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What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain
No discussion of coffee's many (many!) health benefits? [] Cuts your risk of liver cancer, cirrhosis, Parkinson's, diabetes... for the most part, the more you drink, the more benefit you get, and according to most research, it's at least partially the caffeine that is responsible. @MrsButterworth: Wasn't really in the scope of what I was writing about. It was aimed at caffeine, specifically. @Kevin Purdy: Oh yeah, sorry, I meant "no discussion so far in the COMMENTS..." since everyone is talking about how much (or little) coffee they drink and why. Although the Parkinson's connection is another way caffeine affects the brain, albeit in the long-term.

Download Graphic Images from the Hillis/Bull Lab Return to "Download Files" Page You are welcome to download the following graphic image of the Tree of Life for non-commercial, educational purposes: Tree of Life (~3,000 species, based on rRNA sequences) (pdf, 368 KB) How Can I Improve My Posture? Try to use a chair with good support. Adjust it so if fits you. Try to always sit in it so that it supports you - when you sit upright in the chair, the chair back should be supporting some of your weight. My wife and I were recently at staples, looking for a new chair for her. Of all the chairs there, two had good support, and those weren't as adjustable as I'd have liked (I couldn't get either to fit her properly). We ended up going to a used office furniture place.

How to be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Mary Jaksch of Goodlife ZEN. Do you want to be more productive? Maybe you do, but I’m sure you don’t want to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or unhappy – which happens to many super-productive people. But there is good news: You can be insanely productive – and still smell the freesias, savor a Pinot Noir, or enjoy a languid hug. A few weeks ago Leo Babauta said to me, “Mary – you’re one of the most productive people I know. Foods Stimulating Serotonin Production Serotonin is a hormone made between the brain and digestive tract that also works as a neurotransmitter. Its primary role is to help you feel calm, promote sleep and cause blood vessels to narrow. People with low serotonin levels suffer from insomnia, depression or both. Some foods are rich in serotonin and many are rich in substances that increase the production of serotonin.

Liver enzyme-mediated oxidation of Echinacea purpurea alkylamides: production of novel metabolites and changes in immunomodulatory activity Recently, Matthias et al. demonstrated that the in vitro metabolism of alkylamides by human liver enzymes produces a number of metabolites [11]. Coker et al. observed degradation of caffeic acid derivatives in 10 Strange Things About The Universe Space The universe can be a very strange place. While groundbreaking ideas such as quantum theory, relativity and even the Earth going around the Sun might be commonly accepted now, science still continues to show that the universe contains things you might find it difficult to believe, and even more difficult to get your head around. Theoretically, the lowest temperature that can be achieved is absolute zero, exactly ?273.15°C, where the motion of all particles stops completely. However, you can never actually cool something to this temperature because, in quantum mechanics, every particle has a minimum energy, called “zero-point energy,” which you cannot get below.

The Top 10 Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins Common indoor plants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution. NASA scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside homes, indoor public spaces and office buildings. The indoor pollutants that affect health are formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (benzene and trichloroethylene or TCE), airborne biological pollutants, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, pesticides and disinfectants (phenols), and radon.

Organizing from the Inside Out: Form a Plan of Attack for Lifelong Organization There are a few things I use to keep myself organized across three computers (XP netbook, Vista desktop my tech-illiterate husband uses, and 7 desktop that is in my (away from home) office). The first one is XMarks, which keeps track of all of my bookmarks and passwords for me. I also have a copy of this in a text file in Dropbox and a physical, written on paper version for account information I absolutely must not lose. Dark Chocolate And Serotonin Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects mood. One such mood disorder is depression, which is a medical disorder that affects the mind and the body. This disorder is not a sign of weakness but is a chronic illness that sometimes requires long-term treatment with medication and counseling. Another brain disorder that is affected by serotonin is obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. There are several means of affecting the levels of serotonin in the brain. Dark chocolate is one that many find pleasurable.

"Echinacea alkylamides modulate induced immune response in T-cells" by Anita Matthias, et al. Anita Matthias, University of QueenslandLinda K. Banbury, Southern Cross UniversityKerry M. Bone, University of QueenslandDavid N. Leach, Southern Cross UniversityReg P. Lehmann, University of Queensland Abstract Why are past, present, and future our only options? But things get awkward if you have a friend. (Use your imagination if necessary.) Low blow, Dr. Dave. Low blow...

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