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Lady and Pups – an angry food blog

Lady and Pups – an angry food blog

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stuffed peppers w/ chipotle “cream” Hands down, our most popular post has been this enchilada recipe with creamy cashew poblano sauce. I posted it over a year ago and I’m still receiving emails about it. So today I’m really excited to share this new twist: cashew cream meets chipotles. A happy marriage, especially if you like spicy food. That Skinny Chick Can Bake Glazed Poppy Seed Bread We have a friend dealing with some major health issues. I can pray, but I can also offer them something tangible. I dropped this glazed poppy seed bread in their mailbox when he and his wife were spending the day at the doctor’s office…hoping something sweet would bring comfort during this tough week. Mini Maple Bacon Doughnuts There are a million things going through my head right now as I think about these donuts. Like, are some of these guys for real on The Bachelorette? No, I mean, for real-for real.

Pumpkin Pancakes I’ve made so many pumpkin recipes over the years between my blog and Cooking With Pumpkin. But I’ve never shared a recipe for pumpkin pancakes on my blog. Time to change that. Banana Bread - The Holistic Manicurist This Banana Bread is perfect when you are in need of a bit of comfort food. It is naturally sweet, wonderfully cakey and filling. I have never had much of a sweet tooth but since cleaning up my diet I have cut out all of the cakes and biscuits that were included in my diet.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Bread - Sarah's Cucina Bella Who loves blueberries? We do! Blueberries are so good for you, filled with antioxidants, so my family has them regularly. When eating blueberries, I love those big, round sweet ones plucked fresh from bushes that are best in the heat of the summer when they are fresh. If they aren’t sweet, they just don’t hold the same allure. In baking though, everything is different. NECTARINE TART WITH RYE-CORNMEAL CRUST I'm dog earring interesting recipes in food magazines like a crazy lady. I have a catering job coming up and a particular mini-person has kept me from cooking all that much. Simple things, I have managed to get basic dinners together, but I haven't tried many new items unfortunately. Curran doesn't really like napping, I'm tired, so I eat a lot of brown rice and defrosted wild salmon patties and don't mind because I know this is a season. Ok, actually I cry a lot about it because I want him to get rest so he's happy and his brain grows, but Hugh reminds me it's part of figuring out this parenting thing and we'll turn a corner at some point.

The Grits Blog: It's My Blogiversary!! + Mini Pumpkin Pies + Giveaway Hello Grits Blog Readers! I'm Brita from B.Britnell which is mostly a food blog with an occasional random post thrown in there. I'm passionate about cooking good food with local and seasonal ingredients and I'm even more passionate about photographing the experience and sharing it with my readers. I've known Ashley pretty much since the beginning of my blog and I'm SO excited to be sharing a blogiversary with her. I'm so proud of how much each of our blogs have grown and even more importantly, I know we've both grown from the experiences and joys of having a blog.

Chinese Poached Chicken Cantonese poached chicken with super tender texture and an interesting name—White cut chicken. If you visit Chinese restaurant from time to time, you may know tried this white cut chicken. Poaching is the special cooking method used here. And white means plain, indicating that there is no special seasonings added in this dish. Actually, white cut chicken really needs simple ingredients and techniques, yet it is incredibly delicious. I have introduced a Szechuan version of white cut chicken—mouth-watering chicken or Salvia Chicken. {Food Photography} A Few of My Tips & Tricks - Katie's Cucina Ever since I attended Food Blog Forum last April my food photography has improved times 100! People think… what’s so difficult about photographing food? Until you start taking the time to photograph your food that’s when you realize how difficult food photography is.

poppy seed lemon cake A whopping eight years ago, I joined a friend and her family for an afternoon at the then newly-opened Neue Galerie, which seriously, you should check out some time when you’re in my city. (Look at me, playing tourist guide!) The early 20th century German and Austrian art is fantastic but even more wonderful is the Cafe Sabarsky within which models itself after a turn-of-the-century Viennese cafe. But really, I don’t want to talk about the Kadinskys or the Kavalierspitz today, I want to talk about this cake. That I had there that day. That I have not shut up about since.

Make Flour Chips Recipes flour tortillas, ground cinnamon, vegetable oil and granulated sugar B 35 mins, 4 ingredients butter, flour, kosher salt, pure vanilla extract, sugar and mini chocolate chips B 50 mins, 6 ingredients butter, flour tortillas, brown sugar, cinnamon and jam B 25 mins, 5 ingredients Recipes Archives - About Time Magazine Category: Recipes Recipes Make This: Rachel’s Healthy Spinach Salad Read More 460 Make This: Häagen-Dazs Wolf of Wall Street Tiramisu Read More 739 chocolate swirl buns A few years ago, I conquered one of what has to be one of the seven wonders of my culinary world, chocolate babka. Babka, if you’re new to it, poor you, is a brioche-like sweet yeast cake, usually rolled thin and spiraled around a filling of chocolate, cinnamon, sweet cheese or fruit, and is often studded with streusel. And I know that most people save their gushing prose for lemon meringue pie, 8 inches high, or brownies with swirls of peanut butter, candied bacon and candy bars inside, I know that most people hadn’t heard of babka before it became a punch line, but Alex and I fondly remembering the grocery store chocolate babkas — with endless spirals slicked with bittersweet chocolate — of our childhood and I couldn’t rest until I cracked the code at home. But it still has its limitations. I found the solution to this crisis — are you allowed to call the irregular appearance of homemade chocolate babka in your life a crisis?