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How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

8 Books For a Higher Existence Books are magical inventions. By carrying meaning, they gives us glimpses of experience and knowledge from a different world. Phonetic language, being cut-off from time and place, the Now, helps both to encapsulate the ego more, but also to offer guidance to make it poriferous, letting Eros free. Without books we would lose this guidance. And in these times of dire ecological and cultural crisis, we need new ways to respond to the ecosystem that we simultaneous are and are imbedded in. If you’re done reading this list and want to level up more – check out part two! Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra is Nietzsche’s most prophetic book in which he offers his teachings through the words of Zarathustra, based on the Persian prophet Zoroaster, who, after spending ten years on a mountain in meditation only accompanied by his Eagle and Serpent, comes down to offer his wisdom to the world. Becoming Animal – David Abram The Story of B – Daniel Quinn

Why I travel, rather than tour In the artificial silence of transoceanic flights I often look at those around me and wonder: Who are the tourists and who are the travelers? There is a difference. Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital Edition Tourists go to seek a respite. Travel is not just being someplace. I have an ongoing dialogue with an old friend from America's Pacific Northwest who wanders there extensively but refuses to roam the world, as I do. Prejudice grows out of ignorance. It is easy to judge others living on the opposite side of the world based on dispatches from reporters who are trying to compress thousands of years of history and culture into a two-minute story. In a world that seems to be too dangerous to travel around, it is the very act of traveling that is needed to end the violence. In my travels, I relish differences.

How To Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites Advertisement We all have an increasing number of sites and online services we’re members of, and sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming. At times, we just need to delete our memberships to some sites, either in an effort to simplify our lives or just because we’ve grown tired of a particular site or service. What we often don’t realize when signing up for all these accounts, though, is how difficult it can be to permanently delete our accounts when we’ve had enough. Some require complicated, multi-step processes that can stretch over the course of days (or weeks). Below we’ll take a look at the account deletion processes of popular websites and services, and how easy or difficult they make it. Facebook Difficulty (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being hardest): 5 Deleting a Facebook account is a bit more complicated than many other services. If you just want to shut down your account for a little while, with the option to reactivate it later, you can deactivate your account. Twitter MySpace Ebay

This Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 9th to 16th This week we learned how to be spies, upgraded and repaired our smartphones, changed our lives with $2.75 a day, and ran through the best earbuds on the market. Here's a look back. Learn How to Break Down a Door (Without Hurting Yourself) Perhaps you're saving a child from a burning building, or perhaps you're breaking into the stronghold of an enemy spy-but one way or another, you have to break down a door. SExpand An Incredibly Simple Way to Escape from Wrist-Binding Zip Ties Handcuffs are expensive, so zip ties are often used as a cheaper and fairly effective way of binding someone's wrists. Top 10 DIY Repairs and Upgrades to Make Your Smartphone Last Forever You can never save your phone from every drop, spill, scratch, and crash you encounter during its life. How Saving $2.75 a Day Can Change Your Life The recent presidential election demonstrated how small changes can have a big impact. Follow Paths, Waves, and Patterns with These Lined Wallpapers Five Best Earbuds

The Health Ranger's guide to raising healthy, happy chickens without antibiotics (NaturalNews) Raising chickens is smart. It provides you a healthy supply of food in the form of chicken eggs, and you'll even have a source of emergency meat if times get really bad. Chickens largely take care of themselves. They're friendly, curious and smart enough to come running when you call them. They'll devour scorpions, ticks, crickets, and even the occasional small lizard, removing all sorts of insect pests from your property. I've been raising chickens for several years now, both in South America and in Central Texas, and I'd like to pass along what I've learned so that you can raise healthy chickens, too! To keep your chickens healthy, you've got to feed them trace minerals. I feed my chickens an organic feed recipe made with things like sea kelp, ground-up crab shells, whole grains and supplemental vitamins and minerals. On top of that, I put a dropper full of oregano oil extract into their water each day. • Golden Sex Link - Weak immune systems. • Snakes. • Owls. • Coyotes.

The Eternal Idea of Revolutionary Justice Resurgence is in the wind. The cynicism that has dogged every gesture of our resistance is giving way as the disappointment of 20th century communism is eclipsed by the rebellious will to try again. Guiding this radical revival are two philosophers whose political theories breathe new life into the revolutionary project. We speak of Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek, a neo-Platonist-Maoist and a post-Lacanian-Leninist, whose carefully considered political philosophy revives the ideals of egalitarian-communism and heralds revolution in our lifetime. Their project is philosophically grounded in Badiou’s two-part magnum opus Being and Event and Logics of Worlds. It begins with an egalitarian justice that irrevocably overturns the “established hierarchies of power or wealth” by stripping the rich of their supposed right to consume a greater percentage of the world’s resources. The second stage is revolutionary terror, the “will to crush the enemy of the people.”

