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10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns

10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns
This month finally marks the return of Spring, and with it, the return of warm breezes and delicate plants peeking through the snow and mud. Let’s celebrate March with some lovely crochet flower patterns! Crochet flower patterns are perfect for instant gratification – they’re super fast and most take hardly any yarn at all. Some are practical, all are pretty, and quite a few take less than 10 minutes to make! Five Petal Cheery Flower: I love the look of these flowers – and the bright colors! Does it feel like Spring yet where you are?

Flower Power ~ Easy Rosette Crochet Pattern Flowers are amazingly delicate yet beautiful! I've always been slightly obsessed with them during my life, so it's no wonder that I love to crochet flowers! I'm always putting them on my crochet projects, since they really have that gift to make anything look ten times more special!! I've decided to share how I crochet my flowers :) What You'll Need: 4.50 Crochet Hook Wool Needle Scissors 8ply Yarn Instructions: Start of by taking your 4.50mm crochet hook and making a Slip Knot, then crochet 76 Chains. Row 1~ Chain 2, skip 2 chains from your hook, then crochet Half Double Crochets all across into every chain. Row 2~ Chain 4, skip 2 stitches and then crochet a half double crochet into the third stitch. Chain 3, skip 2 stitches and then crochet a half double crochet into the third stitch. Row 3~ Chain 3 then crochet 3 Double Crochets into the first loop you made in the previous row. After doing the last double crochet of your last petal, chain three and do a slip stitch down into the loop.

Blocking (garments) - Techniques with Theresa : Knitty Deep Fall 2010 Okay – you’ve just bound off the last stitch of your project. You’ve spent hours working on it and have likely dragged it along on at least one trip, your cat has had several naps on it and it’s had a little party with the dust bunnies under the sofa. Our first task is to give it a little bath to remove the dust and grime. First check the label that came with your yarn – it should give important information about what kind of washing treatment your finished project will tolerate. Care instructions are usually given in a pictogram code: Some yarns do tolerate being washed in a washing machine on the gentle / wool cycle. Remember – fulling (the proper term for “felting” when you’re working with knitting rather than raw fiber) happens to wool and some other animal fibers when you subject it to a combination of friction, alkaline soap and heat. If the water feels comfortable – neither uncomfortably hot nor cold – it's probably about right. ...then lift it out all of a piece.

How to make a granny shrug... | kootoyoo You can do it too!Today is your day! HowIt seems that the mulberry granny shrug has inspired a few of you to have a crack yourself. That’s super exciting & exactly why this patch of web space exists. Over the weekend Lara & I have worked together to present to you the whole box & dice for the granny shrug enthusiast. There’s something for everyone. You can just skip over the “instructions” & make the granny exactly as you always do. You’ll just end up with a lovely curly hexagon…good, that’s great…exactly what we want. Mine have been 9 rounds (in the Wilderness) but depending on your tension & hook size yours might be 8 or 10 or more. the patternMy very favourite crocheter is Lara. & the videoJust so you know it was really hard to crochet standing up stradling a tripod & keeping (or trying) the crochet in the frame. Australian/UK terminologyYarnYou’ve got a HUGE amount of flexibility here. I used Patons “Wilderness” 14ply. HookI’d say 15mm. What, haven’t had enough?

crochet covered ottoman December 7th, 2010 This ottoman is obviously in rough shape. It used to be sort of wabi sabi, beat-up chic, but sometime ago it crossed a line and now it’s just plain beat up. I’ve been meaning to recover it properly, but as I have no idea how to do that it’s been shoved in the back of my closet. After seeing this crochet covered ottoman (ravelry link) I pulled it out from it’s hiding spot and made a cover. and here is the after. After I made it, I saw this ottoman and now I want to find some crazy super chunky yarn (or maybe even roving?)

Etiquette tissée - fait avec amour - 28 x 60 mm, grise Bobine de fil : Déco, Customisation Textile par lulu-divine Vous confectionnez des vêtements, accessoires ou vous tricotez pour vos enfants, petits enfants, pour vous même ou pour les vendre ? Soyez en fiers et affichez le sur vos créations. Étiquette textile. Qualité professionnelle. Ces étiquettes résistent au lavage et séchage répété. Ce modèle est déposé, tout cas de reproduction, inspiration ou copie, sera poursuivi avec dommages et intérêts. Je ne fabrique pas d'étiquette sur commande. Statut : Professionnel Nom de la société : lulu-divine Siret : 79046160200019 Livraison : entre 3 et 9 jours ouvrés Modes de paiement : Carte bancaire , PayPal , Chèque , Virement bancaire , Porte-monnaie Avantages client : Satisfait ou remboursé - droit de rétractation de 14 jour(s) à la réception de la commande Accéder au formulaire de rétractation Le client est tenu de vérifier le bon état des articles livrés. RETOURS ACCEPTES DANS LES 2 JOURS QUI SUIVENT LA RECEPTION. Attention, les articles personnalisés et ceux à la coupe ne peuvent être retournés.

Burton Bear.... it's going to be big..... too BIG... but the nicest thing about knitting for children..... they grow.....usually faster than we can knit for them... and if we make a fuss and tell her how cute she looks wearing it... that'll increase the odds of it staying on her head ...... if you like this pattern....I'll be happy to send you a copy.....I've had it quite awhile now and someone else shared the pattern link which I seem to be unable to located at this early hour (I do my blogging long before's my quiet time).... I'm down to a handful of days now until leaving on my solo camping trip with Ariel and SOTF... good or'll be hearing all about it..... along with plenty of pictures.... I've been thinking more about the four hour horseback ride I signed up for than the camping... it's been years but I still clearly remember ..... there's a reason someone came up with the phrase "saddle sore"..... enjoy your weekend....I'm heading North....

