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Button Bracelets

Button Bracelets

Tutoriel DIY Bracelet matériel A DIY tutorial is so much fun. Do you love a fun hardware bracelet DIY as much as I do? They are easy (well, usually), fast and stylish. The craft trifecta! I’ve been playing around with sequins, trying to make earrings or even decorate a shirt. But you know how they looked the best? And you know my love of hex nuts. Want to give it a try? You will need: Stretch Magic cord. If you can’t find sequins on a string, you can use a small needle to stack them and make the process go faster. And make sure you are threading the sequins on in the same direction. When you need a break from stringing sequins, go ahead and glue your hex nuts together with E-6000 glue. When you have enough sequins strung to wrap around your wrist add the hex nuts. Read the Stretch Magic instructions on how to knot the cord. And you’re done! Stephanie Gerber Stephanie Gerber is a mother of 3 who writes for pretty mommies on a budget.

Button Bracelets Making button bracelets is easy. I´ve used hemp strings in various colours and coloured wood buttons. Any button will of course do, as will twine or cotton strings. Peindre sur verre - Peinture Débutant Peindre sur verre est une peinture technique qui permet de réaliser différentes décorations sur tous les supports en verre. Elle s'applique au pinceau à poils souples ou avec une éponge naturelle, sur une surface lisse et non poreuse. On trouve des peintures sur verre qui donnent un aspect opaque, transparent ou encore dépoli. Pour peindre sur verre, nettoyez l'objet à peindre, dessinez ou décalquez les motifs que vous souhaitez peindre, préparez la peinture et appliquez-la. Matériel pour peindre sur verre Pinceaux À partir de 1 € Palette Chiffon et éponge Alcool à brûler ou liquide vaisselle 2 € environ Papier et crayon Ruban de masquage À partir de 1 € le rouleau Ruban adhésif À partir de 5 € Papier calque Environ 6 € Papier de soie À partir de 2 € Pâte à contour 3 € environ Total pour le matériel : 20 € environ sans la peinture. Quelle peinture pour peindre sur verre ? haut Pour peindre sur verre utilisez une peinture spéciale verre opaque ou transparente, selon l'effet recherché. Effets de relief

How To Make Wrapped Leather Bracelets Triple-wrap leather bracelet with blue tigereye beads Let me begin by stating the obvious – this style of wrapped leather bracelet is EVERYWHERE this season. Everywhere! Five different leather wrapped gemstone bracelets designs: green opal, mookaite, African turquoise, hematite and rhodonite The supply list is pretty short: 4-6mm round beads We used gemstone beads, but glass, crystal beads or pearls would also be lovely. Wrapped bracelet made with green opal gemstone beads and natural Greek leather. The technique: Choose your bracelet length and cut your leather. If your button has a small loop, you might need to miter (angle) the leather end and pull it through with pliers. Other design options: Have fun creating your own wrapped bracelets! Need supplies? Other how-to’s: How to etch copper | How to wire-wrap a brioletteHow to dap & dome metal jewelryHow to make interchangeable magnetic jewelry with 1″ buttonsHow to make Pi-day earrings using mini bottle caps as pans

Straw Bracelets Beautiful Drinking Straw Bracelet! I love this project because it's made with drinking straws, book pages and cord plus a couple of little things you already have! Switch out the book pages for scrapbook paper and you're GOLDEN! Take a look at the video and see how it's made. Leave a comment and I'll send someone the actual bracelet, too! Version with a little less paint on the ends Tape a book page to a straw and roll. Cut the beads 2" long. Paint the ends of the beads. Tie a knot in 2 yards of cord and thread the ends of the cord through opposite ends of the beads. Continue until you have created your cuff. Tie a lobster claw on end of the row of beads. Tuck the ends of the cord inside of the last bead and secure with glue. Not bad!

First tutorial These cute purses are so easy to make! It won't take you more than 30 minutes. Wouldn't they be a perfect gift for mom. Print out this template on a 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock. When you are done cutting you will have 4 pieces like this. Fold the sides so it looks like a "M". Put glue to both sides with fast drying adhesive. Glue the sides to the purse (after you folded the purse in half) with the narrow side down. Glue the lid to the back of the purse. Take a ribbon through one of the holes and make a little knot. On the front of the purse,add a button,brad or whatever you like. Last - put 5/8" Velcro round with sticky back to the inside of the lid and the other part of it to the purse. Inking,doodling, would all look good here. If you give this a try, I would love to see the result. Who knows, maybe I decide to send out some RAK's;) As I'm sure you understand..I didn't come up with this purse idea. I traced the purse she gave me and made this template!

Easy Wire Jewelry Hajlítottam már sok-sok fülbevalót, medált és néhány kar- illetve nyakláncot is, de valahogy a gyűrűkkel nem boldogulok. Készítettem már párat, de végül egyik sem nyerte meg annyira a tetszésemet, hogy közzétegyem. Ez az első olyan darab, amit meg merek mutatni, és ami nekem is tetszik. J Lehet, hogy azzal volt korábban gondom, hogy nem jutott eszembe olyan forma, ami szimmetrikus, és amelyben a drótvégeket is szinte észrevétlenül, egy-egy csiga nélkül el tudom tüntetni. Biztos a tavasz közeledte juttatta eszembe ezt a mintát, nekem mindenesetre nagyon megtetszett. Hozzávalók 30 cm hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót 240 cm hosszúságú 0,4 mm-es lágy drót 6 mm átmérőjű ásványgolyó (türkinit) Szükséges eszközök Laposfogó Kúposfogó Oldalcsípőfogó Gyűrűfelütővas Az elkészítés menete Laposfogónkkal törjük meg derékszögben a 30 cm hosszúságú drótdarabunkat kb. 10 cm-re az egyik végétől, majd fűzzük fel rá az ásványgolyót ellentétes irányból.

