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Little Betty Bag: Free Pattern & Tutorial

Little Betty Bag: Free Pattern & Tutorial
I am so excited with how this little bag turned out! I have made five now, each time being able to prefect the pattern a little more, and it’s finally ready to release for your sewing pleasure. The style is a cross body, which is a personal favorite of mine. It allows for you to put it on and forget it. Especially handy at the grocery store, or any where else I need free hands to chase little ones. It’s fun to sew, and the possibilities for variation are endless. There are many variations that can be made to this bag, but I will let you use your imagination for those, and just go over the steps for the bag I made. Save on ink when printing! If you are new to sewing I have a Sewing Tips Directory that might come in handy. Fabric requirements: A half a yard total is more than enough to make the bag body. A heavier fabric works best, like a canvas, twill, or anything that has a sturdy weight. Supplies: Preparing the Pattern and Fabric Cuts: You will cut as follows: Bag Assembly: Related:  DIY Small Purses & Purse Organizersjenrd

The Bookkeeper This is my FIRST project for Moda Bake Shop and I'm really excited to share it with you. One of my favorite things to do besides QUILTING and CRAFTING is READING! So, for Mother's Day this year my DH bought me an Amazon Kindle. The BOOKKEEPER can also hold any paperback book that measures less than 9 " x 6" and isn't too thick. The BOOKKEEPER could also be used as a handy little purse or sewing pouch. I hope you enjoy this project. 1 Moda Honey Bun (I used Mary Englebreits Baskets of Flowers for tutorial. Optional: Perfect Circles by Karen Buckley You may garnish the center of your flower with a button, if desired. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Note: If your machine doesn't have decorative stitches you may stitch in the ditch. Here's a close-up of the decorative stitches I used. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. NOTE: Remember, you may use any method of applique that work's best for you. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. For every 9 strips of fabric you can make the outside of two BOOKKEEPERS.

A FASHION FRIDAY DIY I’ve been wanting to share this easy DIY with you all for awhile! It’s such a simple idea and really easy to do. I have give credit to my friend Becca for this one – this was her idea so bunch of us got together and made some of these cute hair wraps. The great thing about these is that there’s WIRE in them so you can create whatever shapes you want and it stays put! Here’s how you do it: Step 1: Gather materials needed – Floral wire, Fabric, and basic sewing tools. Step 2: Cut a strip of fabric wide enough to fold in half (can be as thick as you want!) Step 3: Fold right sides together and iron flat. Step 4: Sew together the long way. psst.. you don’t need a sewing machine to do this – it just goes faster that way! Step 5: Attach a safety pin to one side but only through one side of the fabric. Step 6: Take your wire and bend one end into a loop. Step 7: Feed the wire through the fabric tube. Step 8: This part is a little tricky because you want the wire loop to stay put at the ends.

Travel Wallet Project Create a travel accessory that is uniquely yours and save money to boot on preparations for your next great adventure. Final Result Materials • 33cm x 28cm cotton fabric - Michael Miller ‘Licorice Dots’ • two 23cm x 28cm cotton fabric - Michael Miller ‘Licorice Dots’ • 33cm x 28cm cotton fabric - white/black dot • 18cm x 15cm cotton fabric - black/white dot • 42cm x 10cm cotton fabric - pink/white dot • 17cm x 7cm cotton fabric - pink/white dot • 20cm x 18cm cotton fabric - green/white dot • 11cm x 7cm clear PVC plastic• 60cm x 90cm wide heavy fusible interfacing • 5cm x 10mm black elastic • 2 press studs • Gutermann black sewing thread • scissors • pins • ruler/tape measure • iron • sewing machine Step 1 InterfacingCut a piece of interfacing for each of the cotton fabric pieces. Step 2 Left long pocketFold and press in half (wrong sides together) one 23cm x 28cm licorice dots fabric. Step 3 Right angled pocketFold other 23cm x 28cm licorice dots fabric in half, right sides together. Step 4

Receipt/ Coupon Organizer Tutorial My sister asked for a small pocket organizer to keep receipts in for Christmas. I knew I could get a basic one from an office supply store, but all that boring black plastic seemed like it needed some fancifying. After checking out some examples on the internet, this seemed like something I could handle. I think you could too, if this is something that would help keep your life both fancy and organized, so here’s how I did it. Materials: A piece of fabric cut to cover the outside of your organizer – mine was a legal size, so it was 10.5″ by 18 3/4″ (you only need to add seam allowance to the bottom edget of the fabric i.e. make your fabric piece about 1/2 inch longer than it needs to be) Wide bias tape long enough to go around the outside edges – mine was about 60″. You can either make your own bias tape, or purchase it in a package. First, turn under and sew a seam across the bottom edge of your fabric piece. Then, when you’re done, this is what you’ll have.

Tutorial : DIY Nautical Headband How to make a Nautical HeadbandMaterials:-4 yds of rope or ribbon cut into 4 equal strands-1/2 yd 1 inch twill-hair band-sewing needle-thread The following pictures show you step by step how to make the sailor's knot with your first two strands of rope. Pay careful attention to which strand is on top or under the other. For more help click here. Now take your third and fourth strands of rope and snake them side by side into the knot by the first two strands. Slowly pull the knot tighter, keeping it even and the knot flat. Here is a closeup of how the knot should look now. Take your needle and thread and about 1 inch from the knot sew together the four strands of rope to keep them flat on the back.. Repeat on the other side. Here is the front. Trim your ropes so that all of the ends are even and the whole thing is about 19 inches long with the knot at about 7 1/2 inches (so that it is on the side of your head). Cut two pieces of twill at about 3 inches. Fold at about 1/4 inch. Here it is on.

