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A million digits of Pi on one piece of paper (1.05 miles).More about how and why: Pi videos from Numberphile: Film by Brady Haran Our thanks to HP and HSA Systems.Extra special thanks to Hugh McPartlan, Torben Dam Jensen, Jesper Hyldager and Jon Kenny. Discuss on reddit: Presenter: Matt ParkerMusic: Alan Stewart Extra cameras: James Hennessy and Ed Fielden. Runway unrolling crew: Hugh McPartlan, Jon Kenny, Sue McPartlan, Pete McPartlan, Dave Pentelow, Scott Pentelow, Josh Pentelow, Jacob Bateson and CGP Grey.Paper courtesy of Millingtons. NUMBERPHILEWebsite: on Facebook: tweets: Plus: Numberphile is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI): Support us on Patreon: Brady's videos subreddit: A run-down of Brady's channels: HP: Systems:

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SmarterEveryDay Twitter SmarterEveryDay Loading... Working... The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133 16,322,571 views 2 years ago Get your own here ⇒ Shirt: Support Link: ⇒ ⇐ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓READ MORE: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓Here's the link from the Amsterdam meetup! Free Printable Time Worksheets Welcome to the time worksheets page at where taking your time is encouraged! On this page you will find Time math worksheets including elapsed time, telling time on analog clocks, calendars and converting time worksheets. The calendars come in two different formats: yearly (all on one page) and monthly when you need extra space or a larger layout. The calendars are very useful in conjunction with the elapsed time worksheets with days, weeks, months, and years.

Using classes exported from a DLL using LoadLibrary Introduction I have seen quite a lot of code explaining how to use classes exported from a DLL in an application. However, all these describe the usage of the exported classes by linking implicitly to the DLL. Refreshing our DLL concepts, there are two ways for an application to use a function written in a DLL. The first way is to have your application's source code simply reference symbols contained in the DLL.

C.G.P. Grey's channel How do all the algorithms around us learn to do their jobs?**OMG PLUSHIE BOTS!!**: Bot Wallpapers on Patreon: Footnote: Podcasts: storybots The StoryBots travel to the Land of the Lymph to learn how a cold virus spreads, how the immune system in our bodies fights viruses, and what we can do to stay healthier. (Wash your hands!) SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix Jr.

Coaching Chronicles: Math Anchor Charts My last post described the anchor chart as a learning tool in classrooms across our school. I highlighted snapshots I took based on our reading instruction. I thought you might also like a glimpse into our anchor charts in mathematics. Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X See also my blog Contents Optimization manuals This series of five manuals describes everything you need to know about optimizing code for x86 and x86-64 family microprocessors, including optimization advices for C++ and assembly language, details about the microarchitecture and instruction timings of most Intel, AMD and VIA processors, and details about different compilers and calling conventions.

Big Think There are only two events in the universe that defy the laws of physics: black holes and the big bang, and while scientists try to explain them, crucial evidence may be eaten up in the meantime. Christophe Galfard's book is "The Universe in Your Hand A Journey Through Space, Time, and Beyond" ( Read more at Follow Big Think here:YouTube: Transcript - The interesting thing about trying to unravel the laws of nature is that yes, we have found some laws. We understand gravity to some extent.

DIY TV Win the chance to get your animation shown on Cartoon Network! This contest is for folks 17 and under. More info: This is the most exciting contest in the history of DIY! We’ve teamed up with Cartoon Network to bring you the official Adventure Time Animation Contest.

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