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Global Accelerator Network

Global Accelerator Network

Plug and Play Startup Acceleration Program | Plug and Play Tech Center The Plug and Play Startup Acceleration Program is a three-month immersion into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and is designed to enable high-tech startups to explore business development, fund-raising and other strategic partnership opportunities. Startups will be exposed to Plug and Play’s extensive network of corporate, technology and investment partners as well as mentors and advisors. More than 100 startups take part in the program every year at Plug and Play's main campus in Sunnyvale, California. The Startup Acceleration Program includes: Plug & Play University: During the first week of the program, startups will participate in a 3-day workshop to introduce entrepreneurs to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and business environment. Silicon Valley OverviewLegal, Tax and AccountingGo-to-Market • FundraisingBusiness DevelopmentPitchingStartup Case Studies Corporate PartnersInvestor PartnersTechnology PartnersMentors and AdvisorsExecutives-in-ResidenceSpeaker Series Fees

Chezjj | Itinerant Hackers, Scientists, Cylons Dreamit Ventures   |   Helping great people build great companies Capital Factory Tech Wildcatters | Tech Wildcatters is a mentor driven technology startup accelerator led by entrepreneurs. Venture Incubators and Accelerators | Startup Owl Business, or venture incubators and accelerators have been around for quite a time, but now business accelerators are spreading across the US, as early stage investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers try to speed how long it takes to create new ventures. Unlike many business assistance programs, business incubators do not serve any and all companies. Entrepreneurs who wish to enter a business incubation program must apply for admission. They also tend to be physical places where you can start your business under a collective roof. Other differences are that while one of the benefits of either business assistance programs or incubators is the ability of participants to network, the accelerator does as well, but also actively supports entrepreneurs in their search for finance and introduces funders to the participants. Venture Incubators Venture incubators and accelerators are not quite the same kind of place. Many are sponsored by Universities and Business Schools. Venture Accelerators

Revenue-Based Funding | Startup Owl Another new approach to funding business is Revenue-Based Funding. The idea is that instead of the risk being attached to the capital growth of the investment, the lender takes a risk on the revenue, by charging a percentage of the top line. My first business made use of this back in 1982. A US company called RevenueLoan now offers a Revenue-Based Funding product, but on relatively large amounts for startups. Instead of requiring a business to pay a fixed amount and over a fixed amount of time (i.e. think of your typical bank loan), an RBF investment receives a fixed percentage of gross revenues, up to some negotiated “cap” (anywhere from 1.25x for a short term, on up, depending on the needs of the company, and the timeframe and risk factors).” Their criteria are Revenue run rate of $1 M or moreGross margins of 50% or higherSolid plan for use of funds with near-term return (“money machine”)Can use $100k to $500k in funding immediately. Lighter Capital On Deck

4th Annual Saudi International Technology Incubator Conference - Events | Saudi Business Incubator Network Date: October 8 - 9, 2012 Provider: SBIN Who Can Attend: Male Location: Riyadh KACST-Badir are organizing the 4th annual Saudi International Technology Incubation Conference. The aim is to provide stakeholders and practitioners in the incubation industry with a forum to meet with international and local experts to discuss the latest developments in technology entrepreneurship, innovation and finance support, and the role that incubators should play. The conference will be held from 8 to 9 October 2012 (22 to 23 Dhu Al-Qa'dah, 1433 H), at the KACST Conference Centre, KACST headquarters, King Abdullah Road, Riyadh.

The Growth in International Incubators I think it’s safe to say Startup Chile is the most established and successful international incubator out there — at least from what I’ve heard. As I’ve said before, it’s a brilliant strategy by the government. Pay entrepreneurs to come live in your country for 6 months, have them teach the local population what it takes to build successful companies, be part of the “story” of 100 companies every 6 months, and as a result have hundreds (thousands eventually) of well connected entrepreneurs traveling the globe who tell all their friends about Chile. It’s a proven fact that non profits’ best donors are the people that come visit because they form an emotional bond to the organization — and countries are no different. A countries most passionate advocates are going to be those who have spent a considerable amount of time as a resident. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if 3-5 countries launched their own government-funded programs in the next 3 years.

Blackbox Startup Mansion in SV 6 in Atherton Business Listings that are perfectly suited for the busy, travelling professional. Family friendly Listings that are comfortable and spacious for families with kids of all ages. Romantic Listings that are perfect for couples who want some romantic privacy. Social Listings where you can make new friends and experience the local culture. Surveying the Incubator and Accelerator Landscape Share it! Innovation and entrepreneurship are intimately linked, but as Silicon Valley has grown, the connection between the two has become evermore complex. By Birgit Coleman & Gioia Deucher, swissnex San Francisco Startup Services Team The Three Incubating Categories Startups are moving from coffee houses and garages to co-working facilities, incubators, and accelerators. Co-working facilities, such as WeWork, The Hatchery SOMA, StartupHQ, 5M Project, and mission*social, are shared office spaces that have sprung up around the globe. A startup incubator, such as YCombinator, 500 Startups, and TechStars, is a facility or a mentorship program for early stage startups. A startup accelerator, such as RocketSpace, Kicklabs, BootstrapLabs, Blackbox Mansion, or i/o ventures, picks up where incubators leave off. Who are the rock star startup incubators? One of the best-known incubators is Y Combinator, or YC. Another successful incubator is TechStars. TechStars and YC have similar structures.