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Propaganda critic: index of site dedicated to propaganda analysis

Propaganda critic: index of site dedicated to propaganda analysis

United States Cabinet The Obama Cabinet (as of July 26, 2012) All Cabinet members are nominated by the President and then presented to the Senate for confirmation or rejection by a simple majority. If they are approved, they are sworn in and then begin their duties. Aside from the Attorney General, and the Postmaster General when it was a Cabinet office, they all receive the title of Secretary. Members of the Cabinet serve at the pleasure of the President, which means that the President may dismiss them or reappoint them (to other posts) at will. In federal law and the Constitution[edit] President Gerald R. President Jimmy Carter's cabinet meeting (February 13, 1978) President Reagan and his cabinet (September 11, 1986) President George H. The Bush Cabinet (February 2008). "The principal officers in each of the executive departments" are mentioned in Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution. Salary[edit] Cabinet officials receive an amount of pay determined by Title 5 of the United States Code. U.S.

High-Traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C., and the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity High-Traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C., and the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity May 2nd, 2007 2013 Update How Unique – and Trackable – Is Your Browser? Software Can Identify You from Your Browsing Habits Linguistics Identifies Anonymous Users —End Update— With the U.S. I need to get this off my chest, once and for all, because people, who don’t know much about computers, are being bombarded with nonsense, and they’re bombarding me with nonsense as a result. “Have you heard about Tor?” Yes, I know about Tor, but we need to take a much closer look at what remaining anonymous online really requires. First of all, since this is a long post, I don’t want to waste your time. A lot of times, ignorant people refer to things they don’t understand as “tinfoil.” When I use the term “tinfoil” below, I’m not making fun of you, I’m making fun of myself, and the roles I’ve had to play in corporate IT departments. So, you want to be anonymous in a world that was thought up by the U.S. HAHA.

Political Strategy - Politics, Strategies, Tactics, News and Opinion Policypointers - Policy research from leading think tanks, research institutes and government departments worldwide The Math Magic Page The following are some simple, but largely unknown math tricks you can do with numbers both humongous and small, which will indeed seem like magic to anyone watching you work! These math tricks will also will have the added benefit of helping you in a whole range of practical life situations, wherever numbers are needed! Hey -who knows - one of these tricks may be the special ingredient that impresses the prospective employer of your dream job, or raises the eyebrow of that very special someone.... Contents: Multiplying any number by 5 Forget the traditional, cumbersome method your teacher taught you - and use this trick: to multiply a number by 5, divide by 2, and move the decimal point to the right. SO, if, say, you had the number 8,600 (the amount of money in your bank account right now??) Divide 8600 by 2 (easy!) You can do this very quickly in your head with just about any number, because dividing by two is usually pretty easy. Don't let those odd numbers trip you up. Ok.

Democratic Underground LiberalOasis Combining anti-Bush humor with intelligent articles and commentary and cool products specifically targeted at defeating Bush on Nov. 2, 2004 Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy Fanatical Apathy Candidates on the Issues In Defence of Marxism

Young Democratic Socialists - Home | YDS The Enhanced-Precision Political Quiz in 2D The Enhanced-Precision Political Quiz Version 7 release, updated August 2012. More options. More objective. There are multiple-choice questions for each issue, followed by a question on the relative importance of the issues. Important note: in the interest of objectivity and flow this version of the Quiz does not strictly order the answers from bigger government down to smaller government as Version 6 did. For those looking to test their results with others on a forum from before August 2012, the classic emotion-measuring version is here.