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New technology for land mine detection In Colombia, large areas are teeming with mines that are almost impossible to detect with traditional methods. In collaboration with partners from South America, engineers at the German Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Technical University Ilmenau are developing a new mine clearance technology, based on ground penetrating radar. In the long run, they are aiming at creating a handheld device that will detect different mine types on rough terrain without fail and which can be used in the same way as metal detectors. The Ruhr-Universität's science magazine Rubin has published a detailed report on the project. In Colombia, large areas are teeming with mines. Finding them using traditional technologies is as good as impossible, because all mines are different.

Moep - Crib Chair Combo by Dirk Ploos van Amstel Babe Rocker This multifunctional furniture piece combines crib and rocking chair into one singular rocking unit. It’s effective in getting sleepy babies to bed and helps acclimate them to being in a crib. When the young one outgrows the crib, the side unit converts to a magazine rack, giving new life to the chair. Better yet, it’s easy to assemble- 12 screws and 2 ropes later and you have the perfect addition to the nursery that’s great for new parents. Designer: Dirk Ploos van Amstel Kinetic Wind-Powered Sculptures by Anthony Howe Anthony Howe is an American artist that has been making suspended and freestanding kinetic sculptures for the last 17 years. Howe’s artwork is designed to respond to the exterior natural environment of wind and light. In his artist statement, Howe explains: “I attempt, with an economy of means, to construct objects whose visual references range from lo-tech sci-fi paraphernalia to microbiological or astronomical models. Utilizing primarily stainless steel armatures that are driven either by hammered curvilinear shapes or flat fiberglass covered discs, I hope the pieces assume a spare, linear elegance when conditions are still, mutating to raucous animation when the wind picks up.

Electromagnetic waves used to detonate landmines A team of Colombian and Swiss scientists has developed a device to remotely detonate improvised explosive devices (IEDs) using electromagnetic waves. IEDs, so-called roadside bombs, kill and mutilate hundreds of thousands of people every year in conflict zones in countries including Colombia, Afghanistan “Colombia has one of the highest mine casualty rates in the world,” Nicolas Mora, a Colombian postgraduate research student at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), told

Electrolux Aeroball – Air Filter System by Jan Ankiersztajn Significantly Fresher Air The Aeroball is a great way to filter air and get rid of odors. Tiny bubble-like balls hover and float in the air, cleansing it of impurities and offensive smells. The scented varieties dispense fragrance and enhance the mood. Inspired by fireflies and nature, the balls absorb light during the day and radiate it at night. 9-year-old's DIY cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed Nirvan says: "I just finished this short film about a 9-year-old boy's elaborate DIY cardboard arcade. Caine made his arcade using boxes from his dad's used auto parts store. He hadn't had many customers, so we set up a fun flashmob to make his day, and filmed his response. I hope it brings a smile to your day.

Meet the Giant Rats That Are Sniffing out Landmines African giant pouched rats—huge, cat-size rodents native to central Africa—have bad vision but an extraordinary sense of smell. This makes them perfect candidates for discovering hidden landmines by sniffing out the explosive TNT. Even decades after conflict, explosive remnants of war linger in the earth, maiming and killing thousands of people who stumble across them each year. In 2013, mines and other buried explosives caused 3,308 casualties worldwide—down from 4,325 in 2012, according to the 2014 Landmine Monitor report. Finding these hidden explosives is challenging and dangerous: People with metal detectors not only risk their lives, they work slowly, stopping to investigate every suspicious ping. Trained dogs, while commonly used, are expensive and tough to transport.

Green Lamp by Siesta Lighting Gone Green The latest in a trend of plant lamps (or as I like to call them “plamps”), the Green Lamp features a lattice shade and neck that stems directly out of a soil pot. Plant your favorite vine and watch it creep up to create an organic leaf shade you can trim yourself. A little shabby chic but I kinda love it. Bet you never thought your lamp would need sun! Designer: Siesta

A better way to detect landmines "I'd been to Cambodia. I'd got a very, very unique insight into the horrible thing of mines that take limbs from children. And I'd thought for a long time that – if I possible could – could I maybe change everybody's attitude?" These are the words of Sir Bobby Charlton, the former England and Manchester United footballer, speaking in this film about the science of landmine detection.

Electrolux Treat by Amy Mon-Chu Liu Tree + Eat = Treat Treat is a seamless way of storing and managing the leftover food. It employs classic food storage techniques like vacuum sealing and modern remote mobile technology to ensure your food is always consumed fresh. First 3D printed jaw transplant: 83-year-old woman sets world record (Video) Tuesday, February 7, 2012 First 3D printed jaw transplant: 83-year-old woman sets world record (Video) LEUVEN, Belgium--Scientists at the University of Hasselt BIOMED Research Institute in Belgium developed a custom made lower jaw transplant, using a prosthetic jaw made by LayerWise on a 3D printer; an 83 year-old Belgian woman has become the first-ever person to receive a transplant jawbone tailor-made for her face; the surgery took place at the Orbis Medisch Centrum in Sittard-Geleen , setting the world record for the First 3D printed jaw transplant, according to World Record Academy ( Photo: (enlarge photo)

Identity - iPhone 5 Case by Ace Display Camera Cleaning iPhone Case Ace’s new Identity case for the iPhone 5 offers simple protection to your iPhone’s vulnerable back camera system. The tabbed, sliding component built into the rigid design easily moves up and down to reveal or hide the cam. Better yet, the inside of the slide has a microfiber surface to wipe away any fingerprint residue or particles to ensure you get a smudge-free pic each time! Designer: Ace Display Zen Table by Simon Hallam Imagine a Japanese Zen Garden built into a beautifully-crafted, glass-topped table. The body of the table encapsulates electronics and robotics, that sculpt geometric patterns and images into a field of microscopic silicone beads beneath a glass top. The effect is mesmerizing and magical; it is truly Zen-like to watch ever-changing patterns and images appear in the sand. The project is based on an idea I sketched in a notebook back in 1997. Since then I've tested a multitude of mechanical configurations and experimented with many different sculpting mediums.

Throbber - Inductive Heating Ball by Virang Akhiyaniya Cooking with Balls! This far-out cooking concept of the future called Throbber uses super-compact, induction heating balls operable via a mobile phone, making it a portable solution that can be used on-the-go. The heat induced in the balls is transferred to the food via conduction from the aluminum surface. Just be careful not to accidentally swallow one! Designer: Virang Akhiyaniya