Paper Pendants If charts, graphs and metrics are your thing, you might enjoy crafting some pie chart pendants. They're made entirely of paper. Oh, and a little glue, thread and a jump ring if you want to get technical. Which you probably do, if you're the kind of person who likes pie charts. With a punch (I used a 1" circle), cut out about 12 circles of cardstock. Glue the circles into a stack one at a time. Double a small length of thread and tie it to a jump ring. Cut some wedges of colored paper for the top layer and glue them on. To seal it, you can brush it with polycrylic or Triple Thick. The little DIY color-blocked necklaces are cute and light-weight.

Quelle technique de noeud coulissant pour bracelet choisir? | Art et Perles Voici un exemple de noeud coulissant pour bracelet Si vous souhaitez finir un bracelet en corde avec un noeud coulissant, sachez qu’il existe plusieurs techniques. Nous vous en proposons ici deux : Le noeud plat macramé coulissantLe noeud coulissant simple. il existe une autre technique : noeud chinois boule qui fera l’objet d’un autre tutorial. Voyons tout d’abord comment finir un bijou en corde avec un noeud plat macramé. Noeud coulissant plat macramé faire un noeud-plat-coulissant Comme vous le voyez sur la photo, votre bracelet est presque terminé, il est posé sur une plaque de liège avec les cordes côte à côte (parallèle) et les extrémités positionnées l’une en haut, l’autre en bas. Couper un morceau de corde (noir sur la photo) d’une trentaine de centimètres (ajouter 15 à 20 cm si vous voulez en plus faire un noeud à boucles multiples). noeud-coulissant-plat-macramé Faites la passer sous les 2 cordes parralleles et mettez la à l’horizontale. Voyons maintenant comment faire

Vikini Decorate Earphones Pärlade hörlurar, ett kul pyssel som tål att upprepas. För ganska precis ett år sedan bloggade jag om mina pärlade hörlurar. Idén fick jag från Cut Out + Keep och det visade sig vara fler än jag som tyckte det här var ett kul pyssel. /Beaded earphones A fun DIY worth mentioning again. Som Matlida till exempel. Gör så här: Skär eller klipp upp plastpärlan (nagelsax fungerar t ex bra), böj upp pärlan och trä den över sladden. Comment faire des bracelets en tissu ou en ruban / Breloque & Pendentif Comment faire un bracelet en tissu ou comment monter des embouts pour bracelet/collier sur du tissu ou autres ! Tout d'abord, couper un bout de ruban (+ ou - 17cm) : Bien placer un embout à l'un des extrémités des rubans : Pincer fort l'embout sur les rubans : Et voilà déjà une extrémité de faite ! Tourner les rubans entre eux (ce n'est pas obligé, c'est juste une idée pour le côté esthétique !) : Placer le 2ème embout de l'autre côté des rubans et on y est presque : Monter le fermoir sur un des embouts : Mettre un anneau sur l'autre embout pour que le mousqueton puisse s'accrocher de l'autre côté : Monter la breloque au milieu du bracelet : On peut aussi rajouter des petites perles au niveau du fermoir : Et voilà !

Clear Stone Pendant Glass Marble Beauties Today I was in a pinch and needed to put together a small quick gift. One of my girlfriends gave me a little magnetic board with these marbles on them a couple of Christmases ago.. I use them every day to hold up this and that on the fridge. This is a super quick project.... Just a word of caution.. Here is how I made these: Supplies Needed: Paper with a design. Magnets Mod Podge Matte Scissors Paint Brush Glass Marbles (found in the floral section of craft stores and Wal-Mart) Find the place on your paper you want the marble to be placed... Apply a Thin/Medium coat of Mod Podge to your stone. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the design paper. See how I just left them there on the uncut paper to dry ... Cut aound your marble. WOW! To do the Photos, I bought the larger marbles. Use the same technique as I did on the Amy Butler Paper Apply a small dab of E6000 on the back to secure your Magnet and/or Thumbtacks Seriously, I love these!

How to Make a Button-and-Wire Brooch I'm still noodling with buttons and wire over here... and this is the latest result. I like how the design can take on a "shooting star" effect, or resemble a little flower vase. This isn't a complicated project - please don't let the number of photos here fool you! You'll need some 24 gauge craft wire and some assorted buttons. So, begin with one of the sew-through buttons. Pull the button along until you have about 8" of wire sticking up through it. Pull this little wire "stitch" as snug as you can. Next, take the end of the wire and poke it back up through the next hole, as shown. Poke that wire back down through the last hole in the button, creating another "stitch" on the front, as shown. Now, place the two strands of wire coming from the back of the button side by side, as shown. ...And then gently twist the wires together. There are worse fates, but still... If things have gotten a little loosey-goosey, you can often correct it by mashing the wire a bit with your pliers.