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Nrich A Guide to Grid multiplication The Grid Method of Multiplication The standard method for multiplying together two numbers with two or more digits is usually called long multiplication. However a simpler method, which is easier to understand, and which uses easier calculations, is now taught in schools. The Grid Method is based on the idea of splitting both numbers being multiplied, into their tens and units. Imagine a rectangular array of counters, with dimensions 23 x 42. We split the array into four segments, as shown below: We then calculate the number of counters in each segment, and add the results together, as follows: We don’t need to draw out each of the counters but can just use rectangles as shown below: The Grid Method for Three Digit Numbers It uses the same principle but splits the numbers into hundreds, tens and units, and the rectangle is split into more parts. The calculation of 26 x 145 is shown below. The grid method is easier to understand than standard long multiplication, and so is taught first.

Nayland Mathematics Upper Primary Pupil Page Current All these problems focus on different problem solving strategies. Why not have a go and send us your solutions? Build it Up live Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Can you find all the ways to get 15 at the top of this triangle of numbers? Zios and Zepts live On the planet Vuv there are two sorts of creatures. Teddy Town live Stage: 1, 2 and 3 Challenge Level: There are nine teddies in Teddy Town - three red, three blue and three yellow. Tea Cups live

Free Math Worksheets ks2 maths division using chunking explained When did you last do long division? Probably when you were at school. However there is a more informal method which is based on our mental process when we do division in our head. It is called chunking, and is the method now taught in schools. Chunking Let us try 597 ÷ 22. We use repeated multiplication with numbers that we are confident with such as 10 and 5. We still have more than 220 left over so we will repeat this step. We now have 157 left over. We now have 47 left over. Short Division Short division is the method often used for dividing by a single-digit number. We can give each child one 10p coin. If we divide 65 by 5 using short division we firstly divide 6 ( tens) by 5 to get 1 remainder 1(ten). Let us divide 235 by 6.

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