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Beth Moon

Beth Moon
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Un photographe crée des aventures miniatures adorables avec des blocs LEGO Samsofy est un photographe français né en 1981 qui a commencé à travailler à photographier des sports extrêmes dans les zones urbaines. Influencé par la culture geek, sa démarche artistique se concentre maintenant sur les petits personnages LEGO. Plus d’infos: Abigail Smithson - The Land: 3 Photographers' Views on Landscape The land has never asked to be photographed, never called out for any attention or demanded documentation. But like a portrait of a person, a photograph of a landscape can begin to offer the viewer feelings that are evocative of a place and an environment. Indeed, the natural world and our impact on it is one of the most telling ways to mark a place in time. When a photographer takes a picture of the land, they are attempting to tell the story of a place. But these photographs must also convey a sense of humbleness, as the photographer must come to terms with the fact that their subject is so much bigger than themselves. In coming to terms with a landscape, a photographer must attempt to capture the essence of the place as it is, having only what is in front of their eyes to work with. Of course, that does not mean there is only a single interpretation available within any one vista. Finally, Rafal Milach’s images offer natural elements intermixed with what humans have built on it.

SPARTH: Archive Ithaca Forest Preschool | Primitive Pursuits Now your 3-5 year old can nurture the seeds of nature connection with our Forest Preschool Program! At Primitive Pursuits, we believe the seeds of a deep connection to nature are in each of us from the time we are born. We’ve applied our knowledge of mentoring and ancestral skills to the concept of the “forest preschool” — a concept that is gaining popularity around the world right now — to create a nature-immersed preschool with a village feel. “We feel good about our daughter spending so much time outside, and learning about nature. 2014-15 Forest Preschool Program Forest Preschool is available this coming school year, five days a week, September 8 - June 12 (excluding holidays). The times for the program are 9:15 to 12:15. Please call 272-2292 ext. 195 to check availability and arrange payment. You may also register your child for each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Learn more about our Forest Preschool curriculum What might a day at forest preschool look like? Register Here!

photographe fou 26 Barbican Art Gallery - Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in t... Stephen Shore, in describing his work, once spoke of ‘showing people what they were not seeing.’ In these deceptively simple words, we can find a rationale for photography’s status as an art form. Shore is just one of the 18 photographers whose work is on show at London’s Barbican as part of the "Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age" exhibition. Abbott and Evans influenced a generation of photographers in the US and Europe who imitated their documentary style while also striving to emulate their talent for gesturing towards meanings that are never explicit but which reside quietly in depictions of the built world. The exhibition gathers pace and punch power as the contemporary world comes before the lens and it is this second half of the presentation that takes the viewer by storm. —Sean Sheehan Sean Sheehan is a freelance writer and the author of Jack's World, with photographs by Danny Gralton and Ciaran Watson.

Amazing Street Art (72 pics) Pics | 8 Mar, 2012 | Views: 17306 | The best examples of amazing street art. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the 50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers That Don't Suck Stuffing stockings can be hard work, especially when you spent the lion’s share of the Christmas budget on the gifts that go under the tree. But all of the items you see here are affordable, and can really get things started off on the right foot, or give a proper finish to the day depending on when your family does their stockings. Origami Sticky Notes These are just like the Post It notes you’re used to, except they can be made into origami by following the included instructions. This allows you to turn those old memos into works of art instead of straight into the rubbish bin. You can even improve your origami skills as both beginner and advanced models. Hedgehog Dryer Balls These cute little guys will really do a number on your clothes, making them less staticky and softer. Hand Held Scalp Head Massager These scalp massagers come in a pack of three, and are designed to give your scalp a real treat. Robot Tea Infuser Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Tab Notebook Public Toilet Survival Kit Retro Pens

photographe fou 25 These Adorable Doggy Portraits Will Make You Swoon Guess what? Another photographer has found a way to indulge her passion for both the camera and dogs. Polish photographer Alicja Zmyslowka combines her twin loves, photography and dogs, in some of the most endearing photographs of pups interacting with nature and each other. From all sorts of breeds from shepherds, retrievers to collies, Zmyslowka shoots various dogs in beautiful natural settings of pastoral scenes. She recently expressed how she deeply feels for photography. As for her love of dogs, that would come later specifically in 2006, when a cute puppy came into her life. She has been able to capture totally delightful images of dogs, just like the ones she shot here, ever since she came across that puppy golden retriever 8 years ago. She has devoted her profession to taking dog photos saying, “I would love to share my passion and love for dogs through my photography. You can see most of her enchanting work here.