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Sizzle JavaScript Selector Library

Sizzle JavaScript Selector Library
Download .zip file Documentation Github project (source code) Sizzle discussion group Features Completely standalone (no library dependencies) Competitive performance for most frequently used selectors Only 4KB minified and gzipped Highly extensible with easy-to-use API Designed for optimal performance with event delegation Clear IP assignment (all code held by the Dojo Foundation, contributors sign CLAs)

webforms2 - Project Hosting on Google Code Update, 7 November 2010: Moving to GitHub: Update, 3 June 2009: Now that the Web Forms 2.0 has been edited into HTML5, this project will seek to implement as much of the HTML5 Forms section as possible. This will be a complete rewrite of the codebase. 20 Useful PHP + jQuery Components & Tuts for Everyday Project Apr 05 2009 Web applications have made huge leaps and bounds in improving user experience thanks to a lot of recently developed Ajax technology. When you combine some neat functionality courtesy of PHP with the cleverness of jQuery you can produce some pretty neat effects. In an effort to help you take it up a notch, we’d like to share some methods for helping your site anticipate a user’s next move. The post below is made up of the best 20 PHP + jQuery Components and Tutorials that you will likely need in many of your projects, they are all of the highest quality and more or less easy to configure. Give them a try.

45 Fresh Useful JavaScript and jQuery Techniques and Tools Advertisement Yes, this is another round-up of fresh and useful Javascript techniques, tools and resources. But don’t close the tab yet, as you might find this one very useful. In this selection we present calendars, forms, buttons, navigation, debugging, optimization and compatibility tables as well as handy resources and tools. HTML Timing using SMIL/Timesheets The goal of this project is to rely on declarative W3C standards (namely, SMIL Timing and SMIL Timesheets) to synchronize HTML content. These demos rely purely on our Timesheet Scheduler: 100% declarative and standard-based, no specific JavaScript code is used. Ever wanted to…

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner [box] For a complete list of Zend Training Courses – PLEASE CLICK HERE ! [/box] This area is intended for everyone new to PHP. It opens with a series of informal, entertaining tutorials written by Vikram Vaswani, founder and CEO of Melonfire. These tutorials build on a previously-published 5-part series which has now been updated and extended to embrace PHP 5, making parts of it suitable for those of you who already have worked with PHP 4 in the past.

Angular directives for Twitter's Bootstrap The $uibPosition service provides a set of DOM utilities used internally to absolute-position an element in relation to another element (tooltips, popovers, typeaheads etc...). getRawNode(element) Takes a jQuery/jqLite element and converts it to a raw DOM element. Fixed/floating table header with scrollable rows beneath : table, header, floating, fixed, javascript Hello I was advised to post this under a different section. Original Qu is at : Basically, I want a table where the header row stays stationary while the data rows below scroll down the page. I currently have the following code that half works, but the column headers are not aligned with the rows below. Thanks for your help.

RokEcwid Ecwid is a dream come true and I don't mind the nominal monthly fee for something stable, functional and easy for customers to use! I've used Virtumart for years and have had to hack-together some very delicate additional components to get it to function in a comprehensive way, ie. uploads, and tons of css code cracking for a more pleasing and customer friendly layout. Additionally, I had many customers 10% or more that encounter cookie conflicts preventing 'add to cart' with their chosen browsers which has cause me to quickly help them perform an off-line sale. Ecwid is fast - set up the store and gateway in less than two hours.

JPEGs with Alpha Channels?!? Posted on by Jack Turner I wanted a reasonably sized photographic image with a 24-bit alpha channel. So I used a JPEG for what JPEGs are good for and a PNG for what PNGs are good for... I combined them using an HTML5 canvas element and then inserted into the DOM. Cannot Access site after enabling Force SSL... (please help) gabore wrote: Well as they above said changing back the config file allows one to log in to the admin area only.. but the site's Login module still stays stuck trying the ssl. Any help with that?

Html5 cross browser polyfills - Modernizr - GitHub The No-Nonsense Guide to HTML5 Fallbacks So here we're collecting all the shims, fallbacks, and polyfills in order to implant HTML5 functionality in browsers that don't natively support them. The general idea is that: We, as developers, should be able to develop with the HTML5 APIs, and scripts can create the methods and objects that should exist.