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What the *bleep* do we know?

What the *bleep* do we know?

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The Yin and Yang of Relaxation I have come to believe that those who study martial arts should never look on the Yin Yang figure as a mere symbol. Instead they should think of it as a formula, an equation written with pictures instead of numbers. You may feed in certain ideas, then see what comes out on the other side of that equal sign. Redesign My Brain : ABC TV Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD, is one of the scientists responsible for our current understanding of brain plasticity – the notion that the brain can change itself at any age. For nearly 50 years, Dr. Merzenich and his colleagues have conducted seminal research defining the functional organisation of the auditory and somatosensory nervous systems. Research on cortical plasticity conducted in his laboratory has greatly contributed to our understanding of the phenomenology of brain plasticity across the human lifetime. Dr.

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