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Africa for Norway

Africa for Norway

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Secret aid worker: flaky aid boys and other development love-life disasters Maybe you first saw him reading Seeing Like a State, Converse-clad feet propped up on a plastic chair while waiting for his UN flight. Perhaps he was knocking up some improvised bruschetta at a colleague’s brunch. Or was he the hot loggie whose sunburned arm brushed against yours one too many times during lunch in the tented canteen? If you’ve been a female aid worker in a humanitarian emergency, you’ve certainly met him. He’s the charming bane of our lives.

Keep a research journal: it is important Very few people I come across keep a research journal, they often don’t even know about the concept. I want to share information about what to put in the research journal, and why I think it is important to keep on. What is a research journal? It is a record of everything that you are thinking about your research, or what you think at the time of your research. It is everything you are thinking about your research. It is not the place to take notes on your literature, but it is really a place where you can write down things that you are thinking about your research. Ed Lake on Why are so many people so co... Are people confident about determinism? My impression is that it’s now a minority commitment. On most interpretations, quantum physics makes the basic laws of nature appear probabilistic rather than deterministic.

UNESCO Bangkok E-Learning Series on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education Click on the image to launch the course UNESCO Bangkok with funding support from Japanese-Funds-In-Trust (JFIT) has published an e-learning CD-ROM containing two modules. Module 1: ICT in Education Essentials: provides learners with essential information about ICT in education and aims to promote common understanding about the topic in the education sector. Module 2: ICT in Education Decision Making: helps learners to consider the different factors involved in choosing the appropriate technology to use in a particular education setting.

Comically Explained: The 6 Kinds Of Corporate Org Charts Can't figure out your company's org chart? You're not alone: no one can, and attempting to do so is just wishful thinking. To translate what it means, the Doghouse Diaries has come up with a handy primer, breaking it all down. Here's what the six types of org charts really mean, and how to work your way up within them. The use of ICT in Education: a comparison of traditional pedagogy and emerging pedagogy enabled by ICT’s The use of ICT in Education: a comparison of traditional pedagogy and emerging pedagogy enabled by ICT’s Mbodila, Munienge¹ and Kikunga Muhandji² Science Foundation Unit - Computer Science, University of Venda, Private Bag X5050, Thohoyandou 0950, South Africa. 2. Glenn Stevens: The changing landscape of central banking The landscape of central banking has changed a great deal in the three decades I have been involved in it, and especially since the financial crisis beginning in 2007. Some of the changes were made as a result of careful system design, in the light of long experience. Others, and arguably the more prominent ones, have come as a response to exceptional circumstances. These have been necessary, yet unsettling. And we don't really know where they will ultimately lead. In this talk I will reflect on some of these changes.

eLearning Africa 2015 / International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training. Get your free copy The eLearning Africa Report provides a yearly snapshot of progress and perspectives in the field of technology-enabled learning across the continent. Combining news, features, interviews, literature, survey results and, for the first time this year, an extensive reference section, it is the most comprehensive guide there is to the facts, experiences and opinions that lie behind ICT4E and ICT4D developments today. Download the Report and discover: