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Change Your Future Now
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Calculate Project ROI using NPV, IRR and Packback period Calculating ROI for a project/task should consider both tangible and intangible benefits. Steps: Understand Benefits (Documented in the business case) - Review the business case to understand the project and the benefits it is expected to deliver. - Identify tangible and intangible benefits (Work with the project owner and convert intangible benefits to tangible factors). All most all intangible benefits can be converted to tangible factors with clear understanding of the benefit. Example: Benefits like increasing employee morale (intangible) can be converted to be tangible as follows: Increase employee morale can increase employee retention, which can save new employee recruiting and training costs. Based on the employee turnover last year, HR dept can provide tangible figures like “Reduce Employee turnover by 5% and save $5000 in new recruiting costs.

HOW TO: Launch Any Product Using Social Media Guy Kawasaki is the author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. On March 8, I introduced my tenth book. There are few processes that I enjoy more than a product introduction, and this one enabled me to try many social media techniques and online tools and services. After only a week, the book was on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. Free Foreign Language Lessons Advertisement Get FREE Audio Books from and How to learn languages for free?

Warren Buffett — Influential Leadership Superior business leader and American investor Warren Buffett is often called “Oracle of Omaha” or the “Sage of Omaha” and philanthropist. (Wikipedia, 2007) Buffett is the CEO, and the biggest shareholder of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. Buffet’s has an estimated current net worth of approximately $52 billion in US funds. Forbes Magazine ranks Buffett the third richest person in the world in September 2007 behind Carlos Slim and Bill Gates. Warren Buffett is known for his economical and plain lifestyle. Buffett still lives in the same Omaha, Nebraska house that he purchased in 1958 for $31,500 with a current value of $700,000.

The 3 Different Types of Project Management Offices (PMO) There are 3 basic types of Project Management Office (PMO) organisations, varying in the degree of control and influence they have on projects within the organisation. You will need to determine which type you need to establish in order to have an effective project office. The 3 types of PMOs include: 1. Project Selection Criteria Using ROI, NPV, IRR and Risk Developing project selection criteria that rely on a defensible business case and solid Return on Investment (ROI) is fundamental to effective IT governance and project portfolio management (PPM). That means a business case and ROI for every project under consideration developed using a standard ROI calculator using Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). An earlier post provided a range of methods for evaluating IT investments using objective project ranking criteria. That post was followed up with an ROI calculator template that uses NPV, IRR and Payback Period to build the financial justification of the business case.

The Rules of Social Media Engagement Brian Solis inShare1,645 A study published in 2010 surfaced a startling statistic, “75 percent of employers say their business has no formal policy instructing employees on the appropriate use of social networking sites on the job.” The report, “Employer Perspectives on Social Networking,” compiled data from 34,000 businesses in 35 countries. Does your organization have a formal policy regarding employee use of social media? Perhaps better asked, does your organization offer training, guidelines, and insights to help employees excel in new media on behalf of your business? In the same study, 63% of employers that employed social networking policies reported that those policies improved productivity.

Warren Buffet Leadership Warren Buffet Leadership Case Study is a part of Leadership Stories, a series of biographies of great leaders in history that have impacted the world in a huge way. Warren Buffet LeadershipWho was He? A Short History Is project forecasting done by liars and fools? - Projectation Apparently this is the case according to Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, of the BT Centre for Major Programme Management, Saїd Business School, University of Oxford. I was originally directed to this inflammatory statement from a post by Elizabeth Harrin on her popular PM blog “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management” which lead me to do a search for the article in questions. It can be found here and the title of the article is “Quality control and due diligence in project management: Getting decisions right by taking the outside view” published by the International Journal of Project Management, which is a pretty somber title in light of the provocative statement by the distinguished professor. A good summary can be found on Saїd Business School website, and quoting directly from the site: I gotta say I like how direct he is and has no compunction for calling a spade a spade.

Responsibilities of a project management office (PMO) In most organisations the PMO has five main responsibilities: Set standards for how projects are run The PMO builds up a common set of practices, principles and templates for managing projects. Standardisation means project managers can move more easily between different projects and new project managers get up to speed faster. Why We Trust Warren Buffett: Leadership Matters NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If we can define a leader as an individual with the ability to influence others, then there is no other leader in U.S. business such as Warren Buffett. In fact, Buffett may be the most trusted leader in the corporate world today. The Wall Street Journal reported that Buffett, along with pal Bill Gates, spoke at Columbia University last week telling the students that there was no better place to invest than the United States. Of course, there are a lot of business gurus telling the world that the U.S. is the best, but Buffett speaks with a credibility that few enjoy. While most of us are not in a position to spend billions of dollars on anything (I just got back from Walt Disney World (DIS_) and struggled with $5 sodas!), there are some lessons of leadership that can be learned from the Oracle concerning how leaders establish the kind of credibility that he is known for.

Gartner PPM Maturity Model Gartner’s February 2008 report “PMOs: One Size Does Not Fit All” found that there are very high rates of failure when setting up a PMO. Success or failure depends largely upon two aspects: How closely the PMO’s mission and objectives are linked to the real needs of the organization, andHow well the role of the PMO is matched to the maturity of the organization. As Project Partners has written in prior whitepapers and presentations (See Return on Investment – Building the Business Case for Project Portfolio Management and Return on Investment – Building the Business Case for Professional Services Automation), you should not attempt to become a Level 5 organization immediately – you need to evolve. Benchmarking your organization’s maturity PMOs: One Size Does Not Fit All Feb 2008, Gartner Inc.

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