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24 Clever DIY Ways To Light Your Home

24 Clever DIY Ways To Light Your Home
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Transformer une simple lanterne papier ! Dimanche 23 septembre 2012 7 23 /09 /Sep /2012 11:52 Il suffit quelque fois de peu de chose et un peu d'imagination pour transformer une simple lanterne en papier en une superbe lanterne. Vous pouvez utiliser tout ce que vous trouvez, papier crépon, paillettes, tissus, reste de tapisserie, papier de soie, tissus, plumes et beaucoup de petite chose oublié au fond des tiroirs ou des placards. Laissez faire votre imagination, soyez créatif ! Et pour vous aider voici des modèles ainsi que les liens, les tutos sont en anglais mais pas d'inquiétude ils sont très bien fait. Ce sont des cercles de papier crépon qui sont froissé et collé Pour les expertes du crochet motif:

D.I. Why? Orb-lando | Hommemaker Dear World, Do you want a chandelier that’s uniquely you, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck, because a few months ago I made a delightful Orb chandy I’m calling Orb-lando. AND SO CAN YOU! Here is the initial drawing I made for inspiration: And here is how the actual Orb-lando turned out: So now that all that boring stuff is out of the way, here’s how you make the thing. Firstly, you’ll need the following supplies: 1. 14 Gauge Galvanized Wire (I used about 300 feet to do my 3′ wide orb): 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ok, so now to how you actually put this dumb thing together. First, make three wire hoops (from the 14 gauge wire) the size you want your Orb-lando to be. Using your thinner gauge wire, attach the three hoops together so they look like this. Add the chain. Remember Sigourney Weaver in Aliens? Keep weaving until your Orb-lando is a lacy and complicated as you want. Add your light kit. As a reminder, you can add your chain now and hang the thing. Love, Orlando Like this:

Two Ways To DIY Cool Studded Shoes The Easiest Pillow Cover Ever This is the easiest pillow cover ever. No measuring! No sewing! Just fold and tie. You need a piece of fabric 3 times as wide plus a few more inches and twice as tall plus a few more inches as the pillow. Place the pillow in the center, on the wrong side of the fabric. I used pinking shears to cut the fabric so it wouldn’t fray. Then fold the top down to the center. Fold both ends like the picture. Bring one side over the top of the pillow. Then the other side. Now tie the ends in a square knot. Ta-Da! I love the knot. And it looks great on the loveseat. It even looks great on the back if I want to switch sides. I’m linking to these awesome blog parties: lampes papier Have you seen these amazing lamps?! A designer that has her stuff on Etsy, Allison Patrick of the 3R’s Blog (Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate – 30 projects in 30 weeks) has created some pretty cool pendant shades that are pretty representative of the beautiful shape of the artichoke. But – the shade is made of recycled pages from books and magazines! Allison’s lamps are very cool, they remind me of the decoupage projects my mom would do with us as a kid. Just recently she got featured on, and that has pushed her work sky high! Allison’s got a pretty awesome story with her luminaire design business (which is called Zipper 8 Design, by the way) – she graduated with her Masters, and like many people, she found herself with lots of time and no job. Allison's stuff on Etsy Allison, thinks your works are awesome. Thanks Inhabitat for the original article! Like this: Like Loading... Related Allison Patrick, Designers, DIY, Fixtures, lamps, Luminaire Design, pendant, recycle, shades

Bamboo orb pendant lights Apologies for my long absence. A month ago I landed a full-time job (gotta pay the bills) along with a 3-hour round-trip commute. Ugh. Inspired by the Cassiopeia chandelier. Anyway, these bamboo orb pendant lights were inspired by the Cassiopeia chandelier from Ironware International that I saw on the cover of the April 2011 issue of House Beautiful. So, I made my own version using bamboo strips instead of wrought iron and a single CFL bulb instead of five candelabras. Two more things: I found that fabulous shabby-chic trunk on the side of the road with a “free” sign taped to it! Tutorial and photos after the jump! How to make bamboo orb pendant lamps The bamboo for this project comes from an inexpensive bamboo roman shade, purchased from The Home Depot. Supplies and tools *Choose the width of the shade based on the size of pendant you want. **The most time-consuming part of this project is waiting for glue to dry. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