Lizzie I have been wanting a new slipper for a while. I kept putting it off because I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t start exactly like my Mary Janes. I knew I wanted something bold, but timeless. I had the idea for a wrap shoe, but I was stuck on the same sort of construction as the Mary Janes (from the toe to heel). I knew FOR SURE I wanted something that was crocheted in one piece. I picked up some yarn and started with the toe and made some interesting shaping, but once I got to the sole I realized it was way too similar to the MJs. This time, I started at the heel! I wasn’t in love. I was in love. Check out the pattern below. Let me know what you think! MATERIALS MC— 2 oz (100 yards) Vanna’s Choice yarn (100% acrylic, worsted weight; 3.5 oz/100 g—170 yards per skein) in “Colonial Blue” CC– less than 1 oz Vanna’s Choice yarn in “Linen” 5mm (US H-8) hook safety pin or other removable marker yarn needle NOTES Common U.S. terminology used in this pattern. Leaving 12″ tail, Ch 18.

Nice color scheme ideas We Follow Pics Virginia Osgood Nice color scheme ideas Source: Report this image Tags: art, Colours, crochet, Knit, Ooh home snow clouds net stitches. circulos de ganchillo Crochet Baby Boots DIY: Christmas Light Garland - Crochet Instructions Crayon art tutorial cute winter headband pancake muffins :D, must make this! Beginning crochet tips and tricks like how to count stitches, where the next stitch should go, etc. 6,000 year kiss, So many questions... Saatchi Online Artist Paul Bennett; Painting, "Angels Fall 4" #art Buddha with purple lavender leaves by Regina Alexandra DIY Wall Art #diy learn to knit resources Gavin Worth - San Francisco, CA Artist .. c-c-c-color! Disney Princess designer Belle turquoise bangles Become alive Crochet - Collar Pattern Frugal Wall Decor DIY Rankin Passing Through by Lesley Oldaker WefollowPics All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

{walker whimsy}: Scalloped Headbands {FREE Crochet Pattern of the Month} Hullo peeps! I am very pleased to introduce a new series! I will be offering a FREE crochet pattern each month, hence the very clever name "Pattern of the Month". Now, on to the first pattern! I am in the process of growing out my hair. You'll need yarn in the color of your choice, a size G hook, and a hair elastic. UPDATE 7/8/13: A couple people have found the starting chain to be too small (who knew I was a pinhead?). Abbreviations are as follows: ch = chain sc = single crochet sl st = slip stitch sk = skip First attach your hair elastic like this: Now ch 48 more. Then attach your foundation chain to the hair elastic again like this: Turn. Sl st in final ch. Voila! Ze obligatory action shots: And ze close up: I made these in a whole bunch of colors with yarn leftover from my rainbow scarf. Of course, they would also look adorable with a pixie cut ... Linking up at these lovely places:

Sweet Summer Dress For some reason it seems winter and fall go so well with curling up on the couch with a ball of yarn and crocheting or knitting. But my creativity usually flees when the heat spikes in summer. I do spend much time in my garden and this year we’ve got a couple new gardens and a couple new little trees to look after. I found out one of our young trees is a mulberry tree and it is fruiting this year. We bought a dwarf apple tree and a walnut tree this spring. So I’ve been watering, weeding, and watching over all my little plants. Still I have come up with a summer project and actually finished it with plenty of hot weather left. Oh, and my 14 month old doesn’t stand still for a minute anymore so forgive the pictures which are mostly of her getting into things while I chase her around. :) Pattern Size: approx. 1-3 years E hook The yarn I used was cotton/rayon yarn from a sweater I re-purposed. copyright info

Free Crochet Pattern: Women's Ballet Slippers - Poochie Baby Poochie Baby's YouTube Channel || Poochie Baby Podcast on: Tune In - Stitcher - iTunes - Google Play *Updated 2-4-15: This pattern was previously posted on my “mypoochiebaby” blog. It has been moved to this new blog by Poochie Baby. This is a very easy pattern and the shoes stitch up pretty quickly. The two color version of this pattern can be found HERE Watch the video tutorial to see how I make these slippers! Materials: I Love This Yarn (from Hobby Lobby) F Hook (I only use Clover Soft Touch hooks these days!) * This pattern is written assuming that you are using the same color throughout. R1 – CH 2 and five SC in the first chain from the hook. R2 – CH 2 and 2 DC in each stitch around (10 stitches). R3 – CH 2 and 2 DC in each stitch around (20 stitches). R4 – CH 2 and 2 DC in the next stitch and DC in the next stitch. R5 thru R9 – CH 2 and DC in each stitch around. R10 – CH 2 and DC in the next 21 stitches (22 stitches, includes the first chain 2). R11 – CH 2 and DC in each stitch across.

Crochet Stool Cover A few years ago my husband and I bought a couple plain counter-height stools for some space-saving seating in our kitchen. They have definitely served their purpose over the years, but they are not very comfortable and they certainly leave something to be desired style-wise. I decided it was time for some DIY. The pattern for this stool cover is very simple and easy to follow. It probably takes longer to prepare your fabric yarn than it takes to crochet. I used some knit fabric I had purchased, but this would also be a great project for recycling unwanted t-shirts or knit sheets. Supplies 2.5 Yards of 58 inch wide Knit Fabric, cut into 3 inch stipsFabric ScissorsSize Q (15.75mm) Hook Notes Check out these tips for making fabric yarn.There really isn’t an accurate gauge for this pattern considering different fabric weights. Pattern Stool Cover Pictures