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What To Do On Twitter: 50 Ideas For Teachers

What To Do On Twitter: 50 Ideas For Teachers

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Google introduces 'time machine' feature in Street View Google has turned its Google Maps Street View into a time machine to let users travel back in time and see how places have changed. The new feature will let users track changes in landscape, buildings, roads and entire neighbourhoods from around the world since the Street View mapping program began in 2007. Users can now click on a new clock icon that will appear in the corner of the screen when using Street View on Google Maps on a desktop or laptop computer, firing up scrollbar-controlled time machine, changing the year and even season of the area or building they are currently looking at to see how it has changed over time. [En] Twitter Tips For Teachers For many teachers making a foray into the edtech world, Twitter is an excellent tool for consuming and learning. There are a number of great resources out there to help teachers follow people who will be useful to them based on location, subject, grade level, and technology being used. Many are also harnessing Twitter as a part of their PLN (personal learning network) to connect, share, and network. So how do you bridge the gap from reading tweets in your feed to truly harnessing the power of Twitter in the edtech realm?

Going Google with WordPress Plugins Peanut butter and jelly. Bonnie and Clyde. Yin and yang. Horse and carriage. Some things just seem to naturally go together. If you run a WordPress site, then unless you’re running a very unusual site in a very unusual way, you probably have it connected to Google in one way or another. [En] Roadmap to The Use of Twitter in Education Twitter is a social network of huge importance for us in education. We have posted several articles about it here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and there is even a separate section where you can access all the educational tools you might need to effectively leverage Twitter in your teaching and learning.

12 big technologies on the education horizon 1 year or less: 1. BYOD 2. Cloud computing 3. Messaging 2.0 Is Now Over The second messaging revolution is now quickly coming to a close. With the news today that Korea’s leading messenger KakaoTalk is merging with one of that country’s largest internet portals, Daum Communications, we are witnessing the end of the rise of mobile-focused independent messaging startups that started just five years ago. Only Kik Messenger remains standing independently, although there are a slew of ephemeral messengers like Snapchat that are coming in the next generation (more on that in a minute). The First Wave of Messaging Before we dive into the details of Messaging 2.0, it’s important to understand the context of where this market started. Given the network effects intrinsic to communications apps, it is not surprising that they arrive in waves.

[En] Using Twitter in the Classroom This handful of resources provide about 100 different ideas for, and examples of, using Twitter in the classroom. It’s been almost 8 months since I published the post, “6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom”, about uses of the popular micro-blogging tool in the instructional setting. This post generated a lot of traffic, and continues to attract hundreds of viewers every week.

60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category Communication Twitter makes staying in touch and sharing announcements super simple and even fun. These ideas offer a great way to put the tool to good use. Organization Twitter’s hashtags and other tools share a great way to organize information for your classroom. Twitter recaps: At the end of the day, teachers can summarize what has been learned in the classroom, encouraging reflection and discussion between students.Classroom connections: Classrooms around the world can collaborate using Twitter as a communication tool.Collating classroom views: Students can share their opinions on issues or any open questions, and they can be organized using Twitter.Corraling comments in class: Monica Rankin at the University of Texas at Dallas uses weekly hashtags to organize comments, questions and feedback that students have used in class, while also projecting live tweets in class for discussion.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom Is Social Media Relevant? Take the Quiz Before we talk social media, let's talk about the relevance of social media by taking a quiz. Which of the following is most likely to be true? [En] Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom How Can We Stop Cheating In Online Courses? 6.11K Views 0 Likes While clearly not every student is trying hard to take the slacker route, it's worth noting that picking out the students trying to take this route gets a little more complicated when you move from taking classes in person to taking classes online. 5 Ways To Have A High-Tech Classroom With What You Already Have 11.45K Views 1 Likes