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Sueurs froides (Vertigo) - Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

Sueurs froides (Vertigo) - Alfred Hitchcock (1958)
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Cube (1997) Scénario -------------------------------------------------------------------- At first we see an eye. Closed and slowly it opens up and looks around. Later we get a full view of a man lying on the floor in a strange-looking room. 4 walls, 1 ceiling, 1 floor. 6 sides just like a cube. There is a kind of door on each side. Each door has a handle. Hey... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Quentin closes the door in the floor. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Quentin stands up and opens a door in one of the walls. I'm sorry... What do you want? I thought you were... What? I don't know... -------------------------------------------------------------------- We hear a loud sound and everybody in the room looks around. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Quentin crawls into the room What, what? It's ok, come here. It's ok, calm down, evrything's gonna be fine. What was in there? Why are you afraid of that room?

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) Lichter der Großstadt (1931) Alien (1979 November 2009 Things began with a gruesome bang for what is arguably the biggest dress up weekend of the calendar, Halloween. Our Broken Hearted damsel outfits were suitably grotesque yet eerily beautiful and kept it together til the early hours despite the disappointing Work It party (music the volume of a mouse and an early police close-down - which led us to the Horse and Groom where great disco pub vibes made up for it all). A funny aside for you before the all important dress-up run down - having been dumped earlier in the day (very amicable, no need for sympathy) the costume choice for Friday evening was a little prophetic! Maybe we have inadvertently become dress-up genies - as Mellie remarked, next time maybe we should go as lottery winners... Send us your wishes and we'll see what we can do ;) Aside over, the costume creations went smoothly. Then the rubber hearts were simply pinned on and a hangman's noose added round the neck for extra deathly effect! H x

Plein Soleil - René Clément (1960) Barberousse (1965) Shining (1980) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974 The most pathetic reaction in horror movie history