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Livres électroniques - Décryptage

Livres électroniques - Décryptage

Class PHP 5 pour générer des templates HTML - Ecrit par clement le Jeudi 7 février 2008 | catégorie : Développement web - Mots clefs : Outils webmaster, PHP Une class PHP 5 qui sert à générer des pages HTML. Je fais mes premières mains en PHP, donc rien d’exceptionnel ici. Si vous l’utilisez, un petit lien vers cette page serait le bienvenue. Exemple d’utilisation de la class : Le résultat en HTML La class PHP.

Collection Littérature québécoise [ accueil ] La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec Collection Littérature québécoise Légende : Format PDF. Format PDF (pour liseuses). Format EPUB. ♥ J'aime Refus global : Paul-Émile Borduas. Contes et nouvelles du Québec : tome I. Contes et nouvelles du Québec : tome II. Contes et nouvelles du Québec : tome III. Noël au Québec : contes, récits et souvenirs. Histoires de loups-garous Poètes méconnus du Québec : une anthologie, 1800-1950. Anthologie de la fable au Québec. Le Foyer canadien : recueil littéraire et historique : 1863-1866. Les 92 Résolutions : Chambre d'Assemblée du Bas-Canada, 1834. Asselin, Olivar : Pensée française : choix de textes Aubert de Gaspé (père), Philippe : Les anciens Canadiens : roman. Mémoires. Divers : récits. Aubert de Gaspé (fils), Philippe : Le chercheur de trésors, ou L'influence d'un livre : roman. Aubin, Napoléon : Nouvelles, accompagnées de poésies et de chansons. Barry, Robertine (Françoise) : Fleurs champêtres : nouvelles Chroniques du lundi. Beauchemin, Nérée : La Métisse

Université de Caen. Master Document -Parcours Ingénierie del'Internet - Cours - Programmation objet pour le web - Jean-Marc Lecarpentier -- 2013-2014 Logo de l'Université de Caen Programmation objet pour le web Jean-Marc Lecarpentier Ce cours appartient aux enseignements : Technologies du Web Dev 2 : Programmation objet pour le web Master Document Numérique en Réseau, mention Ingénierie de l'Internet 1ère année Université de Caen, année 2014-2015 Exeman Sujet de l'examen Jeudi 13 février Première application web Mardi 18 février Objets et délégation Vendredi 21 février Formulaires, HTML et templates Mardi 24 février Bonnes pratiques, Documentation, Namespaces, etc. Lundi 10 mars Autoload, Upload de fichiers Jeudi 13 et Vendredi 14 mars Exceptions, Factory Mercredi 19 mars Export PDF, Envoi de Mails Vendredi 21 mars Classes abstraites, Interfaces, refactoring Mardi 26 mars Notion de Front Controller et contrôleur de package Mercredi 27 mars Front Controller et Routeur Vendredi 28 mars Sessions, Authentification et contrôle d'accès Mardi 1 avril Introduction à Ajax Lundi 7 avril PHP et XML : simpleXML et DOM Mercredi 9 avril Introduction aux services Web Mardi 15 avril

calibre2opds Getting Started With PHP Templating - Smashing Coding Advertisement In this article, we’ll cover how to separate the view of your PHP application from its other components. We’ll look at why using such an architecture is useful and what tools we can use to accomplish this. Learn some basic MVC concepts,Review some popular templating libraries,Play around with a small custom-made view class.Explore the basics of using the Twig library. To fully benefit from this article, you should already know how to write and run your own PHP scripts on a Web server (i.e. using Apache). A Quick Introduction To The MVC Pattern In the early days of PHP applications, “spaghetti code” was a familiar sight. MVC is a software architecture that allows for the separation of business logic from the user interface. User actions are passed (as HTTP requests, GET or POST methods) to the controller. Such separation of layers has many advantages… Code Is Easier to Maintain The Same Content in Multiple Views More Secure Better Code Overview Of PHP Template Engines Smarty Twig <? <?

Create Your Own Cloud of Ebooks with Calibre + Calibre OPDS + Dropbox JaneEbooksCalibre / cloud computing / iPhone / Stanza224 Comments This post has been updated as of October 16, 2011. Apple appears to have pushed Google out of the ebookstore. Kobo released an updated app with no buy link. This cloud set up allows you to have access, either by webbrowser (the Kindle 3’s browser works too) or by iPhone/iTouch, to your entire ebook catalog from anywhere you can get internet connection, whether by wifi or cellular access. In order to create your own cloud of books, you’ll need three pieces of free software: Calibre, Calibre OPDS & some kind of syncing software. Step 1: You need a cloud. The cloud is essentially a computer harddrive space that you can access anywhere in the world so long as you can log onto the internet. So step 1 is signing up for a dropbox account. Step 2: Set up your ebook cloud location. In this step you are going to create a folder within the public folder of the dropbox folder. Step 3. Calibre is the best ebook software out there. Jane

Roll Your Own HTML Templates With PHP This article is archived, which means it may not be current and I can't answer questions about it. Some readers may still find it useful, though. HTML is not a programming language. Somewhat paradoxically, HTML can be made easier to work with by using some of the features of a full-fledged programming language. To use the method shown here, you will need a web server that runs PHP and basic coding skills. Defining the Problem Consider some HTML code which defines a complex table-based page layout: You can view the page here. HTML Subroutines One of the basic organizing features of any good programming language is the subroutine. <table bgcolor="#7777aa" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td><h1>Complex table layout example</h1></td></tr></table> Using PHP functions, we could write this as function header(){? However, a primary goal of this technique is readability, and switching back and forth between PHP and HTML hurts the readability of this code fragment.

Littérature québécoise Quick Start Guide - CKEditor 4 Documentation Print The aim of this article is to get you up and running with CKEditor in two minutes. Download Visit the official CKEditor Download site. Unpacking Unpack (extract) the downloaded .zip archive to the ckeditor directory in the root of your website. Trying Out CKEditor comes with a collection of samples that you can try out to verify if the installation was successful as well as see some CKEditor usage scenarios, both basic and more advanced. Open the following page in the browser: site>/ckeditor/samples/index.html Browse the samples to see how CKEditor can be used and customized. Adding CKEditor to Your Page If the samples work correctly, you are ready to build your own site with CKEditor included. To start, create a simple HTML page with a <textarea> element in it. Add a call to the CKEditor script in the <script> element of your page.Use the CKEDITOR.replace() method to replace the existing <textarea> element with CKEditor. See the following example: <! Congratulations! Next Steps

Feedbooks | Votre librairie de livres numériques (eBook) interact.js - JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and gestures with inertia and snapping