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CSS - Contents and compatibility

CSS - Contents and compatibility
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20 CV templates bundle, including editable sources. (PSD files) In the world of design, you’d be amazed by the amount of people that have a nicely done curriculum. If you haven’t considered having yours yet, you should have in mind that this could be a great tool to get your work to be seen indirectly by any passerby. Even though creating one seems pretty simple, you don’t always get the result you’re looking for in the end. CV Template 1 CV Template 2 CV Template 3 CV Template 4 CV Template 5 CV Template 6 CV Template 7 CV Template 8 CV Template 9 CV Template 10 CV Template 11 CV Template 12 CV Template 13 CV Template 14 CV Template 15 CV Template 16 CV Template 17 CV Template 18 CV Template 19 CV Template 20 Remember that best way to say thanks is by giving us a comment! Read Carefully, Specially: Hotmail / MSN / OutLook users, please check your spam/junk folder to get our msgs and mark us as safe senders (see how) to be sure you can get all our freebies. Download free 5 Templates included. Some other freebies:

Start Your Dev - Accueil : html css javascript xml xsl A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources In the initial stages of a project, when ideas aren’t quite fully formed, it’s good practice to wireframe the layout of your mobile app or web project by stripping away all design elements and flourishes to help define and better communicate the information hierarchy of the layout and plan for functionality and user flow. Whether you create them using a whiteboard, pencil and paper, web-based tools, or using a graphic application, effective wireframing and planning play a critical role in the success of your product. While most wireframing tools are readily and freely available (pen, paper, markers…), you may have to pay to use some web-based tools, and if you know where to look, you can also grab some free, templates for graphic applications like Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch. Lucky for you know where to look, as you have landed on this page! Material Design Wireframe Kits Material Design Wireframe Kit (Sketch). Material Design Mobile Wireframe Templates (PSD). iOS Wireframe Kits

Web Developer - Le coin du Webmaster - Logiciels Libres L’installation de l’extension Web Developer est identique aux autres extensions de Firefox. L’interface est francisée (choisir « Localized Version » sur la page « Download » du site de l’auteur, si la fenêtre d’installation de l’extension n’apparaît pas, vérifier que Firefox autorise l’ouverture du popup pour le site considéré). Redémarrez votre navigateur préféré, clic droit dans la barre des menus puis choisissez "Barre d’outils Web Developer". Une nouvelle barre d’outils apparaît. Cette extension pourrait être définie comme "le couteau suisse pour webmestres". L’utilisation la plus "spectaculaire" est sans doute celle qui concerne les CSS, voir plus bas. Petite revue des menus : Dans le premier menu, Désactiver, vous pourrez par exemple Désactiver le Javascript, utile en terme de test d’accessibilité, en effet le Javascript dans vos pages peut masquer certaines informations. Le menu images Le menu validation permet de renvoyer vers les "validateurs" connus ( Html, css, accessibilité ).

45 free Photoshop actions to create stunning effects | Photoshop Adobe's flagship image-editing software Photoshop has a powerful programming language built-in that allows you to record tasks as an 'action' and replay the steps to complete the task automatically. Not only can you record your own but you can also import actions, opening up a whole range of effects and time-saving options – whether you're using an older CS or have signed up to the very latest Creative Cloud version. So to add to our collections of Photoshop plugins and Photoshop resources, here are some great Photoshop actions that are free to download and install, for photographers, graphic designers, game artists and more. You can jump to the section you want from the dropdown menu above, but you should definitely check out the entire list – who knows where inspiration will strike! Photo filters 01. If your photos just aren't sinister enough for your liking, this free action should make things a little more unsettling. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Getting to Work with CSS3 Power Tools CSS3 is one of the coolest new web technologies available to web developers right now. Using some of its many features, it is possible to reproduce the effects that you might have previously done in Photoshop, with CSS code that is more maintainable, faster to load, and hip with the latest trends. Read on to learn about the power tools available to you and how to combine them to produce the ultimate graphical effects. CSS3 has many features, but some of them are imperative to learn if you are going to be reproducing Photoshop-like effects. I call these my "power tools." Border RadiiBox ShadowsText ShadowsGradientsMultiple Backgrounds Each of these features can help replace some of the images that you might have created in Photostop in the past. Browser Support: Safari: 3.2+Firefox: 3.0+Chrome: 3.0+Opera: 10.5+Internet Explorer: 9.0+ By now, you've probably heard about border-radius a million times. There are three syntaxes that you will need to use. OK, easy! OK, so not too bad yet!

