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Create Beautiful Slideshows on Your iPhone or iPad

Create Beautiful Slideshows on Your iPhone or iPad
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TouchCast: an interactive video camera and player för iPhone, iPod touch och iPad från App Store i iTunes A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers 1- ZimmerTwins It is all about creative storytelling. ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones. 2- Digital Story Telling in The Classroom This section provides resources and materials for teachers to use with their students in storytelling. It helps students personalize their learning and perform better. Students can use these materials to create a movie or interactive slideshow to tell their stories. 3- Story Bird This is an awesome website that allows students and teachers to create short art inspired stories to read, share or print out. 4- Someries Someries is a fantastic storytelling site . 5- PicLits This is another awesome website where students can choose a picture and start drawing or writing a text on it to create a story. 7- Capzles This is where you and your students can create rich multimedia stories with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.

Managing iPad Videos in Schools- Visual Guide for Teachers July 24, 2014 "Managing iPad YouTube in Schools" is a visual guide created by iPadWells from iPad4Schools. In this guide iPadWells walks teachers through the process they use in their school to create, share and teach using videos. YouTube is the principal video hosting used in this guide. The major apps used in this guide are: YouTube, iMovie, Camera, Explain Everything, Photos, and Google Plus. Recension av Aurasma - Förstärkt verklighet som eleverna själva skapar Användningsområden Aurasma låter dig enkelt och snabbt tagga bilder, objekt eller byggnader och låta dessa få liv med hjälp av ditt eget digitala innehåll. Låter det krångligt? Så här kan det se ut när man hittar en sk. Bildkälla: Låt mig ge dig ett exempel på hur Aurasma skulle kunna användas i ett projekt i skolan. Eleverna sätter sen upp sina bilder på en vägg i klassrummet. Filmen nedan visar hur elever och lärare på Shaw Wood Primary School använder sig av Aurasma. Vill du testa? Ett tips är att märka saker som är kopplade till en Aura med en symbol, förslagsvis det lila A som är logotypen för Aurasma. Jag tycker att Aurasma öppnar upp för nya spännande användningsområden rörande Augmented Reality (förstärkt verklighet). Jag ger appen betyget tre då den i mitt tycke är nyskapande och relativt enkel att använda, men har en bit kvar när det gäller stabilitet och användarvänlighet. Funktioner Tänk utanför appen

Web-based Digital Storytelling Tools and Online Interactive Resources : Danny Maas, Emerging Technologies Consultant Click Here to Download a Condensed, 2-Page Handout (950Kb) Click Here to Download PDF Handout Version of this Blog Post (2.3 MB) There are many great websites that provide opportunities for students to develop language skills, tell stories, and share back their knowledge in fun, creative, and meaningful ways each using a computer. There are also terrific websites and portals which have links to excellent online interactives which can be used in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard. Below are links and short descriptions of these sites. Underlying Beliefs: Important Considerations: What are your educational goals? Bring a buddy class with younger students – Students in kindergarten or the early grades are capable of doing a lot with a computer, but they need a lot of individual help early on. Digital Storytelling Web-based Tools Storyjumper – – Getting Started with Animoto – Blog Post – Using Animoto With Students

The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad 1-StoryKit This is an awesome iOS app that allows users to easily create an electronic storybook via illustrations by drawing on the screen, using pictures and text, and recording audio to attach to stories. 2- Talking Tom & Ben News This is fun app to use. 3- I Tell a Story This is a free app that allows users to narrate and record their stories with their own voice and language. 4- Scholastic Storia This is an app that is designed to help kids learn and love to read in a fun and interactive way. 5- Talking Tom Cat This is a cool app that lets you interact with Tom, your pet. 6- Toontastic This app allows kids to draw, animate and share their own cartoons through imaginative play. 7- Our Story This app lets young learners take part in fun games that can help them develop their reading skills. 8- Bunsella Bedtimes Story This is an app that allows parents to narrate a bedtime story for their child,add their photos, then compile their voice-over to the images. 9- Idea Sketch 10- Sock Puppets

Plotagon - Storytelling for everyone för iPhone, iPod touch och iPad från App Store i iTunes Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Tools - 21st Cent Teaching & Learning VoiceThread Group conversations around images, documents and videos. ReadWriteThink FlipBook Maker - provides a template for students to use to create and print a ten page flip book. Students can use the flip book maker to design pages that contain various combinations of text and images. The flip book maker provides drawing tools that students can use to create original drawings to illustrate their stories. Keerpoof - Kerpoof, created by Disney, is all about having fun, discovering things, and being creative. Animoto Glogster Simply put, a Glog is a kind of poster - fully designed by yourself! Blabberize is a rudimentary way to create parodies of people creating an elementary "animation" of a moving mouth. Yodio - Students can upload pictures and use a phone to add audio to the posted pictures to create a digital story. Moglue is a new program, available for Mac and Windows, that enables you to create interactive ebooks and publish them to Android and iOS devices.

