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Using minimalism to declutter, destress and focus on what matters

Using minimalism to declutter, destress and focus on what matters

Slow Your Home Simple Living Institute - News Blog | The Minimalist Mom I haven’t forgotten my commitment to track how much comes in, and goes out, of my home this year. We have a running tally on our chalkboard (just a sticker chalkboard as we’re renting and I’m loath to put holes in the wall) of the new shoes that come in, old shoes that go out, the [...] The Simple Hedonist Minimalist Adventures Throwback Road blog I am very excited about this new addition to our suburban homestead! Drumroll please…..Introducing our new Deadwood Stove. This little beauty actually has given me great peace of mind since she has walked into our life. If you read my post earlier this week, Not in my backyard, you know that we live in Colorado, where timber is very hard to come by. Now what else do most suburbanites have…a big, shiny gas grill. After much research, we decided on the Deadwood Stove. I know some people are thinking…..why did you not just build your own rocket stove? Here are some specs on this little beauty: 1. Included with the stove is a great picture manual on how to set up your stove. There are many YouTube videos on cooking over the Deadwood Stove, as well as some great information on their website. This stove has given my family the ability to being one step closer to self reliance.

about Be more with less is about simplifying your life and really living. Here, you can learn how to create a life with more savings and less no debt, more health and less stress, more time and less stuff, and more joy with less obligation You will find tips and ideas to simplify your life and learn to live with less to enjoy more and be more. You can read this for more details about the topics I’ll write about and visit this page to see interviews with me, guest posts and other media coverage. You might be wondering why I am the right person to cover this subject. The #1 reason is that I have made all the mistakes. My name is Courtney Carver and I am a 44 year old, aspiring minimalist. In 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Please subscribe to receive regular updates through email and if you have questions, or want to get in touch, email me anytime with questions, ideas, or any feedback. This is an ad-free site.

Homesteading Archives - Homestead Honey When the sun sets at 5pm, and you don’t have electricity to light the house, there is not much else to do in the evenings but read. While I have always been a huge lover of books and reading, I don’t think have ever read as many books as I have this winter (well, perhaps when I had nursing newborns!) Over the past few months, I’ve excitedly poured through Waldorf Education curricula, zipped through a few novels, listened to several children’s novels that Brian has read aloud to Ella, and mostly, read many, many homesteading books. While I have homesteaded over a decade, there is really no end to the learning that I will do. And that is exactly what I’d like to share with you today – books for homestead inspiration. Fresh Eggs Daily I love Lisa’s blog of the same name, so I excitedly ordered her new book. The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency This may be my favorite homesteading book ever. The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way

reading my tea leaves Ways Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient – How to Be Self Sufficient 1K+ I firmly believe that being self sufficient is one of the most important things a person can do. We rely on someone else for almost everything in our lives... We rely on the electric companies to keep our homes running. We rely on the propane companies to keep our homes heated. We rely on the grocery stores to keep our families fed. What would happen if one of those resources were suddenly gone? I've heard many excuses over the years....I can't be more self sufficient because I live in the city. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Want more DIY projects and preparedness ideas? Enter your email below to get our weekly newsletter! No spam here! These are easy things that you can start with to become more self sufficient, no matter where you live or what your situation is. Best Emergency Preparedness BooksEmergency Preparedness ListEmergency Foods Supply List (Whole Foods to Stock Up On)Items You Need For Basic Skills What are some things that you think anyone can do to become more self sufficient?

Minimal Student The Sun Hive: A Majestically Beautiful Bee Hive That Could Save The Honey Bees | Off Grid World The Sun Hive is a bee hive centered around natural hive geometry and a natural approach to modern beekeeping. Bees however are in danger. Pesticides, industrialization and other climate factors are effecting the life of the bees, and ultimately our sustainability and food supply. Bees are the main pollinators of the worlds crops and without the bees, agriculture would fall our of balance and we’d be in danger. “…The Problem Honey bees are struggling all around the world. Enter the Sun Hive… The Sun Hive is modeled in part on the old skep hive shape, only it’s right side up. The traditional skep hive shape is technically turning the bee’s world upside down. Here are some examples of natural bee hives. The idea of the Sun Hive is to produce honey in a more natural and bee-friendly way. Sun hive below, full of bees and wonderful honey. Here’s a great video showing a hive being harvested.

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