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C++ Programming/Exercises/Iterations Iterations[edit] Solutions requirements Solutions must: Use only standard C++.Be compilable.Be in accordance to general coding practices. (no esoteric demonstrations are required) and should: Handle error situations, even if behavior is not defined. Please do not add solutions that are 99% similar to another that is already present, if it is an improvement just add it to the existing solution. EXERCISE 1[edit] Write a program that asks the user to type an integer and writes "YOU WIN" if the value is between 56 and 78 (both included). int main() {int i; cout << "Type all numbers between 58 and 73: " << endl; cin>>i; if (i>=58 && i<=78) { cout << "YOU WIN" << i << endl; else cout<<"YOU LOSE!" EXERCISE 2[edit] Write a program that asks the user to type all the integers between 8 and 23 (both included) using a for loop. Solution Alternative solution by Bartosz Radwanski Alternate solution Solution in C Another alternate solution Failed solutions (correct them as an extra exercise) EXERCISE 3[edit]

6 Books Every Programmer Should Own I’ve seen many lists about the best programming books and I am sure there are a lot of books that are specific to a programming knowledge or technology – that I have not included in my list. The books I have chosen are those that are meant to inspire, increase productivity and improve your programming design skills. Note: This list has no particular order. Code Complete 2 Steve McConnell The main focus of this book to help you improve your programming design skills. The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Andrew Hunt and David Thomas This book focuses on the best practices of programming (i.e. what you should and should not do). Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware Andy Hunt From the author of The Pragmatic Programmer, this book takes one-step back from programming and focuses on your everyday thinking and problem solving skills. The Productive Programmer Neal Ford and David Bock Algorithms in a Nutshell George T Heineman, Gary Pollice and Stanley Selkow Thomas H.

The Mozart Programming System Rage Against The Finite-State Machines Hey there, it appears your Javascript is disabled. That's fine, the site works without it. However, you might prefer reading it with syntax highlighting, which requires Javascript! What Are They? A finite-state machine (FSM) is not really a machine, but it does have a finite number of states. I've always found finite-state machines easier to understand with graphs and diagrams. Here the dog has 3 states: sitting, barking or wagging its tail. Here's a cat's state diagram for a comparison: This cat has a single state, and no event can ever change it. Implementing the cat state machine in Erlang is a fun and simple task: 01. 02. 04.start() -> 05. spawn(fun() -> dont_give_crap() end). 07.event(Pid, Event) -> 08. 09. 10. receive 11. 12. after 5000 -> 13. 14. end. 16.dont_give_crap() -> 17. receive 18. 19. _ -> ok 20. end, 21. io:format("Switching to 'dont_give_crap' state~n"), 22. dont_give_crap(). We can try the module to see that the cat really never gives a crap: 01. c(cat_fsm). 02. 03. 07. 10. 13. 01. 02. 02. 03.

Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society Viewable with Any Browser: Frequently Asked Questions I get a lot of questions about the Viewable With Any Browser concept and campaign. Please check below to see if yours is answered here before sending questions. If your question isn't answered, send me feedback . Doesn't being "Viewable With Any Browser" mean I can only make gray pages with no images? Why can't we just ask people to upgrade their browsers or switch browsers? Why would someone use a browser other than Netscape or Internet Explorer? If my site works in Netscape and Internet Explorer, is that enough? Are things like frames, Java, Javascript, cascading style sheets, etc. ok to use? How can I tell if my page works in every browser? What do I have to do to be listed as a participating site? I don't have a web page, but I'd like to help. Isn't catering to alternate and older browsers holding back technology? I don't mind if I lose a small group of people visiting my site. How many people browse without images? Doesn't supporting alternate browsers help Microsoft/Netscape? No.

Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction. Eloquent JavaScript -- interactive tutorial from Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins I love the concept, though, so let's see if we can make it work. Assume we have the following two tables. Table A is on the left, and Table B is on the right. id name id name -- ---- -- ---- 1 Pirate 1 Rutabaga 2 Monkey 2 Pirate 3 Ninja 3 Darth Vader 4 Spaghetti 4 Ninja Let's join these tables by the name field in a few different ways and see if we can get a conceptual match to those nifty Venn diagrams. There's also a cartesian product or cross join, which as far as I can tell, can't be expressed as a Venn diagram: SELECT * FROM TableA CROSS JOIN TableB This joins "everything to everything", resulting in 4 x 4 = 16 rows, far more than we had in the original sets.

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