Puppet pals | Kaarinan TVT- kehittämishankkeet Teimme luokkani kanssa Puppet PalsHD sovelluksella animaatioita Kirjakuja lukukirjamme kappaleista. Puppet PalsHD sovelluksen maksullisessa Director`s Pass-versiossa voi itse ottaa kuvia ja käyttää niitä animaation hahmoina. Myös omia taustakuvia on mahdollista käyttää valmiiden lisäksi. Projektimme alkoi sillä että kuvasin kaikki keskeiset lukukirjamme hahmot iPadillä ja siirsin ne ohjelmaan. Olemme jonkun verran käyttäneet Puppet Pals 2 – sovellusta ja niin kuin sekin on tämäkin ohjelma yksinkertainen ja lapset oppivat nopeasti sen käytön. Kakkosluokkalaiseni saivat juuri ennen hiihtolomaa kokeilla iPadeillä Puppet Pals 2 -sovellusta. Erityisesti kolmannen luokkani pojilla on ollut intoa majanrakenteluun välituntisin, joten päätimme ikuistaa rakennelmat iPodilla ja luokassa liittää tekstiä kyytiin. Yllissä ja mantsassa Skitch- apsilla saa erittäin mielekkäästi opiskeltua karttaa. Katsotaan miten onnistun kanavoimaan oppilaiden riehakkaan latauksen laadukkaaksi lopputulokseksi. Jani

Interactive Visual Featuring 6 Tasks You Can Easily Do Using iPad June , 2014 This is an interactive image (created using Thinglink) that features a bunch of useful iPad apps that you can use to do tasks that you would traditionally do using a pen and paper. I really liked the idea of providing alternatives to do things digitally. For instance, instead of taking notes in a notebook or on paper you can use Evernote or any other note taking app to do it on iPad. The good thing about doing things digitally is that you have the added advantage of accessing, editing, and sharing your work across different devices and platforms and also saving it on the cloud to access it anytime anywhere anywhere you go. As is the case with the all the interactive Thinglink images I shared here in the past, the app icons shared here are hyperlinked, just hover your mouse over any of them to access it on the iTunes app store. Source: Apple A Day

For Educators | 21 Ways to Use in the Classroom How to Play with How to Play: For Educators Click here to watch a video of students at City College, New York, talking about how helps them learn English. By Bill Zimmerman, Creator, Download "WAYS TO USE MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX IN THE CLASSROOM" and print it out! 1. At the beginning of each new school year have students create an autobiographical comic strip talking about themselves and their families or summarizing the most important things about their lives. 2. Have students create a comic strip story using new vocabulary words that are being taught. 3. Have students break up into pairs or group teams to create their comic strips together. 4. Having students in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes fill in talk or thought balloons for different cartoon characters helps them practice conversation and offers a way to experiment with language, sentence structure and vocabulary in a meaningful context. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Turn Your iPad Into A Personal Notebook with This Wonderful App June 14, 2015Use Your Handwriting Gold (UYH) is an excellent app that turns your iPad into a personal notebook. The app is now free for a limited time, it’s regular price is $9,99. This gold version of the app comes with a variety of advanced features that make your digital handwriting a super easy task. You can easily finger write quick notes and messages on your iPad and save or share them with others. For those of you interested in creating artistic and colourful notes for special occasions (e.g greetings, birthdays..etc), UYH does a perfect job. It has special multicolour lists to bring out the artist in you. Other interesting features provided by UYH include: Beautiful Calligraphic Writing Styles: You can choose between five different writing styles to enhance your calligraphy Calendar UYH provides you with a unique calendar where you can annotate days with handwritten notes. Lists UYH allows you to create lists and sublists and include as many notes as you want.