14 Free Mobile Application Development Icon Sets The gap between the desktop/laptop and the mobile device is becoming smaller and smaller, it has never been a better time for mobile app development – The market is huge, very lucrative and highly profitable. Our ever growing appetite for more powerful and better mobile devices has pushed the demand even higher for ever more powerful and better applications to accompany them. The expectation on the apps UI design is just as demanding. The design has to not only be consistent with whichever mobile OS you are developing for, it also has to be distinctive enough to be unique. In this post we are sharing 14 free mobile application development icon sets. Android Icons This Android developer icon set includes 30 .png menu icons plus the additional source files (.eps) for further customization. 130 Glyphish iPhone Icons The Glyphish icon set have designed and carefully optimized specifically for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone apps, but would also be perfect for Android Development.

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS - Index of Exercises A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS Index of Exercises 35 Free Vector Illustrations Sets Today, we bring to you a collection of free vector illustration sets — all suitable for varied usages. So go ahead, download the ones you like (recommended: ALL OF THEM), and feel free to use them in your upcoming projects! Doodle Vector Handrawn Doodles Download Page → Teenager Illustrations Download Page → Free Graphics for Download Download Page → Halloween Vector Art Pack Download Page → Halloween Silhouettes Download Page → Free Sound Vector Graphics Download Page → Blue Vector Pack Download Page → Pop Art Style Music Vector Download Page → Kids Vector Arts Download Page → Long Horn Skull Download Page → Barbed Wire Fence Vector Download Page → Antique Flourish Vector Download Page → Vector Abstract Illustration Download Page → Free Vector Birds Silhouettes Download Page → Vector Social Media Buttons Download Page → Sparkling Flower Vector Download Page → Vector Bird Wallpaper Download Page → Vector Illustration of Morning Life Download Page → Angels Download Page → Lips Set Download Page → Hand Drawn Vector Pack Floral’s

Style CSS - Accueil Index des styles Présentation L'acronyme CSS tient pour Cascading Style Sheets ou encore feuilles de style en cascade. Complément indispensable pour la mise en forme des documents html ou xml, c'est un langage compréhensible et lisible employant une terminologie adapté à la mise en forme graphique. L'emploi du CSS a pour but la séparation de la structure du document avec le style et la centralisation des styles facilitant ainsi l'utilisation et la mise en place de règles en cascade. Les styles CSS permettent de définir l'apparence des tags html au travers des attributs class et style ou encore via des sélecteurs. Consultez l'article décrivant ces différentes méthodes de déclaration. Historique des versions CSS1 : La première spécification est finalisée en 1996 et donne lieu au CSS1 proposant les principales mise en formes pour le texte et la police de cartactère, les listes, les arrière-plans ainsi aue les bordures et contours.

100+ FREE Useful GUI PSD Kits digg I suppose almost every designer have theirs special tools that help them to save time and make the process more pleasent and easy. Different free web elements can be included in this magic set, for example, psd layout templates, icon sets, business card templates, brushes etc. Today I`ve collected more than 100 high-quality free web ui sets. Enjoy and Good Luck! Dark 1.Dark UI Kit (Part 1 of 2) 2.Simple UI 3.Black Web UI Elemetns 4.Blaubarry UI Kit 5.Futurico – Free User Interface Elements Pack 6. 7.Violet UI Kit 8.Radio Kit 9.Deep Green UI Kit 10.Darkchest (part1 | part 2 ) 11. 12. 13.Butterscotch UI Kit 14.Photoshop User- Interface (UI) 15.Dark Grey iTunes UI 16. 17.Black & Red UI Kit 18.iPad Application Mockup 19.Heads Up Display UI Kit 20.3 vector GUI design sets (95+ UI elements) 21.Dark Blue Web UI 22.Modern Blue/Dark UI Set 23.Grey UI Kit 24.UI Tool Kit 25.Web2Style Buttons Lab> 26. 27. 28. iTunes UI Kit 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Light 1. 2. 3.Simple UI Set 4. 5. 7.Dent UI 9.Minimal UI Kit 2.

FOIRE AUX QUESTIONS (X)HTML - CSS Auteur : gcyrillus Comment empecher un "block" de passer sous un flottant ? D'abord un petit blabla a propos de ces "satanés " flottants. Les elements placées en "float" , ont des comportements difficiles a apprehender pour les débutants. On ne sait pas trop ou il se trouvent , ni comment ils interagissents avec le reste des élements. comme un élément de type "block". Deuxième réaction, ils se reduisent à la taille de leur contenu . comme s'ils etaient positionné en absolu ! Troisième effet désagréable , ils n'étirent pas leur conteneur ou deborde sur les autres en repoussant leurs contenus. ça ressemble presqu'a du position:absolute; ça . En fait c'est presque ça , le flottant est effectivement retiré du flux , mais pas son contenu auquel il reserve de la place . et pourtant il semble etre invisible aux elements block qu'il le cotoient (excepté pour les contenus qui n'iront ni glisser dessous n'y s'y superposé, arf !) Et pourtant Dans IE Pour les autres : reste le overflow:auto; ou hidden .