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Carl de Keyzer Photography

Carl de Keyzer Photography
Related:  Photographie Piotr Koszczyński SALGADO'S ETHIOPIA Up on the plateau in northern Ethiopia, life has barely changed in thousands of years. Sebastião Salgado spent two months walking in the mountains to catch the intricacies of the landscape. Text by Simon Willis In the highlands of northern Ethiopia, the mountains keep insiders in and outsiders out. There is only one main road, and no other access except on foot. For Sebastião Salgado, who took these photographs, this made it a perfect subject. Pictured: The valley between Lalibela and Makina Lideta Maryan “Before I got there”, says Salgado, “I heard a lot of people who specialise in Ethiopia saying, ‘You’ll find a lot of starvation up there.

Robert Frank Collection Guide The Collection The Robert Frank Collection at the National Gallery of Art is the largest repository of materials related to renowned photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank. Spanning Frank's career from 1937 to 2005, the collection includes vintage and later prints, contact sheets, work prints, negatives, three bound books of original photographs, technical material, and various papers, books, and recordings. For a complete account of photographs, contact sheets, and work prints in the collection, see Robert Frank photographs, contact sheets, and work prints in the collection. The spreadsheet lists subjects photographed by Frank, in chronological order, along with the corresponding number of photographs, contact sheets, and work prints in the collection and the accession number of each object. To search the collection by title, key words, credit line, provenance, or accession number, please visit the National Gallery of Art collection search page.

Filip Claus ALTERED STATES OF AGORAPHOBIA (II) Anna Kåri Fotografia ::: Tomasz Tomaszewski Image et pédagogie • Visées éducatives de l'éducation aux médias• Objectifs généraux d'une éducation à l'image et aux médias audiovisuels• Typologie des pratiques pédagogiques sur l'image• Objectifs spécifiques d'une éducation à l'image• Conseils et remarques• Face aux images• Textes complémentaires - partager Visées éducatives de l'éducation aux médias Qu'entend t-on par éducation aux médias ? La définition la plus précise que nous avons trouvée est celle proposée par Cary Balzagette, Evelyne Bevort, Josiane Savino (in : L'éducation aux médias dans le monde, Clemi Unesco, 1992) : "Une éducation aux médias est une pratique et un processus éducatifs destinés à permettre aux membres d"une collectivité de participer de façon créative et critique (au niveau de la production, de la distribution, et de la présentation) à l'utilisation des médias technologiques et traditionnels, afin de développer et libérer les individus et la collectivité et de démocratiser la communication." Conseils et remarques

Jan Scholz | Wird - photo 22.06.2012 in17:09 in Fashion, glamour --> Jan Scholz was born in Hamburg. He currently lives in Brussels. Became interested in photography six years ago. Preference for black and white portraits of young women. On the set uses a medium format camera.

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