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RGBDToolkit - DSLR + DEPTH Filmmaking

RGBDToolkit - DSLR + DEPTH Filmmaking

nitrous / MtGox API Tips and donations: 1VvKzcFibZdMyQdbXpSYcyoYvBsLLodDa Feedback here: If you just want information on each method, go here Click here to skip! Thanks to imperative for a clarification on money/order/result. Reevaluated money/order/result. Update on the trade data situation (money/trades/fetch). Important!! Overhauled money/trades/fetch, as the previous information was only accurate for trades after Jun 26, 2011. The money/bitcoin/send_simple method cannot be used if two-factor authentication is enabled for withdrawals, though 2F auth doesn't seem to affect any other methods -- credit to advanced. More information added to money/wallet/history - thanks Baracuda :)Added JS specifics to the troubleshooting section Added the HMAC Troubleshooting section, as several people have had trouble getting the API signature working properly. money/wallet/history Documented the new money/ticker_fast method - thanks advanced :). N.B. ^ Back to contents DIY Lighting Bed This guy built an amazing lighting wooden bed from the scrarch. Check the creation project below. “All framed up. “Laying out the frame work.” “Attaching head board.” “Head board is composed of 1″ x 6″ ‘s secured to 2″ x 6″ ‘s.” “Sanded. “Light assembly underneath bed frame. “Final product.” Share on Facebook Tweet to Twitter Post to Google+ Design You Trust posts in your inbox! What’s the best way to make sure you never miss a post and exclusive design stuff from Design You Trust? By submitting this form you are agreeing to receive the personal email from Design You Trust.

MtGox API version 2: Unofficial Documentation Hi there, I've always been interested in making trading bots, however before I had heard of bitcoins and MtGox, I never ended up doing it because the fees needed to do it always seemed prohibitively high, even for Oanda's forex platform. Now that I have found MtGox however, I am now looking forward to automated trading. As anyone using MtGox's API will know, documentation is only avaiable on the bitcoin wiki ( and there are three versions: Version 0 - The first API, currently deprecated, and soon to be droppedVersion 1 - The most widely used and most well documentedVersion 2 - The most recent, though information is sparse Even for version 1, documentation is far from complete or consistent. That is why I have spent the last few days compiling all the information I have found and worked out into an unofficial document. The above is the result of my efforts.

Shaking some sense into using multiple Kinect's with Shake 'n' Sense | Coding4Fun Kinect Projects This is one of those weird things that you just wouldn't expect until you see it... Shake n Sense Makes Kinects Work Together! Microsoft Research has discovered that shaking Kinects, far from making them fall apart, makes them work together. See it in action in the video.This is one of those ideas that once you have seen it you can't believe you didn't think of it first. The only barrier to thinking of it is that you might not be thinking big enough. Project Information URL: Shake 'n' Sense is a novel yet simple mechanical technique for mitigating the interference when two or more Kinect cameras point at the same part of a physical scene. Reducing Structured Light Interference when Multiple Depth Cameras Overlap ABSTRACTWe present a method for reducing interference between multiple structured light-based depth sensors operating in the same spectrum with rigidly attached projectors and cameras.

Automatic Hallway Runner Lights You know how it goes - you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, can't see anything, and knock something valuable over. Or, you come home late, the lights are already off, and you stub your toe trying to find the switch. No longer! We've solved the problem of late-night lighting in a hands-free way that's stylish and won't disturb your roommates. Subscribe to be notified when they launch on Kickstarter! Introducing the Automatic Hallway Runner Lights. Total project time: 3 hours To get started, you'll need the following parts: Some tools: Breadboard for prototyping Soldering iron (and solder) Wire strippers/cutters Heat gun (or hairdryer, or lighter) Hot glue gun (to secure loose wires)

KRAKEN.COM - US-based Exchange w/ Margin Trading Hey guys (and gal), Every day I wake up and look at the bitcoin price and I'm like: Then my girlfriend punches me in the face and I Then I go to work on the latest and greatest thing since Game of Thrones (4 more days!) I know there's a new exchange launching every 5 seconds so you're probably like: but stop talking to yourself for a minute and check out what a year of professional development and half a million dollars gets you: BOOM. Features: Margin trading, advanced order types, scheduled start/end times, conditional close.. everything your inner pro forex trader desires. What we need right now: People who are good at breaking things to help us test. 400 tickets and a zillion hours of internal tinkering later, we're pretty sure we've got most of the kinks worked out but it will help to have a heightened level of use and fresh eyes on everything. I'd like to limit access to the site for the time being.

From Kinect to MakerBot Make: Projects The Open Kinect movement has given us some amazing tools to capture the physical world. With some open source software, a few simple steps, and an occasional not-so-simple-step here and there, you can print what your Kinect can see. You’ve got a Kinect, and you’ve got a MakerBot. This guide explains how to scan something using the Kinect, and then to print it on the MakerBot. It’s very easy to scan something with the Kinect, but the models that you get from it are quite complex. At the moment, these instructions are tested on the Mac. Hack Your Wireless Mouse into a DIY Power Glove

Sophisticated Security: A simple mtgox auto trading bot in python Just for kicks, I decided to write a tradebot the other day, and thought it might be interesting for others to see just how simple it is to get a basic bot going. As a quick disclaimer, the bot that we end up with is the bot that I am running right now, but it probably cause you to lose all of your money. I am assuming that you have git installed, a working python installation, and a reasonably well funded mtgox account. step 1 : download a good trading API git clone This code is dead simple to use, and makes writing your bot take no time at all, so you can focus more on trading strategies rather than worrying about your POST variables getting to mtgox alright. step 2 : move to and fill in credentials step 3 : test out a hello world app Create a file like, and put in these 4 lines of code step 4 : read some example code step 5 : think of a good trading strategy step 6 : write some damn code

Support | Skanect by Manctl Contact You can email us at or get help from the Skanect community, in the skanect google group. Tutorials What sensor drivers should I install? How can I use Structure Sensor and Skanect? Do you support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2)? Unfortunately, we have chosen not to support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2), as during our tests, the resulting 3D scans did not meet our standards for quality. You can find a complete list of supported devices on our download page: Bad License Key Error – Why doesn’t my license key work? Please ensure there are no “blank spaces” before or after the email and key when you enter them. If you still receive an error message let us know by emailing us What sensor should I buy? Each sensor has its pro and cons. My Kinect for XBox sensor cannot be detected! What graphics cards are supported? My GPU should be supported, but GPU fusion is disabled, why?

Built a Nintendo Super Mario Themed Cat Climber : gaming Bitcoin Charts / Markets API Bitcoincharts provides a simple API to most of its data. You can use this API to include markets data in your websites, mobile apps or desktop applets. Please remember to add a link to Bitcoincharts! Bitcoincharts' API is accessable through HTTPParameters are passed using GET-requestsreturned data is JSON encodedDon't query more often than once every 15 minutes! Weighted Prices Bitcoincharts offers weighted prices for several currencies at Weighted prices are calculated for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. The returned JSON is dictionary with elements for each currency. Markets Data You can access general market data at symbolshort name for marketcurrencybase currency of the market (USD, EUR, RUB, JPY, ...) bidhighest bid price asklowest ask price latest_tradeunixtime of latest trade. Historic Trade Data Trade data is available as CSV, delayed by approx. 15 minutes. Examples

FabliTec | 3D Scanning Technology