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Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines! - Bikes Trikes and Chopper Plans

Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines! - Bikes Trikes and Chopper Plans
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Electric Scooters, Gas Scooters, Mopeds Colnago Master Track 1979 Prototype Monday, June 23, 2008 Colnago Master Track 1979 Prototype Bike pron from Ernesto Colnago's personal stash. Dirty anodized pink. I told you I like these. Posted by Jussi at 3:10 PM Labels: bike pron, fixie fashion, frame building, lo pro, lopro, track bikes, velo culture No comments: Post a Comment Links to this post Create a Link Newer PostOlder PostHome Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Where We At Jussi HELLsinki, Finland A generic blog mostly but not only about fixed gear bikes. View my complete profile Blog Archive Cool Stuffs In/From Finland I Dig These Links For Yo'all Subscribe To FGB! Posts Comments Don't Send Me Your Money!

The Recumbent Bicycle and Human Powered Vehicle Information Center This series of articles is intended to present a step by step how-to for homebuilding recumbents using text and photos. I will attempt to impart my accumulated wisdom and follies of the last 12 years. I am Tom Porter and I’ve been touring and racing my own homebuilt designs since 1992. I’ve built a little over 24 bikes, mostly of various design, in that time. I’ve tried just about everything but trikes and FWD rear steer. Why homebuilding? A word about materials Go ahead, dream about composites or Ti, but 4130 steel is still the easiest and least time consuming and least expensive way of doing this. The designs and philosophy thereof I’ve had a revelation in 2003 thanks to the guys on Aeros about rolling resistance. The Frame Design Blueprints

VELOGICAL - engineering - Cologne - Société Maxpro Pedicabs - manufacturer of professional pedicabs, rickshaws and cargo trikes Les clips à vélo 1) Le trip urbain en soloLe vélo, c'est d'abord un moyen efficace de se déplacer en ville. Regardez Robin Thicke : c'est dingue ce qu'il arrive à faire en une journée à Manhattan, et surtout, la bonne humeur que lui procure le fait d'enfourcher sa bécane à chaque fois ; en voiture, on parie il secouerait beaucoup moins ses cheveux. D'ailleurs, quand Ian Brown fait du vélo, il a l'air beaucoup moins enthousiaste : faut dire qu'à Londres il pleut tout le temps, et que conduire à l'envers c'est dangereux. Puis sourire, ça n'a jamais été son truc, de toutes façons. 2) Le gang de bikers Mais il faut avouer, le vélo, c'est plus fun à plusieurs. 3) Le vélo naturiste Pour les écolos du dimanche,ceux qui voient le vélo comme une sorte de retour aux sources, de rejet de ce qui pollue et empoisonne nos vies, quoi de plus naturel et logique que de se balader dessus à poils ? Voir la vidéo de Flaming Lips 4) Déguisons-nous dans les bois Et un bonus, les Flight of The Conchords, forcément inclassables :

A-Bike Electric: The lightest and most compact electric bike by A-Bike Electric Freedom to go There’s no need to wait, just transform the A-Bike Electric and it’s ready for you in less than 10 seconds. No more delays waiting for public transport, arrive on time and happy. Take it with you Don’t worry about theft or having to find space in the bike park. It's convenient to carry on all forms of public transport, saves space at home or work and easily fits under tables in coffee shops. Feels easy and effortless Just start pedalling and the power assistance automatically kicks in to do the hard work for you. Stay clean With other folding bikes it's difficult to avoid getting bike chain grease on your hands and clothes. It’s Electric! The lightweight detachable quick charge 24V battery can take you up to 15 miles (25 km) which makes it great for both commuters and joyriders. Simple but clever battery The red power button has a simple one click action to turn on or off the electric motor so you can choose when you want power assistance. It’s not just light, it’s the lightest!

Earth Shuttle Pedalcab: Bicycle-cab rides for tips! Robin Thicke - When I Get You Alone (Music Video) | Robin Thicke Music Veemo velomobile could be yours to use, for 28 cents a minute While bicycle-sharing services can come in very handy, not everyone wants to pedal a bike everywhere they go. Car-sharing co-ops are certainly one alternative, although they require users to have a driver's license. That's where VeloMetro comes into the picture. The Vancouver-based startup is developing a point-to-point service that will allow users to rent a sort of e-bike/car hybrid, known as the Veemo. "There have been studies that have shown that up to 60 percent of a city's population would like to cycle more, but they don't for reasons such as not wanting to get into cycling attire, not wanting to wear a helmet, or worrying about their bike getting stolen," VeloMetro co-founder Kody Baker tells us. The Veemo is what's known as a velomobile – a tricycle enclosed in an aerodynamic body that provides protection from the elements. Because it's enclosed, riders don't need to wear a helmet or much in the way of cold/wet-weather clothing. Source: VeloMetro

Gas Scooters | Pocket Bikes & MidBikes | ALL NEW! | Electric Scooters | Mini Atv Quads | MidBike Parts, Scooter Parts, PocketBikes Sale - Free . . . Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Beautiful Bicycles of 2013 Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Beautiful Bicycles of 2013 As I sat down to scroll through all of the Beautiful Bicycles I photographed this year, I quickly realized how diverse PiNP has become. Previous year’s lists never had a MTB, much less two and even though the site has begun to embrace dirt riding more and more, there are still three track bikes in the rankings. Most of these bicycles were made in the USA by small frame builders, but two overseas-manufactured bikes made the cut. This year for the Top 10 list, I looked at site metrics, social media ‘chatter’ and my own favorites (which were remarkably in-line). All of these bikes got at least 100 Facebook likes and over 20,000 visits within the first week of posting. I like to think of PiNP as a showcase for Beautiful Bicycles and how they get put to use. Beautiful Bicycle: Lauren’s Icarus Commuter This year, my lovely Lauren not only got a new porteur commuter, but an engagement ring. Beautiful Bicycle: Jen’s Igleheart Disc Cross