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Social Media Marketing and Blogging

Social Media Marketing and Blogging
10 Tips to to Double Your Facebook Likes When social media started raising its head as a business marketing tool, there were just a handful of social networks. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the main protagonists. Today we have a plethora of social networks and visual networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Vine to distract us amongst thousands. With over 1.3 billion users Facebook is the largest social media network that you can’t ignore. This means that you need to keep learning how to use its rapidly evolving ecosystem.

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5 Key Characteristics Every Social Media Community Manager Should Have Social media is an effective tool to engage your target audience, drive website traffic and, ultimately, boost sales; so why do so few companies employ a social media community manager? You know, the person that manages the whole thing? It seems crazy, in the midst of a global financial crisis, to suggest that companies should go to the expense of hiring a community manager to oversee their social media presences. Social Media Buzz This is all about social media from news to rumors to new platforms and everything social media. Inside Google + Facebook = 70 percent of all mobile ad revenues worldwide

A short guide to building your mobile commerce site Simon Armstrong shares a few tools that make it quick and easy to create a commerce site suitable for your customers' mobile devices. If you haven't moved your company's website to the mobile world yet, here are a few tools that will help you create a website suitable for use on mobile devices - your customers will thank you. For existing sites built in WordPress One tool you can get up and running in minutes is MobStac WordPress Mobile. These plugins create a mobile version of your WordPress site that will work on thousands of mobile devices, plus give analytics, ad network integration and support.It automatically detects what sort of mobile phone your customers are using, and then reformats your content appropriately.

Conversation Agent Customers are going more and more online, and are becoming increasingly demanding. They choose when and where to ask questions, talk about issues and share complaints, blurring the line between Marketing and Customer Service. Social technologies have a way of blurring traditional (and I would add artificial) lines. Is the customer finally in charge? Many brands have already accepted that customers turn to social networks for service and support, and they are listening and responding. Mobile Internet trends 2014 by Mary Meeker 21 Internet trends from the annual KPCB trends report For anybody that doesn’t know, Mary Meeker is rightly famed for her intelligent selection and presentation of the key trends of digital business, so today we’re sharing a summary of her latest report with what we’ve jumped out to us from a marketing perspective – it’s hot off the press this week. The full deck is 164 slides, I found I needed two coffees… Our summary Mobile, mobile, mobile.

How businesses can get seen, heard, and admired - Sales Machine Various microphones aligned at press conference isolated over a white background Gino Santa Maria (MoneyWatch) Getting seen, heard, and celebrated in the news is something many sales professionals want. Getting compensated as a result of media visibility is even better. "Make visibility a priority," says publicity expert Nancy Juetten, who trains salespeople on how to attract media attention. "Assign importance and weekly action to earning ongoing, consistent, and favorable visibility for the business.

Mastering digital marketing Few business functions have been as profoundly disrupted by digitization as marketing. The era of expensive campaigns pushing products through mass media has been upended, as consumers, empowered by information, are demanding more and more from the companies they choose to form relationships with. In this interview with McKinsey’s Luke Collins, David Edelman, coleader of McKinsey’s global digital marketing strategy group, explains the state of digital marketing, what companies get wrong and what they should be doing, and the role of senior leaders in pushing their organizations to master the art of digital marketing. An edited transcript of Edelman’s remarks follows. Interview transcript Most companies think in terms of campaigns.

10 Niche Social Platforms to Leverage for New Sales Leads Facebook can adjust their algorithms over and over again, and Twitter can find new ways to target promoted tweets, but let’s face it: sometimes, social networks are just too big. Though millions of users are checking these feeds constantly, they’re not always paying close attention to what they’re reading. There goes your carefully-timed update. When it comes to generating leads through social media marketing efforts, more and more startups are shooting for quality of users instead of quantity. By setting up a presence on a niche social platform, entrepreneurs now find themselves preaching to a jubilant choir, rather than shouting to the masses—and alongside tons of competition. I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs the following question:

5 Ways To Be Recognized as A Social Media Influencer Can You Recognize A Social Media Influencer, When You See Them? Well the obvious answer is yes, absolutely you can. Think of some of your favorite Social Media Influencers, why you choose to follow them and how they influence you personally. Although many of the effective principles are paralleled, leading and influencing in the world of social media can sometimes be more difficult than leading/influencing in a traditional leadership/work settings. The social media influencer has to lead purely through relational, cause and content equity. DMR Directory of Social Networks, Apps and Digital Services Photo by renaissancechambara DMR has always been meant to be a digital resource for marketers, business leaders and people just interested in digital marketing. Whether it is stats, strategy, infographics or even jobs, I (and now we) try to provide content that is helpful.

What if they Google me? - Sales Machine (MoneyWatch) There's a New Yorker cartoon about the Internet that I love: Two businessmen are in a bar and one says, "I have a strange feeling that someone is Googling me." No joke, actually. Prospects check companies out on Google. How to Adopt a Social Media Lifestyle While most small business owners are starting to realize that social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy, as a social media coach, the question I get most often is how to add social media to a day that is already way too full. For those of us working as solopreneurs or small business owners, it may, at times, feel like we are working virtually around the clock so when are we really supposed to tweet, post or blog? I’ll admit creating a social media plan that will stick is like starting an exercise program. You just have to take that leap and do it.

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