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How Can I Turn My Mess of Ideas Into Something Organized and Useful?

How Can I Turn My Mess of Ideas Into Something Organized and Useful?
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How to Snap Top Secret Photos Without Anyone Noticing So I'm curious now as to what the creep is doing? Also, if it has a lot to do with what just what he/she is saying and you want to be covert, I would just prepare your mobile phone (already associated with you and probably on you already) with an audio recording app, ideally one that has a voice activation feature (would still take a second to prep though, as you wouldn't want it running all day — you could say, "before you begin the creepiness, let me finish this text" or something to get it going). :-). With regard to what the creep did/does, I don't know how much I can get into details here, but it basically came down to stalking and harassment. Agree 100% with all your "should" and "shouldn't" statements. Thank you!

9 Free Conference Calling Services Businesses often need to get together to collaborate. That means you occasionally need to hold conference calls with clients, customers, and employees. Your existing phone service might have a “conference call” feature – but that probably only lets three people on the line at once. Every so often, you need more than that. But the “big names” can be expensive propositions, sometimes requiring a monthly up-front billing commitment. That's where free conference calling offerings can help your company. So where do you start? Here's a sampling of nine free conference calling services. : Free for up to 200 attendees. : Features audio recording, customizable greetings, and reports on who participated in the call. There are even open source options, including: Apache OpenMeetings : Includes audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, meeting recording, and whiteboard and chat capabilities. Another collaboration analyst, Michael D. See also:

25 Best Movies About Education Ever Made | Blog @ BOU When it comes to education, it seems as though there are always interesting issues to discuss. Issues of inequality, teacher pay, and other hot button subjects are always being tackled. This happens in real life, of course, but it also happens in the movies. In some cases, a movie can make what goes on in real life more poignant. This is especially true if you are dealing with a documentary. If you are interested in movies about education, you can learn a lot from the messages you find in movies. Hollywood Films – Entertainment These Hollywood films about education can entertain, as well as uplift and educate. Documentaries The state of education in America is a subject of much debate. Waiting for Superman: A look at the journey of promising students through a school system that limits their academic growth potential.

Customizable Chopsticks Biographical Dictionary of Popular Music Getting musical input from someone you don’t know is a bit like asking the Internet what you should eat for dinner. You’ll get an answer, sure, but there’s no telling how it will fit in with your personal taste. Unless, of course, the person you’re getting said music information from happens to be Dylan Jones, the editor in chief of British GQ who has won countless awards, writes for other publications and happens to have written a few other books about music. His newest, the Biographical Dictionary of Popular Music, is also one of his most ambitious. It’s an A to Z reference of Jones’s thoughts on what he considers to be 350 of the most important artists from around the world. Bouncy Curled Under This is one of my favorite ways to style my hair, especially when it's at it's awkward stage. It's not really on my shoulders, it's not really above my shoulders. . .so I need a very loose and bouncy style so it can go where it wants to! All you'll need is hairspray, duckbill/alligator clips, a comb, and a flat iron. I sprayed a generous amount of Aquage Uplifting foam at my roots, then blew dry upside down. My hair was washed with Redken Body Full and conditioned with Redken Extreme Conditioner. This can be done on any length of hair, but the shorter the easier. Part 2 + Backcombing (wow, thats a good look.) Please let me know how it goes for you!

Craft the Perfect Keychain This Weekend Doesn't that increase the difficulty of turning them? Just curious, not being critical. The plastic hinge ends of that flash drive broke in my pocket after I used the drive once...has yours held up better? Yeah sure, but now it's harder to hold them and turn them. Also, if doing just that for what seems to be 3 keys saved space, your pockets must be pretty tight I do this too. To the guy saying you must not have much pocket space, if I've got a wallet, keys for numerous vehicles and houses, a notebook, pen, two phones (one work one personal), etc, etc then no, I do not have a lot of available pocket space.

