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Home Spa Recipe Treatments - Natural Beauty Recipes at WomansDay

Home Spa Recipe Treatments - Natural Beauty Recipes at WomansDay
Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature’s best ingredients? Some of the finest all-natural beauty remedies can be whipped up at home using basic items you probably already have in your kitchen. To give you some ideas, we got beauty experts to share their favorite “recipes” for curing common skin and hair gripes using equally common pantry staples. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. All photos by Shutterstock. Related:  Fashion

101 Healthy Habits that Anyone Can Follow Posted in Balanced Body | October 13, 2009 | 35 Comments This post was written by Anastasiya. Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced! Image by Kj Developing healthy habits can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start. A lot of people fail at healthy living simply because they try too many things at the same time and they end up not sticking to anything. Developing healthy habits that stick is not that complicated if you choose the simple ones and progress slowly. Healthy Eating Always eat a big breakfastAdd 1/2 cup of fruits to your breakfastDrink 8 glasses of water and carry a bottle of water with you all the timeStart a food diary and track how much you are actually eating (with 2/3 of the Americans being overweight or obese overeating is a real problem today). Exercise General health Mental and Emotional Health I hope that you will pick healthy habits that have appealed to you from the list above. Keep is balanced! Get in the Balance Zone

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure Natural Home Remedies: Top 10 Best Natural remedies — Beat The Pain Naturally When you first feel the signs of a migraine attack coming along, do you immediately pop the pills that your doctor prescribed? If you have the common headaches, muscle or joint pains, do you ‘prescribe’ a medication for yourself and look for an over-the-counter pain killer? It’s good to rely on medications for the more serious medical conditions that you may have- but for the common aches, pains and health complaints, it really makes much more sense to rely on natural home remedies. This is especially true because of the recent spate of health news about how some over-the-counter medications are discovered to actually cause more complications to your health after treating a supposedly simple ache or pain in your body. Why ‘Natural’ is the Way to Go when Treating the Most Common Aches, Pains & Health Conditions Let’s say that you feel a headache coming along and you swallowed a couple of Aspirins. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

How To Style a Fishtail Braid We love the look of fishtail braids! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair. Kinsey and I photographed the steps so you can try it out for yourself... Here's how to style a fishtail braid... 1. Part your hair into two even sections. 2. Take a small strand of hair (preferably from underneath so that it wraps around the entire seciton) from one section and bring it over to the other side. Next, we had a crazy idea... weave pieces of yarn into the braid? 1. We thought it was pretty cute!

9 habits that may do more harm than good The basics of staying healthy seem pretty easy to follow: Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and you should be on the right track, right? Surprisingly, it can be more complicated than that. Oftentimes the very choices we make to benefit our health can be the same ones that hurt us in the long run. Read on to learn which unexpected habits — like brushing your teeth after every meal or slipping into a pair of comfortable sandals — might be causing you harm. 1. Compulsively using hand sanitizer. If you reach for hand sanitizer any time you make contact with the outside world, you might want to take pause. 2. Who isn't tempted to buy the latest skin creams and serums promising to shed years from your face? 3. Forgoing sky-high heels and toe-pinching boots for the freedom of flip-flops is giving your feet a much-need break, right? 4. 5. 6. 7. By reaching for a bottle of H20 you may think you're doing your body some good by avoiding tap water, which can be filled with who-knows-what. 8. 9.

Art Inspired Outfits III 307 121 104 104 175 110 81 155 152 94 96 65 143 118 96 112 79 119 133 106 153 51 59 74 68 73 87 73 95 116 90 128 123 87 106 76 90 131 83 89 97 103 119 76 160 116 79 101 64 69 83 172 128 85 117 72 78 62 63 44 51 49 86 73 70 72 45 59 95 62 96 62 103 68 66 57 55 76 41 65 57 107 102 54 71 117 The Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know (Part II) (NaturalNews) The Budwig protocol is the food treatment and cure for cancer and other major debilitating diseases created by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It was designed for use with extremely ill and wasted cancer patients who had been sent home by their doctors to die. These were patients so ill that many were unable to take any food at all in the beginning, and had to be initially treated with enemas. The protocol is so simple that it can be tailored to fit whatever situation is encountered, from use with someone at death's door to use as a preventative and part of a healthy lifestyle. Part I this article reveals the Budwig protocol as the only well recognized and highly documented cure and prevention for cancer in existence today. There are only two essential foods in the protocol, flax oil and cottage cheese or some other sulphurated protein such as yogurt or kefir. Creating the mixture The quality of these ingredients should be the best you can find. The mixture has a very pleasant taste.

10 of the Best Drug Store Beauty Buys I have an apology to make: I used to be one of those girls behind the makeup counter of a big, fancy department store selling you over-priced beauty products. While I won’t say which brand I worked for, I can tell you that my uniform consisted of all black and way too much makeup. Hey, it was the 90’s, after all. Well, I’m here to make amends. The beauty industry is full of people pushing products that they don’t stand behind 100%. Also, celebrities rarely endorse products because, like the rest of us, they aren’t always picture perfect and no cosmetic company wants to be represented by someone who actually looks like the rest of us common folk. So, to make up for the error in my ways, I am sharing ten of my all-time favorite drug store beauty buys with you. (Part 2 of this series can be seen here: 10 More of the Best Drug Store Beauty Buys) L’Oréal Volumnious Mascara in Carbon Black I have been using this mascara for over 15 years now. Nicole Nail Polish by OPI Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyeliner