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iClassroom iManagement – tips for managing an iPad classroom

iClassroom iManagement – tips for managing an iPad classroom
So, every school now is rolling out their own BYOD and 1-to-1 programs. Mobile learning (mLearning) is the new black! Whether it is just a fad or not, mobile devices change the way the class runs, and they change the way students learn. Many teachers, from my experience, cite too many problems with using iPads in their classroom, most of them related to classroom management. As an eLearning leader, I get a lot of questions like ‘how do I guarantee the students are on-task?’, or ‘how do I make sure they don’t play games?’ 1- Set clear expectations: a lot of classroom management challenges can easily be overcome by setting clear guidelines and expectations for iPad use. 2- Let go of control: mobile devices can be distracting and they can empower students to do many things, and that challenges the traditional role of the teacher as the centre of the students’ attention and the main source of knowledge and information. 4- Explore gaming: see how you can bring gaming into the classroom.

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How to get online for less on your iPad or Android tablet The tablet market is hotting up. With the Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus 7 for Android and Apple’s new iPad Mini (and new iPad for that matter) for iOS just released, consumer choice has never been better. But whichever platform you’re a follower of there are some key things to consider before you dip a toe in tablet town. 10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program The following is a guest post by Sam Gliksman, one of SimpleK12's presenters. Click here to watch Sam's Webinars inside the Teacher Learning Community. Portions excerpted from new book, "iPad in Education for Dummies" by Sam Gliksman 10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program iPads have certainly become a highly desired commodity in education. 30 Posts About Free Education Technology Tools & Resources The Internet Is Rich With Free Tools for Educators. Here’s A Bunch. I’ve been meaning to put together this list of the many free apps that I’ve blogged about, and make it available as a tabbed section on the site. I’ve got the list mostly together now and realized it would make for a nice mid-week post. All of the articles below reference free technologies and/or resources. The posts are simply listed in alphabetical order (I haven’t quite decided how best to organize them otherwise).

The Secret To Successfully Using iPads In Education My brother recently built a shelf for my daughter’s room. It is in the likeness of a boat that she will one day spend sunny afternoons on, cruising around Plymouth harbor. He used a saw, a hammer, glue and other assorted tools that I couldn’t explain or name. PrometheanPlanet Technology is a vital component of today's classroom functions. We use computers, tablets, and touch screen phones to help our students master our daily objectives. Classroom technology can also provide resources to aid teachers in classroom management. In my early elementary classroom, I've discovered some iPad apps that have improved the daily functions of my classroom. Best of all, they're all FREE! Three Ring

Thinking of Creating an App for your School? Are you thinking of creating a mobile phone app for your school? Having an online web presence is what most schools nowadays would see as an essential resource. And nowadays, with more and more mobile phone owners in a school community, a natural extension might seem to be having a mobile phone app for the school too. Why would a school wish to have a mobile phone app? It can be simply an extension of the online web presence – but websites sometimes don’t display properly in mobile phone screens and so it may be that all that is required is to ensure your existing website can be viewed on mobile devices. Or to ensure your website is designed in such a way that it automatically recognises that it is being viewed on a mobile device and presents a version of the website optimised for better viewing on a mobile device (that might mean fewer graphics displaying so essential information loads quickly and navigation buttons with larger font sizes).

Rebirth of the Teaching Machine through the Seduction of Data Analytics: This Time It's Personal Notions of mechanized teaching machines captured the imagination of many in the late 19th and 20th century. Today, yet again, a new generation of technology platforms promise to deliver “personalized learning” for each and every student. This rebirth of the teaching machine centers on digital software tutors (known as adaptive learning systems) and their grand claims to individualize learning by controlling the pace, place and content for each and every student. This time around, however, it is personal. Personal choice, with centralized control, in an increasingly data driven, standardized and mechanized learning system, has long been a fantasy for many technocrats desperately wanting to (re)shape K-12 teaching and learning with technology.

storytlr open source Storytlr is an open source lifestreaming and micro blogging platform. You can use it for a single user or it can act as a host for many people all from the same installation. Why use storytlr? Quotes The 15 Education Technologies To Know About This Year What latest gadgets and gizmos are going to change your classroom in 2013? It’s hard to know exactly what will catch on and what won’t, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. With their innovation and practicality, many of these are poised to enter the classroom and change the way students and teachers learn permanently. 1.

Top 5 apps for classroom management 09-Aug-2012 We all know what a difference it makes to be as prepared as possible when teaching, and with so many different classes and students, there’s a lot of preparation to be done! To kick off our Top 5 series, I’m suggesting the top 5 apps for classroom management!

10 Great Apps for a Teacher’s New iPad Did you receive a gift of a new iPad this year? If so, you’re probably spending this holiday vacation week trying out all kinds of new apps. Here are ten that I recommend getting started with. The Top 10+ Sites for a Successful 1:1 Laptop Program: Experiences from the Trenches Greetings from Rock Valley, Iowa, the land of cows and corn! As we wind up our school year this week, I have begun reflecting on just how much our approach to educating kids has changed since becoming 1:1 in our middle and high schools. A year ago, I had a classroom of 6th graders. This year, I have transitioned to the role of the district's Technology Integrationist. I was once worried about switching jobs because I might not be busy enough (I'm a type-A, first born). Certainly I must have had a moment of insanity?

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