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Why Intelligent People Fail

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Estimation (project management) Estimation (project management) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For estimation in general, see Estimation. In project management (i.e., for engineering), accurate estimates are the basis of sound project planning. Popular estimation processes for software projects include: Categories: Project management Navigation menu Personal tools Namespaces Views Navigation This page was last modified on 26 February 2013 at 08:41. The rise of the “persocial” web What do Pandora for music, Zite for news, or Amazon for shopping — along with many Silicon Valley startups I’m meeting these days — have in common? • They are all offering the user a personalized experience by leveraging his/her social network. • They also provide a social experience in line with every single user’s personal taste and identity. Overall, there’s an increasing focus on the person and his/her environment versus the simple social media aspect. These are only the premises of what I would call the persocial web — a new generation of digital products and services where personal and social dimensions melt together to put every person at the center of the game. A Socratic revolution A similar kind of re-focus on the individual is physiological for humanity. In general, the fluctuation between holistic and individualistic eras is also very familiar to the history of ideas. From the PC to the Social Media era. Then the Internet came. Towards a persocial news experience?

Psychology of Cyberspace - The Online Disinhibition Effect On the other hand, the disinhibition effect may not be so benign. Out spills rude language and harsh criticisms, anger, hatred, even threats. Or people explore the dark underworld of the internet, places of pornography and violence, places they would never visit in the real world. We might call this toxic disinhibition. On the benign side, the disinhibition indicates an attempt to understand and explore oneself, to work through problems and find new ways of being. And sometimes, in toxic disinhibition, it is simply a blind catharsis, an acting out of unsavory needs and wishes without any personal growth at all.What causes this online disinhibition? You Don't Know Me (dissociative anonymity)As you move around the internet, most of the people you encounter can't easily tell who you are. Does the disinhibition effect release inner needs, emotions, and attributes that dwell beneath surface personality presentations?

Top 10 Things Customers Expect from Your Online Store Oneupweb has recently put out some interesting research which includes the top 10 consumer expectations that influence purchase decisions. Let’s take a closer look at these items: Pricing/shipping information clearly stated – 95.5% No surprises here, as several studies have found that “sticker shock” (the unexpected inflation of final price due to shipping and taxes) is the number one reason for cart abandonment. Crutchfield does a good job presenting not just the price but shipping, warranty and servicing prices on this product page: Looks credible and trustworthy – 76.5% If you’re not a household name, you can improve your site’s “trustworthiness” by having a clean and professional design (yes, first impressions count). You must also avoid things that scare off your customers like expired SSL certificate warning messages (even the largest sites can fall victim to this). Product displayed on homepage – 70.8% Most online stores show products on the home page, but not every site.

This mouse isn't just cordless, it's Mouseless | Crave Mouseless is a project by Pranav Mistry of the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group. He calls it an "invisible computer mouse" that creates the feeling of using a mouse without actually having a physical device. This is achieved via an infrared beam and sensor, which will help detect the hand's position. This is a research project, so we won't get to try it out unless it goes commercial. (Source: Crave Asia via Make) Estimation (gestion de projet) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. En gestion de projet, l'estimation a trois significations : Opération: Action de prédire une grandeur telle qu'une caractéristique physique, une performance ou le coût et la durée d'une tâche d'un projet, tâche qui peut consister en l'acquisition d'un produit. Elle s'effectue à partir de données de référence d'éléments similaires connus et de données descriptives de l'élément à estimer. Cette opération va d'abord conduire à des caractéristiques comme la taille, la vitesse ou la puissance, qui seront ensuite utilisées pour estimer les coûts et délais.

29 Ways Small Biz Can Do Big Things With Technology, Brains, Innovation, Passion and Smiles. Small businesses have very big challenges. It’s hard to obtain financing. We have limited resources to call upon – hence we’re up until the wee hours of the morning and waking up a few hours later. We have to make decisions about things we know little about (law, real estate, hiring, and more). However, even with these things in mind, I’ve found in building my own business that with technology, brains, innovation, passion, smiles (and a bit of good luck and prayer) small businesses (very small businesses) can do VERY BIG THINGS. Ramon’s 9 Rules of Business Success outlines 9 of the “non-technology” ways that small businesses can succeed, so I won’t list all the rules here, but I will mention one tip: 1 .Smile Small business owners ask so much of their clients, vendors and employees but they don’t take the time to have a great, positive, smiling attitude when they make a request. 2. Passion is so important when growing your business. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Fashion History Costume Trends and Eras, Trends Victorians - Haute Couture | Top 100 downloads of free software & freeware for Windows XP, Windows 7 & Vista BASIC LIST OF SUGGESTED ITEMS FOR LONG TERM SURVIVAL Some people are saying we should prepare for at least 7 days, but the way things go after a hurricane, tornado, floods, loss of electricity and the fact that these disasters will continue and perhaps even get worse in coming years according to trends, one week is not enough. Some have said 7 years, but that seems too long so do what you can. Be sure to use the older stocked goods first and replace them with new. Otherwise you will end up with all old food you might not even want to eat. Always check canned tomatoes for spoilage, as even in the can they can spoil. Most other foods last a long time. 1. Homeland Security recommends 7 days for survival, but in recent years, some people don't have electricity or heat for up to 3 weeks, so to be really safe - plan for at least 3 weeks. 2. Note: I have received arguments that boiling for longer than 5 minutes will just waste good water, but 15 minutes is safer to kill Cryptospiridium. 3. Wheat - 300 lbs. Rice - 100 lbs. Honey or Sugar - 60 lbs.

Category:Project management From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Subcategories This category has the following 17 subcategories, out of 17 total. Pages in category "Project management" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 283 total. (previous 200) (next 200)(previous 200) (next 200) Business Ideas for the Self Employed Several years ago, I had a lovely long-term consulting assignment which kept me both busy and solvent. One morning I woke up and realized that it was coming to an end and I had nothing lined up. After a few moments of panic, I decided to get serious about creating my next income source. Over time, I’ve learned that there are other benefits to this simple technique. There’s an old saying, popularized by Robert Schuller, that goes, “By the inch, it’s a cinch. You can begin implementing the $100 Hour even if you now have a job or other commitments that clamor for your time. A word of warning is in order here. To show you how easy this is and to get you thinking along these lines, I’ll give you some of the $100 ideas that have appeared on my lists and those of others who are joyfully jobless. Every single one of these ideas can be started easily and inexpensively, so there’s no excuse for not getting your own $100 Ideas List started. . . Many people think of concierges as miracle workers.

Essay #59 – How to pick a president Turning off all media for 48 hours does amazing things for clarity. When you return to the web and TV, the insane and unintentional comedy of the civilized world becomes clear. As Voltaire wrote, “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh”. Our checkered history of presidential voting Take a good look at the previous presidents of the united states. And experts know a president’s influence is, by design, magnitudes weaker than the public perception: one of three rings of power. While we push as many people as possible to vote, there is no primer, handbook, or tip sheet provided on how to avoid mistakes of elections past. The mistakes we make when voting Many people vote for self-interest. And serious weight often goes to superficial things. Many people make their list of positions on issues and try to find a candidate that best matches those positions. How to decode political coverage How to pick a president Fred I. He also notes this surprising observation: .