Metaphorical Magic in Speech Metaphors help a skeptical or apathetic audience better embrace and value a new concept or idea. Metaphors make the connection of that new idea to an object the audience already knows. Read on to discover a treasure chest of metaphor speech examples. The dictionary defines a metaphor as an implied comparison between two unlike things (e.g. human body and garage) that actually have something important in common (e.g. storage). Metaphors are Meaningful Bridges in Speeches Think of a metaphor as a connection or a bridge between the new and the familiar. Metaphors are so powerful that Aristotle said: “The greatest thing by far is to have mastered the metaphor.” Metaphors provide a frame of reference to more fully apply new concepts or ideas. “Think of a metaphor as a connection or a bridge between the new and the familiar.” -- Peter Jeff Metaphors pique the interest of an audience to see the old in a new way. Metaphorically Speaking… More Metaphor Examples Analogies: Close Cousins to the Metaphor

30 Ways To Live A Life Of Excellence post written by: Marc Chernoff Email 30 Ways To Live A Life Of Excellence was written by Celestine. I’ve always been passionate about living a life of excellence. Setting goals, overcoming challenges, getting results, celebrating the victories - these make living so rich and worthwhile. When I was in college I was on the Dean’s List - an honorary roll awarded only to top students - in every academic year I was there. In the last year and a half I also founded my training school where I coach and train others to achieve excellence. Here are my top 30 ways to live a life of excellence: Discover your purpose. – Our physical life started when we were born. In case you can’t get enough, here are some related posts: Act now. Celestine Chua writes at The Personal Excellence Blog, where she shares her best advice on how to achieve personal excellence and live your best life. Photo by: Glacier Tim If you enjoyed this article, check out our new best-selling book.

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – 7-Week Course | Jean Houston Introducing A Proven, Time-Tested Path for Discovering and Actualizing What You Were Meant to Do in This Lifetime— Even if You Think It’s Too “Late” to Really Live a Life Overflowing with Passion and Purpose After five decades of working with world leaders and change-makers, Dr. Jean Houston, a principal founder of the human potential movement, reveals her uniquely transformative process for finding and living your life purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten stuck… if you feel alone in your desire to make a difference… if every force in the universe seems to be acting against you… or if truly living a life of meaning and purpose just seems “unrealistic.” You long to live a life of purpose. You yearn for meaningful work, deeper relationships with others, and to give your unique gifts in order to make the world a better place. You also feel an urgency around activating your full potential and living your true purpose. Perhaps, like so many others, you feel: More meaning. You’re Not Alone

29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work You don’t always have to work hard to be productive. Productivity can simply be the side effect of doing the right things. So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoiding ‘real work.’ Check delicious popular tags like ‘useful,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘tips,’ ‘howto,’ ‘advice,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ etc. for interesting, educational articles to read.Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming at, Academic Earth and Teacher Tube.Read an online book list and find a new book to grab next time I’m at the library. Here’s another list. And another. Oh, and ever since I bought my new (super sexy) Apple iPad , I’ve been enjoying all of these sites on the go and catching looks from almost everyone who passes me while I browse. So what kind of semi-productive things do you do online in your off-time? Photo by: Colorblind Picaso Party Casino Related 30 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less April 19, 2012 In "Happiness" October 4, 2010

Meaning of Personal Selling or Salesmanship Meaning of personal selling or salesmanship Personal selling or salesmanship is the oldest and the most popular method of selling goods and services. It involves face-to-face communication between the seller and the potential buyer. It may be two types : (i) Across the Counter Selling: In this case, the customer comes to the shop or store and the salesperson attends him. Meaning of personal selling or salesmanship Personal selling or salesmanship is the oldest and the most popular method of selling goods and services. (i) Across the Counter Selling: In this case, the customer comes to the shop or store and the salesperson attends him. (ii) Door-to-Door Selling: In this case the salesperson goes to the residence or office of the customer. Personal selling is the process of assisting and persuading a prospective buyer to buy a product or service in a face-to-face situation. Personal selling is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. (i) Personal selling is informative.

Dante's Inferno Test - Impurity, Sin, and Damnation ...causing you to upstart suddenly, like a person who by force is awakened. Before you stands an enormous gate with an inscription that reads: "Through me the way into the suffering city, Through me the way to the eternal pain, Through me the way that runs among the lost. Justice urged on my high artificer; My maker was divine authority, The highest wisdom, and the primal love. Welcome to the Dante's Inferno Hell Test, the original and the best.