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Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

News Literacy: How to Teach Students to Search Smart Credit: Quickhoney The word simple can rarely be used when it comes to describing online searches for news and information. Type a noun and a refining adjective into a search engine, and you're presented with an indefinite number of links (hence, perhaps, the word Google). The information can seem equally useful at first glance but will inevitably vary wildly in accuracy, from a New York Times article to a deadpan spoof in the Onion to a biased political blog filled with misinformation. Students learn how to find the truth in a sea of factoids. Alan C. Visiting journalists pose four questions to students: Why does news matter? In response, students in the program create projects that answer these questions. Though it's a remarkable resource, the sheer abundance of online information has its downsides. Ask Yourself, "What Am I Looking At?" Is it news, opinion, a personal blog, gossip? Think Critically about News and Information Who created the reports and editorials? Learn to Spot Bias | Making Projects Click Math and Telling Time This page is one small part of Good Sites for Kids! All the mathematics sites have been given their own pages. Please click on the matrix below to go there. Look for to see what's been added lately! "We now have over 4,000 PDF files that total over 12,000 printable pages. 100% free as always! Free Worksheets for Kids from K-5 Learning. Mastering these worksheets would give students a solid foundation to build on. Math Worksheet Center "What is Math Worksheet Center? to top of page to Good Sites Powered by The World's #1 Web Host I'm gnawing away at Mathematics!

PBL Adolescent Literacy - A video interview with Rick Riordan Rick Riordan was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1964. His mom, dad, and grandparents were all teachers. Rick didn't like to read much until he discovered the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Greek and Norse mythology in middle school. In the eighth grade Rick submitted a fantasy story to a magazine but only received a rejection letter in return. During college Rick Riordan had long hair and played music in a folk rock band. Naturally, Riordan's middle school students asked him why he wasn't writing books for kids their age. Today Rick Riordan and his family live in San Antonio, Texas.

Ideas for PBL A Better List Of Ideas For Project-Based Learning At TeachThought, we’re huge fans of project-based learning. While there is no magic bullet of practice, program, or framework that automatically produces progressive and effective learning, what makes project-based learning exceptional is its flexibility. As it is, first and foremost, simply a curriculum planning tool, so much other “good stuff” that can support learning (game-based learning, learning simulations, place-based education, self-directed learning, etc.) can all be “embedded” in project-based learning. With PBL, there is no “either/or” proposition: anything from open-ended, play-based learning to data-driven, research-based instructional environments can all use PBL effectively. While there are all kinds of great resources necessary to “run” PBL (including those from, from apps to planning templates and more, the genesis of a great project is the idea itself–the purpose and/or audience of the project itself. 1. 2.

Lightning Thief The hero, 12-year-old Percy Jackson, is far from your ordinary, everyday high school student. In fact, he is about to be kicked out of his third high school. Try as he may, Percy just cannot behave himself and settle down to study. "Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood.