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RGBDToolkit - DSLR + DEPTH Filmmaking

RGBDToolkit - DSLR + DEPTH Filmmaking
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Memory Room: Yuxi, Ryan & Cris « Creation and Computation - William Gibson We were interested in creating a project that allows a user to engage with a person in another time and place. By leaving a trace behind for others or engaging in the traces left behind for us, we become aware of the presence of the other even in their absence. We wanted to use the Kinect to track an individual in a given space and record his position after he has settled into the room. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve this ideal vision, but were able to develop the base interaction that would make this possible. We initially wrote the interaction in pseudo-code and after identifying the major segments of the code, divided the research between the three of us. Track and convert the body into a silhouette Image capture, image loading and fading Timing of the interaction Item 1 required the use of the Kinect, while items 2-3 could be researched using the mouse as a stand-in for the Kinect data. One goal was to bring the projection off the wall and into space.

Interview : Mishima vu par Koji Wakamatsu - News films Interviews Dans "25 Novembre 1970 : Le jour où Mishima choisit son destin", le réalisateur japonais Koji Wakamatsu revisite la mort et le destin du célèbre auteur de "La Mer de la Fertilité" et "Le Pavillon d'Or". Nous l'avions rencontré dans le cadre du Festival de Cannes 2012, quelques mois avant sa disparition. Morceaux choisis. "25 Novembre 1970 : Le jour où Mishima choisit son destin" © Dissidenz Films Le "Mishima" de Paul Schrader Koji Wakamatsu : Je n’accepte vraiment pas ce film. Un biopic à visage humain Je voulais montrer le personnage de Mishima non pas en tant qu’homme littéraire mais en tant qu’être humain. "25 Novembre 1970 : Le jour où Mishima choisit son destin" © Dissidenz Films La sexualité de Mishima Les gens disent un peu n’importe quoi le concernant. Le choix du titre Les jeunes d’aujourd’hui ne connaissent pas les événements du 25 Novembre 1970. Portrait de Koji Wakamatsu © Blaq Out Le cinéma japonais aujourd'hui Propos recueillis au Festival de Cannes 2012 par Alexis Geng

Google launches Glass Dev Kit preview, shows off augmented reality apps Today Google launched the Glass Development Kit (GDK) "Sneak Preview," which will finally allow developers to make real, native apps for Google Glass. While there have previously been extremely limited Glass apps that used the Mirror API, developers now have full access to the hardware. Google Glass runs a heavily skinned version of Android 4.0.4, so Glass development is very similar to Android development. Update: Documentation for the GDK has come out, and any developer can add a voice trigger to the "Ok Glass" menu. Google showed off a few of the first native Glass apps, and one of the coolest among them was Wordlens, a real-time, augmented-reality translation app. Another interesting app that Google showed off was Spellista, a word scramble game that requires use of Glass' head tracking to select each letter. The full GDK walkthrough is embedded above, but don't pay too much attention to the terrible frame rate displayed by Glass.

nitrous / MtGox API Tips and donations: 1VvKzcFibZdMyQdbXpSYcyoYvBsLLodDa Feedback here: If you just want information on each method, go here Click here to skip! Thanks to imperative for a clarification on money/order/result. Reevaluated money/order/result. Update on the trade data situation (money/trades/fetch). Important!! Overhauled money/trades/fetch, as the previous information was only accurate for trades after Jun 26, 2011. The money/bitcoin/send_simple method cannot be used if two-factor authentication is enabled for withdrawals, though 2F auth doesn't seem to affect any other methods -- credit to advanced. More information added to money/wallet/history - thanks Baracuda :)Added JS specifics to the troubleshooting section Added the HMAC Troubleshooting section, as several people have had trouble getting the API signature working properly. money/wallet/history Documented the new money/ticker_fast method - thanks advanced :). N.B. ^ Back to contents

DIY Lighting Bed This guy built an amazing lighting wooden bed from the scrarch. Check the creation project below. “All framed up. “Laying out the frame work.” “Attaching head board.” “Head board is composed of 1″ x 6″ ‘s secured to 2″ x 6″ ‘s.” “Sanded. “Light assembly underneath bed frame. “Final product.” Share on Facebook Tweet to Twitter Post to Google+ Design You Trust posts in your inbox! What’s the best way to make sure you never miss a post and exclusive design stuff from Design You Trust? By submitting this form you are agreeing to receive the personal email from Design You Trust. Reference for Simple-OpenNI and the Kinect - Learning Context The context is the top-level object that encapsulates all the camera and image functionality. The context is typically declared globally and instantiated within setup(). SimpleOpenNI context = new SimpleOpenNI(this) SimpleOpenNI context = new SimpleOpenNI(this, SimpleOpenNI.RUN_MODE_SINGLE_THREADED) SimpleOpenNI context = new SimpleOpenNI(this, SimpleOpenNI.RUN_MODE_MULTI_THREADED) For each frame in Processing, the context needs to be updated with the most recent data from the Kinect. context.update() The image drawn by the context defaults to showing the world from its point of view, so when facing the kinect and looking at the resulting image, your movements are not mirrored. context.setMirror(true) context.setMirror(false) Images The different cameras provide different data and functionality. The RGB camera is the simplest camera and does no more than a standard webcam. context.enableRGB() To create a window the same size as the RGB camera image, use rgbHeight() and rgbWidth(). Depth

