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30 Beautifully Hand Crafted HTML5 Websites HTML5 is the new web standard, it defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood. This markup language currently offers tons of great features and benefits the developer with brilliant forms, new canvas elements, readable codes, and semantically meaningful layouts. Recently Apple has made a strong push towards HTML5, and saying that Flash will die soon. Personally I disagree with that statement, and believe that Flash will be around for a while. Ever since it’s launch, HTML5 websites have been poping up all over the web. We decided to gather some beautiful HTML5 websites and showcase them here.

CSS layouts Here are a range of CSS responsive HTML and CSS layouts – including one, two and three column layouts. All layouts are ready to use – as is – with folders, dummy AppleTouch icon, dummy favicon and CSS files in place. All layouts are FREE to use as needed and can be downloaded directly from Github. Simple responsive layouts One-column fixed-width responsive layout View layout Download from Github One-column full-width responsive layout View layout Download from Github

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu – Tutorialzine Martin Angelov As you have probably heard by now, CSS3 animations are a powerful tool, which enables you to create animations which run without the need of applying additional scripting to the page. What is even better, in the next generation of browsers we will have even more powerful tools, including 3D transformations (already present in Safari).

Ranking 80 of the Top CSS Galleries Web design and CSS galleries are a great source of inspiration for designers, and they are also an outstanding resource for designers to get exposure for their work. Getting a site featured in some of the most popular galleries can bring thousands of visitors and some valuable inbound links. There are so many different galleries that it’s hard to know which ones are worth the time it takes to submit your site for inclusion.

Using Photos in Web Design, Excellent Examples for Inspiration Startup Framework Close Using Photos in Web Design, Excellent Examples for Inspiration Corina Ciripitca • Inspiration • April 14, 2011 • 2 Comments Photos are a great way to visualize things, capture different important moments or to send a certain message. Besides that, if they are widely used in web design they can make the website look good and stylish but then again only if they are used wisely. Pictures can be great for any kind of design you choose – minimalist or with many interesting details.

30 Beautiful and Innovative Flash Designs This post was written by Jacob Gube of Six Revisions. Flash is unparalleled when it comes to providing users a highly rich, memorable, and interactive experience. For developers, nothing matches Flash’s relative ease in allowing them to develop dynamic, complex web-based applications. Best of CSS Design 2009 Since 2007, every year I do a round up of best of CSS from Best Web Gallery (check out 07 and 08 collection). Well, it is the time of the year again — Best of CSS Design 2009. This year I've selected another 50 nicely designed web sites.

GrooveShark Search with CSS3 I am a huge fan of the Grooveshark interface. Every time I look at the site I start to dissect the UI and turn it into code in my head. I wanted to see if I could create the search box only using HTML and CSS. Sadly there is one image and it’s the search icon in the button. I recently read a tutorial that shows you how to create a custom font and use the font-face property for icons, but they didn’t have the search icon I needed. The above image is my final attempt.

Three column layouts - 7 versions Information Above are the three column layouts most asked for over the past few years. Whilst there is nothing new in these, they do offer simplicity of stylesheets and no use of images to make it look as though the columns are full height. All columns will be equal heights no matter how much content is in each column. The all have full height columns that will stay in shape when the browser window is resized and have been tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari(PC) and Chrome. If you would like to use any of these layouts then please make a donation to support CSSplay even if it is only a few UK pounds.

5 best corporate websites from themeforest Not being a big fan of premium themes I still think they have their place and themeforest is probably one of the most popular sites where you can find all sorts of themes for different jobs. After having a quick snoop here are what I think are the best corporate websites. Suitable for a corporate business that includes a portfolio, some of the features include a 3D slider, 3 colour themes, Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design, multiple template files, jQuery functionality and original PSD files for designer editing. A professional looking corporate website with 3 stage jQuery slider, 3 layout portfolio, multiple page layout templates, Valid XHTML, jQuery dropdown menus and PSD files for further editing. A significant theme with a multitude of flexibility Valid HTML 5, Cross Browser Compatible including IE 9 and FF 4, 16!

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