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7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers

7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers
1- Groupboard 2- Concept Board 3- Scribblar Scribblar is another great whiteboard tool that is perfect for online tutoring. 4- Twiddla Twiddla is a real-time online collaboration tool. 5-Vyew Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. 6- Skrbl Simple and easy online multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together. 7- Web Whiteboard Web Whiteboard is a simple online tool for writing and drawing together with other people. Related:  applications

Internet Safety for Kids (Grades K-12) Growing Up in the Information Age With the use of Internet becoming more and more integral to education and our daily lives, I wonder at how it has grown into this wonderful yet possibly grotesque beast that very few of us at this point can live without. Our kids and students can be plugged into the world community at the touch of an onscreen icon - at home, at play, and at school. They use internet technology daily text-messaging, on Facebook, blogging, Twittering, watching videos, gaming, and even doing research for school. Have you ever stopped to think what happens in an internet minute - or how the digital world has literally taken off? Let me iterate a few choice data points (in case this image is hard to read). HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR KIDS/STUDENTS SAFE? Go online together and share safety tips: Just as you would not go into a stranger's car, don't let them venture alone onto unknown websites. Here is a link that introduces these three programs: Resources you can download:

Les outils 2.0 gratuits au service de la pédagogie ! Madmagz Edu vous présente cette semaine le Répertoire des Outils 2.0 en français. Il s’agit d’un annuaire réalisé par Skoden, portail de la FOAD (formation ouverte et à distance) de la Région Bretagne, qui compte une vingtaine de catégories de services en ligne et logiciels pour la formation dont Madmagz :). Cet annuaire, destiné à un usage pédagogique, comporte deux avantages non négligeables : ils disposent d’une offre gratuite et d’une version française ! Ces outils peuvent être utilisés dans le cadre d’une situation de formation et d’enseignement afin d’introduire les TIC dans les pratiques pédagogiques (Skoden). L’annuaire se compose de 27 catégories. Pour avoir la liste exhaustive des outils 2.0 de l’annuaire, cliquez ici. Pour créer une journal scolaire avec vos élèves, cliquez ici.

3 Excellent Tools for Backchanneling in The Classroom To help you implement this concept of backchanneling in your classroom, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has handpicked some great tools for this purpose. Check them out below and share with us your suggestions or additions. 1- TodaysMeet TodaysMeet helps you embrace the backchannel and connect with your audience in realtime.Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs. 2- Chatzy Chatzy is another great tool that enables you to create a free virtual chat room. · Custom welcome message · Access control by password or email · Options for long messages, read-only mode, etc. · Permissions: Who can invite, see who is online, etc. 3- GoSoapBox GoSoapBox is used by educators around the world to break down participation barriers, keep students engaged, and gain insight into student comprehension.

Teachers Quick Guide to BYOD BYOD is the catch phrase in the 2012 educational technology spheres. This acronym stands for " Bring Your Own Device ", I am pretty sure you might have heard of this new trend because wherever you turn you hear people talking about embracing it.We have already written a detailed guide on everything teachers need to know about BYOD but today we came across this awesome infographic in Cool infographics that sheds more light on this new trend. Have a look at it and share with us your suggestions.

Quel raccourcisseur d'url choisir ? Les raccourcisseurs d’url se multiplient et se diversifient. La liste s’allonge chaque mois. Et pour cause: ils sont indispensables pour les amateurs de micro-blogging et de réseaux sociaux. Majoritairement gratuits, ils génèrent rapidement et facilement des url courtes, prêtes à intégrer, suivre, voire même personnaliser. Pour autant, tous les raccourcisseurs se valent-ils? Un raccourcisseur d’url, kesako ? Comme son nom l’indique, le but premier d’un raccourcisseur d’url est de raccourcir au maximum une adresse web, essentiellement pour la partager sur les réseaux sociaux qui limitent le nombre de caractères d’un message. C’est une sorte de redirection, dans laquelle l’url raccourcie est renvoyée vers la longue url d’origine. Quand utiliser un raccourcisseur d’url ? Plusieurs usages peuvent justifier leur utilisation: Inconvénients des raccourcisseurs d’url ? Attention à la durée de vie d’un lien: les liens raccourcis dureront aussi longtemps que le service utilisé pour les créer.

GroupTweet | Helping groups communicate privately via Twitter - Twitter Groups are here! Five-Minute Film Festival: Twitter in Education I think it's fair to say that Twitter can no longer be dismissed as a trivial passing fad. Though I had dabbled with a personal account, my entire opinion changed when I started my @VideoAmy account and dove in to the conversations educators were engaged in. While some people certainly do tweet about what they're having for breakfast, teachers, administrators, and educational organizations use Twitter in a whole different way -- making smart use of those 140 characters to share resources, wisdom, and inspiration. With the wealth of information out there, you have to cut through the noise a little to figure out how it will work best for you. PLN-building?

Online HTML Editor: Real time online with preview The Top 27 Free Tools to collaborate, hold discussions, and Backchannel with Students With the advance of web 2.0 technologies, there emerged a wide range of educational tools that we can use with our students in and outside the classroom.Collaborative web tools is one example. Using such websites, teachers will be able to help in holding online and real-time discussions with their students, help them in their projects and assignments, guide their learning, do backchanneling, and synchronously moderate discussion threads and many more. We have prepared for you a list of such tools that you can use with your students, check it and share with us what you think about it. 1- ChannelME ChannelME is a great web tool. 2- Search Team It allows its users to search in small teams and collaborate to find the best search results. 3- Mind42 Mind42 is a great collaborative mind mapping tool . 4-Entri Entri is a free collaborative tool for writing and sharing documents . 5- Bounce 6-Wiggio 7-My Simple Surface My Simple Surface is a very simple online whiteboard. 8- Hackpad 9- Synchtube 20- Vyew