Rayman Legends Musical Dev Diary 1.4. Matplotlib: plotting — Scipy lecture notes 1.4.2. Simple plot Tip In this section, we want to draw the cosine and sine functions on the same plot. Starting from the default settings, we’ll enrich the figure step by step to make it nicer. First step is to get the data for the sine and cosine functions: import numpy as np X = np.linspace(-np.pi, np.pi, 256, endpoint=True)C, S = np.cos(X), np.sin(X) X is now a numpy array with 256 values ranging from -π to +π (included). To run the example, you can type them in an IPython interactive session: This brings us to the IPython prompt: IPython 0.13 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. ? You can also download each of the examples and run it using regular python, but you will loose interactive data manipulation: You can get source for each step by clicking on the corresponding figure. Matplotlib comes with a set of default settings that allow customizing all kinds of properties. * 1.1, X.max() * 1.1)pl.ylim(C.min() * 1.1, C.max() * 1.1)... Hint

MtGox API version 2: Unofficial Documentation Hi there, I've always been interested in making trading bots, however before I had heard of bitcoins and MtGox, I never ended up doing it because the fees needed to do it always seemed prohibitively high, even for Oanda's forex platform. Now that I have found MtGox however, I am now looking forward to automated trading. As anyone using MtGox's API will know, documentation is only avaiable on the bitcoin wiki ( and there are three versions: Version 0 - The first API, currently deprecated, and soon to be droppedVersion 1 - The most widely used and most well documentedVersion 2 - The most recent, though information is sparse Even for version 1, documentation is far from complete or consistent. That is why I have spent the last few days compiling all the information I have found and worked out into an unofficial document. The above is the result of my efforts.

Automatic Hallway Runner Lights You know how it goes - you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, can't see anything, and knock something valuable over. Or, you come home late, the lights are already off, and you stub your toe trying to find the switch. No longer! We've solved the problem of late-night lighting in a hands-free way that's stylish and won't disturb your roommates. Subscribe to be notified when they launch on Kickstarter! Introducing the Automatic Hallway Runner Lights. Total project time: 3 hours To get started, you'll need the following parts: Some tools: Breadboard for prototyping Soldering iron (and solder) Wire strippers/cutters Heat gun (or hairdryer, or lighter) Hot glue gun (to secure loose wires)

Identifying People in a Scene with the Kinect - Learning We'll start with the sketch we wrote to draw the depth image from the Kinect in Drawing Depth with the Kinect: import SimpleOpenNI.*; SimpleOpenNI context; void setup(){ // instantiate a new context context = new SimpleOpenNI(this); // enable depth image generation context.enableDepth(); // create a window the size of the scene size(context.depthWidth(), context.depthHeight()); } void draw(){ // update the camera context.update(); // draw depth image image(context.depthImage(),0,0); } The OpenNI library does all the work for us to identify people or other moving objects in a scene. It does this with the scene analyser which is turned on by adding context.enableScene() to the setup(). The depth image also needs to be enabled in order for the scene to be analysed. We then need to draw the scene image, rather than the depth image, in the draw() function: void draw(){ // update the camera context.update(); // draw scene Image image(context.sceneImage(), 0, 0); } Try running the sketch.

Sound of Threads French artist Bertrand Lanthiez created this audiovisual installation by projecting white light along criss-crossing woollen threads. Called Sounds of Threads, the installation comprises strands of wool stretched between four wooden stands, with beams of white light projected across them in time to a piece of music. “I was interested in questions of how sight can enhance hearing, or also disturb our balance in perceiving a multimedia-based bodily experience.” He composed an original piece of music to use in the installation, which he exhibited earlier this year in Reykjavik. More info and videos on the behance page : Spread your love! This Is Your Computer Watching The Matrix “For example, in the explosion part of the Inception scene, the systems shifts its attention to the rapidly moving bits and pieces of the buildings as they fly across the screen,” as seen above. Would the artist contrast this visually to human eye-tracking? ”I haven’t paired it with eyetracking software, but I definitely recommend the great work by Tim Smith and David Bordwell on eyetracking movie watching,” Grosser says. ”They’ve done studies where they correlate a number of eyetracked subjects, and use that data to create clips so you can see where everyone focuses their attention.” But are we watching when we’re watching the watchers? “I think Computers Watching Movies allows the viewer to do this a bit for themselves; as the viewer watches a clip they engage their memory of the scene and try to compare what they recall looking at with what the computer is looking at.” We’re literally superimposing our memories; it’s a meta sort of synesthesia.

KRAKEN.COM - US-based Exchange w/ Margin Trading Hey guys (and gal), Every day I wake up and look at the bitcoin price and I'm like: Then my girlfriend punches me in the face and I Then I go to work on the latest and greatest thing since Game of Thrones (4 more days!) I know there's a new exchange launching every 5 seconds so you're probably like: but stop talking to yourself for a minute and check out what a year of professional development and half a million dollars gets you: BOOM. Features: Margin trading, advanced order types, scheduled start/end times, conditional close.. everything your inner pro forex trader desires. What we need right now: People who are good at breaking things to help us test. 400 tickets and a zillion hours of internal tinkering later, we're pretty sure we've got most of the kinks worked out but it will help to have a heightened level of use and fresh eyes on everything. I'd like to limit access to the site for the time being.