to keep it clean, but the key is to remove the unnecessary stuff.

Inbox makeover (Gina Trapani) Each e-mail message in your inbox demands your time and attention. Filters and rules are great for reducing some of that demand, shunting easily defined mail such as e-newsletters and personal notes to their appropriate folders. But important e-mail messages are often hard to define and organize with automatic, rules-based management. Top 10 Email Productivity Boosters SExpand The first message one could consider email was sent more than 30 years ago, and that's probably when people began associating angst and uncertainty with the words "Inbox" and "unread messages." The tools available to read and send emails have advanced considerably since then, but what you actually do with all that chatter, without eating up entire days of work time, is up to you. Luckily, we've covered a wealth of filtering and processing methods and software tweaks that make email less stressful and time-consuming over the years, and a list of our top 10 productive email boosters is after the jump.P 10. Mark/Prioritize messages sent only to youP

The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review (AePR) The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review is under development. The first issue will appear in the summer of 2016. Edit Your Life, Part 5: Your Wardrobe Quick note: Every Wedneday is Simplicity Day on Zen Habits, and for the next few weeks, these posts will be a series called “Edit Your Life,” looking at ways to simplify different parts of your life. I’m a former newspaper editor, and one of the things I learned was to edit brutally (no sarcastic comments about why I don’t do that with my blog posts). Cut out everything that’s not necessary, and you’ve got a more meaningful story. I highly recommend editing your life. Today’s edit: Edit your wardrobe.

30 seconds to an empty email Inbox (LifeCleve We all want to control the barrage of emails hurling at us everyday, but often the task is just too daunting. Perhaps, you read Merlin Mann’s Inbox Makeover tutorial or Gina Trapani’s Trusted Trio system for managing email. You might have said, “Wow, this is great and makes a lot of sense. I’m gonna do it now!” Then you turn to your inbox, you see the thousands of emails rotting there, and you end up saying, “Oh shit… that’s a lot of email. I’ll do it later (or never).” WordsFlow » Em Software Live-link and auto-magic-merge Word and Excel documents What if you could have a time machine to speed up your Microsoft Word-based editorial production in InDesign?What if you could place Word and Excel documents with live links in InDesign, and proceed with production, while your authors and editors continued working on the original documents? What if, when they had updates, you could magically merge their work into yours with a click (as a link update), without losing any work on either side, and with automatic notification of any conflicts?What if you could push your content changes back to the linked Word document at any time, staying synchronized with your authors and editors? What if you could export original InDesign content to a new linked Word document, allowing collaborators to work in their native tools, and then re-import their changes with a click, using the same magic merge?

Seven steps to overcoming procrastination IF YOU'RE constantly leaving work to pile up on your desk, there's a very good chance you might just be on the avoidance treadmill. Procrastination shouldn't be a long term strategy, but sometimes we all treat it as though it is. It happens to the best of us. And we rationalise our action, or lack of action in this case, in so many ways. The harsh reality is that procrastination is just a nice way of saying avoidance. Multitasking Muddles Brains, (Wired) Some people suspect that a multitasking lifestyle has changed how they think, leaving them easily distracted and unable to concentrate even when separated from computers and phones. Their uneasiness may be justified. In several benchmark tests of focus, college students who routinely juggle many flows of information, bouncing from e-mail to web text to video to chat to phone calls, fared significantly worse than their low-multitasking peers. Other studies have focused on multitasking’s immediate effects — children doing worse on homework while watching television, office workers being more productive when not checking email every five minutes.

Hiring on Craigslist without flooding your email inbox My startup saved 40+ hours with a DIY recruiting tool. Learn how we did it. Craigslist is an invaluable and underutilized resource for startups. We’ve posted several jobs there, ranging from part-time content writers to user study participants.