Make A 6-Pocket Mini Pocketbook I’m sure that many of you, like me, are on an eternal quest for organization. I know I’m not alone in finding the Container Store’s promise of a perfect, organized life utterly seductive. But here’s the thing…I don’t really like purging, I love my stuff. Therefore I also love pretty things in which to stash my stuff, so I get to enjoy my fantasy of being organized and contained. This tutorial is about helping you stay organized, in a quick, easy, and super-cute way. It is a distilled version of the Holland Cox pocketbook, and is a breeze to make. the pattern …is only four rectangles. the body is 7.25″ tall.the large pocket is 5.5″ tallthe medium pocket is 4.25″ tallthe small pocket is 3″ tall materials needed I chose a vintage cotton canvas for the body in a bright retro floral, and quilting weight cotton in a matching color for the interior. You’ll also need a button and a bit of elastic for the closure, and a bit of ribbon for the pen. start with the pockets 1. 2. the closure 3. 4. 6.

DIY - Trio Zipped Bag I have been sewing a lot lately, and didn't have time to take pictures yet! So one of the last thing I made was my sister birthday's present, a trio zipped bag! I work on the same basis as the Duo zipped bag, but I used 3 different faux leather colors to make pouches. So you will need: 3 zippers 12" / 30 cm 6 faux leather rectangles 12"x8" / 20x30 cm 12 metal eyelets2 keys rings1 chain 24" / 60 cm Cut 6 rectangles and rounded two corners, then put metal eyelets on opposite corners. To make pouches follow the steps 1 to 7 of this tutorial WITHOUT the leather strip part. Then just pass a key ring on each side of each pouch to keep all 3 together. Et voila!

Prairie Feather Necklace I have a sweet spot for feather accessories this time of year they just feel like fall to me. I had fun putting together this easy pendant this week to celebrate the beginning of November and the holiday season. I think I will make another one with four feathers, one for each of my little baby birds - who are not all such babies anymore, sigh. It was super easy - here is what you need to make one: fabric scraps spray adhesive feather template (optional) wire chain scissors jump rings and clasp jewelry pliers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Simple as that and a fun way to use up the ever growing pile of fabric scraps too! Another fun feather accessory tutorial HERE!

Zipper Card Pouch Have you ever had too many cards that your wallet can handle? Be selective and get only those cards that you might be using in a particular shopping mall but end up they were the wrong one? Or, may be just forgot to “update” the cards in the wallet on your next trip? Can’t find the cards you thought you have already put into your wallet? I am not a big fan of big wallet, with the increasing numbers of cards that I have, my decent size wallet is no longer able to buckle up. This zipper pouch can hold up to 30 plastic cards (similar to credit cards), and more for thinner cards, business calling card for example. Get the pattern and tutorial to sew one yourself after the jump and don’t have to struggle with the cards anymore. {Get pattern and tutorial on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Makeup Pouch DIY I hope I'm not the only one who keeps all the fabric scraps, because "I will probably use them one day". I always find how to use pretty patterns. But sometimes, I have dull and plain coupons and I don't know what to do with! Espero que no soy la única que guarda todos los pedazos de tela, ya que "los voy a ocupar algun día." J'espère que je ne suis pas la seule qui garde tous les bouts de tissus, parce que "ça servira sûrement un jour". What I had to start: white and black cotton scraps. Lo que tenia para empezar: dos cupones de algodón blanco y negro. Ce que j'avais au départ: deux coupons de coton blanc et noir. Tadaaaam! I made small dots with paint. Hice pequeños puntos con la pintura. J'ai fait des petits points avec la peinture. You can do what you want with the fabrics. Pueden hacer lo que quieran con las telas. Vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez avec les tissus. Here is mine - Aqui esta la mia - Et voici la mienne!

How to make a kindle or ipad sleeve | michele ng | fashion . beauty . craft . lifestyle Want a simple and inexpensive way to make a sleeve for your Kindle or iPad? Restyle a thin padded envelope from the post office! This works as a flat clutch for essentials too :) Here’s how: Get a thin padded envelope that’s large enough to fit your Kindle or Ipad from the post office or supply store. A non padded envelope works if you just want to prevent scratches. Stuff your gadget in and mark the edges on the indentations. Connect the marks with a ruler. Measure out and mark your top flap. Cut along the line for the top flap design and then cut the front off at the height of the sleeve. You can use glue but Mod Podge is way more awesome in my opinion! Stick the coated side onto the paper or fabric you want to use. (If you were wondering about the pool of glue in the corner – I tend to do my Mod Podge projects on freezer paper with a waxy side so I just dump glue in a corner and work with the project in the center.) Fold another piece of paper in half and stick down. You may also like:

2 Pocket, Ultra Slim Fabric Card Case A few weeks ago, I went to Dallas for the wedding of a friend of mine from college, and unsurprisingly, the reception ended up doubling as a mini college reunion. Some of those people I literally hadn’t seen since graduation day. Naturally, the experience got me thinking about the thing I am always thinking about: sewing. (really). I already make a cute little single pocket card case/wallet thing that people love to impulse-buy at craft shows, but occasionally I get asked about one with two pockets, that would fold in half. why 19th street? Remembering our 19th street adventures made me think of that critical accessory (nobody carried purses when we went out), and how a handmade version would be pretty cute, and super useful. I also used lightweight fusible interfacing, but that’s also optional, especially if you use something a bit heavier for the outside. the pattern…is really just two rectangles. time to start sewing! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. And viola!