38 Best DIY Food Gifts 31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again Chouettes rayures ! Un modèle d'amigurumi chouette - Mesperluettem Cette fois ça y est, les vacances sont terminées. Je suis rentrée et il est grand temps pour moi d’écrire de nouveaux articles. Aujourd’hui, parlons peu, parlons bien, parlons chouettes à rayures. Depuis quelques temps, je cherche à crocheter un petit amigurumi que je pourrai offrir à mes proches ou à toutes ces gentilles personnes qui m’ont gâtées, aidées et à qui j’ai envie de faire plaisir. Pour crocheter une petite chouette, il vous faut : de la laine pour crochet n°4 : deux couleurs pour le corps (bien contrastées, c’est plus joli). Commençons par crocheter le corps. Les changements de couleur de fil sont indiqués comme ceci : couleur A et couleur B, la couleur C correspond au jaune du bec. T 1 : dans un anneau magique, crocheter 6 ms (6 m) T 2 : 2 ms dans chaque ms du t 1 (12 m) T 3 : * 1 ms, 2 ms dans la ms suivante*, répéter de * à * jusqu’à la fin du t. (18 m) T 4 : * 2 ms, 2 ms dans la ms suivante* (24 m) T 5 : * 3 ms, 2 ms dans la ms suivante* (30 m) T 38 : 6 diminutions ( 6 m)

Motherboard PCB Bracelet It is easier to cut up all the pieces you need and refining them then do all the easier things later. You will need a dust mask when cutting up and filing the motherboard pieces, although it most likely won't kill you breathing in the PCB dust it will not do any good and could possibly destroy your lungs. I didn't wear a dust mask but my excuse is that there wasn't any available, it doesn't smell nice and can get quite nauseating. The easiest way for cutting the mo-bo. is to cut strips of the width that you want for your bracelet, so cutting strips down the mo-bo. of your choicest electrical components, and then cut the strip up into segments. Also salvage the bigger chips because they can become segments and will add geek points to it. After you have cut the pieces washing them in water will remove most of the dust off them, don't worry, water won't affect them.

32 Easy-To-DIY Scarves To Suit Every Style How to Make Dairy Free Ice Cream - Vegan Dessert Recipes It's always more fun to DIY. Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home. Today: Ashley McLaughlin from Edible Perspective's homemade coconut milk ice cream will change the way you think about vegan ice cream forever -- and that's a fact. Thick, creamy, lightly sweetened ice cream is one of my all-time favorite desserts, and when choosing a flavor, I almost always pick vanilla. For this recipe, I’ve used full-fat coconut milk instead of heavy cream to make a dairy-free, vegan version. Make this recipe as is (or throw in your favorite mix-ins) and you’ll be a happy ice cream eater. More: Here are all of the recipes you need to build the perfect ice cream sundae. Vegan Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream Serves 6 to 8 1 or 2 vanilla beans2 cans full-fat coconut milk1 tablespoon arrowroot starch1/3 cup brown rice syrup, or coconut nectar1/3 cup pure cane sugar1 1/2 tablespoons vodka Photos by Ashley McLaughlin

TUTO BN EN FEUTRINE - Esprit Couture Aujourd'hui, j'ai réalisé mon premier tuto en feutrine, très simple bien entendu... En chinant sur internet, je n'avais pas vu de BN donc je me suis lancé et je voulais vous mettre le tuto en ligne, alors le voici : on peut le faire à la fraise, à la vanille ou bien au chocolat... 1 - Coupez 1 fois dans la feutrine Caramel le patron A et 1 fois le patron B. 2 - Coupez 1 fois dans la feutrine Vanille, Fraise ou Chocolat le patron B. 3 - Superposez les 3 patrons découpés pour former le BN, et cousez.