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Sizzle JavaScript Selector Library

Sizzle JavaScript Selector Library
Download .zip file Documentation Github project (source code) Sizzle discussion group Features Completely standalone (no library dependencies) Competitive performance for most frequently used selectors Only 4KB minified and gzipped Highly extensible with easy-to-use API Designed for optimal performance with event delegation Clear IP assignment (all code held by the Dojo Foundation, contributors sign CLAs)

jEditUndo This library builds upon jQuery, facilitating the use of jeditable and jsUndoable together. It allows elements marked as editable-in-place to be tracked by the undo manager. To use this plugin, simply include the script on your page following the three plugins it augments: spin.js Example Features No images, no external CSS No dependencies (jQuery is supported, but not required) Highly configurable Resolution independent Uses VML as fallback in old IEs Uses @keyframe animations, falling back to setTimeout() Works in all major browsers, including IE6 MIT License Spin.js dynamically creates spinning activity indicators that can be used as resolution-independent replacement for AJAX loading GIFs. Usage The spin() method creates the necessary HTML elements and starts the animation.

RGB-to-Hex Color Converter RGB-to-Hex Conversion Question: How do I convert RGB values of a color to a hexadecimal string? Answer: The RGB-to-hexadecimal converter algorithm is simple: make sure that your values are in the range 0...255, convert R, G, B to hex strings, and then concatenate the three hex strings together. Optimizer RequireJS has an optimization tool that does the following Combines related scripts together into build layers and minifies them via UglifyJS (the default) or Closure Compiler (an option when using Java).Optimizes CSS by inlining CSS files referenced by @import and removing comments. The optimizer is part of the r.js adapter for Node and Rhino, and it is designed to be run as part of a build or packaging step after you are done with development and are ready to deploy the code for your users. The optimizer will only combine modules that are specified in arrays of string literals that are passed to top-level require and define calls, or the require('name') string literal calls in a simplified CommonJS wrapping.

Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery - Hi! My name is Jeditable and I am inplace editor plugin for jQuery. With few lines of JavaScript code I allow you to click and edit the content of different html elements. Selectors Test, CSS3 .info Home / About Us After starting the test-suite it will automatically run a large number of small tests which will determine if your browser is compatible with a large number of CSS selectors. If it is not compatible with a particular selector it is marked as such. You can click on each CSS selector to see the results, including a small example and explanation for each of tests.

WinJS.Promise object Provides a mechanism to schedule work to be done on a value that has not yet been computed. It is an abstraction for managing interactions with asynchronous APIs. For more information about asynchronous programming, see Asynchronous programming. Expanding Fullscreen Grid Portfolio Today we want to share a neat experimental portfolio template with you. The main idea is to have a grid layout that we create with jQuery Masonry. Clicking to view more, we expand the according item to fullscreen in order to show a longer description of the item and a representative fullscreen background image. View demo Download source Each item has a little slideshow of thumbs which will be animated to the right position once the portfolio item gets “expanded”.

Introducing PourOver and Tamper Client-side superfast collection management from the NYT This project was documented and released as part of the first OpenNews Code Convening. Today we’re open-sourcing two internal projects from The Times: Animated Skills Diagram with Raphaël In this tutorial we will show you how to create a diagram using Raphaël – a small JavaScript library that is great for working with vector graphics. The idea is very simple: we will draw some arcs using mathematical functions and we’ll be displaying a skill percentage in a main circle […] View demo Download source In this tutorial we will show you how to create a diagram using Raphaël – a small JavaScript library that is great for working with vector graphics.

structured-filter Demo structured-filter (currently v1.0.4) is a Web UI for building structured search queries. It is a full jQuery UI widget, supporting various configurations and themes. The documentation and source code are available at GitHub under MIT license. © 2015 Olivier Giulieri

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