100 Tough Things Every Man Must Do AskMen Editors Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Page 1 of 5 Learning to drive stick. Big choices steer the paths of our lives, but it's the little choices that determine if they'll be lives that we can be proud of. If you do these 100 things when confronted with them, you'll be able to walk tall into your old age, your self-respect forever secured. Here are the 100 tough things all men must do. 1. 2. 3. -Matthew Plunkett (AskMen Reader) 4. 5. 6. Learn how to ask for a haircut — or anything, for that matter. 7. Force yourself to talk to new people. 8. When discussing said venture with friends, consensus towards the act’s necessity was split. Eventually noting my suddenly ashen pallor, he said. 9. 10. You hear that a friend has a serious illness. But you have to call, or at least email. If he doesn't want a heavy conversation, then don’t start to emote; let him emote if he wants to but don’t make him deal with your feelings. 11. Of course you have a sh*t voice — isn't that the point? 12. 13.

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet Here are the most useful websites on the Internet that will make you smarter, increase productivity and help you learn new skills. These incredibly useful websites solve at least one problem really well. And they all have cool URLs that are easy to memorize thus saving you a trip to Google. Also see: The Best Android Apps Also see: The Best Mac Apps and Utilities – consult this site before choosing a seat for your next — an offline playground for building web projects in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. See: The Most Useful Tools for Programmers Also see: The Best Add-ons for Gmail, Docs and Sheets whereami — find the postal address of your current location on Google — create and share interactive reports, newsletters, presentations, and for storytelling. Also see: The Best Websites to Learn Coding

The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary 32-bit vs. 64-bit. Chrome tells me that's why it can't run Java 7 and I don't know why. Bluetooth could be included and maybe how it differs from wireless (802.11). You included NAS, might as well include SAN and explain the difference. You mention Cloud Storage, what about Cloud Computing? MHz/GHz Bits, Bytes, and so on 32-bit, 64-bit Cache (Web, CPU, etc...) Ethernet 10/100 vs. 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Cat 5, 5e, 6 Crossfire Northbridge Southbridge Web Hosting Compiler Runtime Java, .NET, Python, C#, VB .NET, ASP .NET, MVC, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (Other programming and scripting languages besides just PHP) Browser Exchange (You mention POP and IMAP, you should mention Exchange) Progressive Scan Interlaced Component Composite Hash (MD5 and SHA-1) Operating System Linux Windows Windows RT Bluetooth Latency DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW (And Blu-Ray too) This is the stuff I could just think of off the top of my head. Different kinds of cables/connectors?

The Order of the White Moon Presents Pachamama by Lila Ritual for Pachamama So many of us have experienced angst when we think about the ultimate questions. What lies beyond death? Are we alone in the universe? If possible, do the ritual outdoors where you can create an apacheta (e.g. a small corner of any garden). Supplies Candles--Red candle to represent Pachamama and a black candle to represent the unknown, place both in the center Symbols for the four direction. Small trowel/spade for digging Offering to “feed” Pachamama (corn, flour, cakes, libations...) Small object to symbolize intent -place next to the black candle. Several small pebbles Incense- Basil (sacred to Dragons) and Sage (immortality, wisdom) Cleanse in a bath sprinkled with Basil and Sage. Light the Red candle and Cast the circle. As you light the Black candle, place within it the thoughts and fears that keep you from your Path. Call on the four directions, guardians or angels. Face the South, this direction is sacred to Pachamama Invocation to Pachamama Oh Pachamama

Nate Hagens: The End of Growth Nate Hagens: The End of Growth length: 50:49 credit: ontheearthproduction Energy Hub, WUD Society and Politics Committee, and Madison Peak Oil Group host energy/finance expert Nate Hagens for a presentation that weaves together economics, anthropology, psychology, finance, trade, energy and human behavior into a coherent story about our human social system. In a visual synthesis using pictures and paintings instead of charts and graphs, Nate uses biophysical first principles to explain how our human economy really works, and how we achieved enormous success over the past two hundred years. But the underlying drivers of our economic juggernaut; cheap energy and resources, and an unconstrained natural environment, and increasingly, credit and debt, are unlikely to be available to continue a growth trajectory. Nate contrasts our growing realities with the standard assumptions in economic theory that underpin our social systems.

Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs Whether you’re enrolled in a business school degree program or desperate for a review of b-school basics as you start your own company, it’s hard to pass up free study materials. These 100 ebooks on marketing, management, ecommerce, and finance are all free and worth checking out. Basic Business These foundational courses focus on basic business skills like earning money, understanding your relationship with the customer, and more. Management Become a better manager with these courses, which cover topics in psychology, change management, and more. E-commerce and Internet Marketing Review the cutting edge techniques necessary to master online business. 3 Vital Steps to KickStart Your Web Business: Daniel Sudhakar’s book helps you "avoid all the mistakes that start-ups make." Finance Here you can review accounting, investments and other business finance guides. Budget Breeze: Learn new budgeting strategies for your business. Human Resources Marketing and Advertising International Business Economics